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  1. Looking forward to Saturday, hopefully be about 3000 United fans in attendance. Same team as Tuesday unless McMullan is fit. Wont be easy but defensively we’re looking strong and Clark and Appere are both finding the net now, along with Shankland of course, so think we should edge it. Maybe 2-1 again.
  2. What will be the best pubs for away fans next Saturday? Only been to Gayfield once, but was just straight to game then home. Looking for a few beers this time.
  3. Looking good. Couple important away games coming up but no reason we can’t win both. created plenty chances today, if only we had a clinical goalscorer... fortunately we do and hopefully he’s back involved on Tuesday night. Good crowd again today, considering Alloa had about 30 fans there.
  4. Pawlett apparently injured again. If Shankland is fit we should start him, put Appere out wide and Shankland and Clark through the middle. Take the game to them like we did v Morton and QOS at home and we should be ok.
  5. Nice one, club should make fans aware that this can be done and encourage them to do so. Checked again just now and there is 1 ticket left in the home end!! Clearly going to be a lot of disappointed fans and it’s annoying if people miss out when there’s seats sitting empty. Have to say I’m surprised we’ve completely sold out in a day.
  6. 4 tickets remaining in the Shed probably about 100-150 in total Hopefully United can ask fans with season tickets who can’t attend to let them know so they can re-sell those seats (I’m sure there will be a lot of u12 season ticket holders who won’t be at the game for example)
  7. Can any Arbroath fans advise how many tickets United are likely to get for the game at Gayfield on 14 December? cheers
  8. United’s second goal was on side, saw highlights on YouTube.
  9. We had a good run of clean sheets up to Christmas the first season we were down but there was at least one 0-0 in there as I recall.
  10. Actually it’s 5 wins, 5 clean sheets, 2 away from home and 3 at home.
  11. Strong looking reserve team lost 3-2 to Dunfermline today.
  12. Shouldn’t be too hard to find an upgrade on King. Fortunately Harkes has found a bit of form and Stanton has done ok when called upon, but another creative player in the middle of the park would be nice.
  13. If, as expected, Jack Ross ends up as Hibs manager then I’m pretty sure they’ll be in for Morgan in January. Safranko is a possibility if he’s available and I’d be very happy to have him back. Binning Sow is a must. I was actually thinking we needed a new centre mid more than any other position.
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