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  1. Game’s clearly going to be off. Hopefully they make the call by lunchtime, won’t hold my breath though…
  2. Every day we become a bigger shambles. I think only relegation will get rid of Asghar. Is it a price worth paying?
  3. We’ve now accepted a bid from Fulham for Rory MacLeod. what’s the rush to sell him? Turned 17 a week ago ffs
  4. That’s a depressing list, still not convinced any were worse than the current clown. Maybe Szromnik and Zwick.
  5. I think Bitighitti must be the worst we’ve ever had. The number of goals he’s cost us is ridiculous. Hopefully a serious enough injury to allow us to get an emergency loan in. The management of the club is embarrassing, crying out for a striker to come on today and we have nothing. Dont know if I can watch any more of this shite. Wish I didn’t have a season ticket but feel kind of obliged to keep going, even though I know it ruins my weekend and it’s inevitably ending in relegation.
  6. Agree, shows how far we’ve fallen when there appears to be no talk even of Fox getting the boot. To put up such a weak showing in both cup competitions against a very poor side is just disgraceful. Losing 4 in a row also unacceptable. Go now you uninspiring, out of your depth, tactically inept, clueless twat.
  7. That’s Motherwell sacked Hammell, if we don’t act now and do the same with Fox I think we’re fucked. Today was embarrassingly poor. Fletcher the only one who gives a shit and can play, Behich probably pass marks too. The rest are either shit or don’t give a shit, in many cases both.
  8. Quote from Liam Fox in Online courier this morning
  9. McGrath seems closest to being available but unlikely to be risked tomorrow
  10. Foster isn’t worth listening to when talking about United. He is a seething mess every time our club is mentioned, a Utd fan must have pumped his missus
  11. Today tells me Ogren has had enough. An absolute embarrassment of a window from United.
  12. If squad stays as it is right now then I think we’ll stay up, but would prefer couple quality players to make sure and even get us climbing the league a bit.
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