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  1. We’re probably not as desperate for a winger now with the emergence of Chalmers, Sporle also playing well, plus Bolton and McMullan. We do though need another decent striker and probably a playmaker in midfield. Whether we have the finances for 2 signings remains to be seen. Be interesting to see if any bids come in for Shankland or Chalmers.
  2. If you’re talking performance of team over the last 10-15 years then St Johnstone are definitely deserving of a place in top 12, if you’re talking size of support they’re definitely not.
  3. Declan Glass going to Partick Thistle on loan and Freeman joining Peterhead on loan.
  4. Jason Kerr wants to eventually move down South. He was hoping to move this summer but coronavirus looks like it’s slowed things down a bit. Nothing imminent (as of about a week or so ago).
  5. 3 points and Shanks is back. Not a great performance but was enough, 2-1 was probably about right. Chalmers and Sporle did well and Harkes probably had his best game of the season. Stupid challenge from Tait but actually seemed like we were a man down for long spells after he was sent off.
  6. Should have added what an absolute tit Kris Boyd is, but we all knew that already.
  7. Boyd says United are the 7th biggest team in Scotland, who are the sixth biggest?
  8. Florent Hoti to sign a 2 year deal, according to Scott Burns
  9. Who’s next on the list? whoever it is hope we don’t leak it to the press until it’s actually done.
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