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  1. Watt looks a great signing and if he keeps up this level of effort for the next 3 years I’ll have no complaints. We really lack quality around him though. I also think Butcher should stay at centre back now (maybe as cover for Mulgrew or use when we play 3-5-2). Pawlett needs dropped.
  2. Plenty on street parking in surrounding areas if you get here early enough. Heard you guys have sold 1500 which is pretty decent imo. Cheers, yeah sounds like good numbers despite us being utter shite for 2 months!
  3. Driving through to the game on Saturday, is there plenty places to park close to the ground? Fully expecting a gubbing tbh, especially if Lafferty is back for Killie.
  4. Was ridiculous to start a centre back with about 5 full appearances at right back ahead of an actual right back who gets forward really well against st Mirren at home. Also, sign the top scorer in the league, leave him on the bench for an hour then bring him on on the left wing! Finally, Glass, our one player who can go past opponents and occasionally create something is left on the bench until 5 minutes to go whilst Pawlett does his usual pish. Tam you are probably a defeat to Killie on Saturday away from the fans turning on you.
  5. Was a very good player. Whether he’ll ever be fit enough to play regularly again I have no idea. Training with us can’t do any harm and short term contract to the end of the season might be an option.
  6. Should absolutely not be paying £200k for a guy who’s joining for nothing in 5 months time! Should definitely be asking the question re Shankland and if it’s a no then offer £50k take it or leave it for Watt and then move on and sign someone else either short term or someone like Rudden (though not necessarily him) who can be here long term and hopefully improve. The money for Smith sounds pretty decent but it’s important we don’t just go daft spunking it on unnecessary signings.
  7. Carson away to Morecambe on loan Think Kamberi has 18 months left on his st Gallen contract so won’t be a pre contract if we are indeed trying to sign him. He’s on loan at Sheffield Wednesday just now.
  8. I wondered if Nicky Clark might be offered to ‘Well.
  9. Harry Clarke apparently joining Hibs on a permanent deal
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