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  1. Think Dundee and Livi will be the bottom 2. Not sure what order. If Dundee empty McPake and appoint someone half decent then they should manage 11th.
  2. I thought they were pretty poor in the first half, lot of misplaced passes and seemed to struggle with United’s energy in midfield. Second half they were more direct and aggressive and this led to a few good chances for them. I thought Hungbo was good and McCann versus him was a decent battle. County keeper made a howler for the goal but had another couple of decent saves.
  3. It’s certainly very possible that whatever was shouted was misheard by Jeando and hopefully that’s the case, but for Mackay to come out and basically question how the Dundee Utd manager was able to get his hands on an anti-racism t-shirt is mental. Then again he is a horrible racist c**t.
  4. Have never minded County, but have to say I will be happy to see them go down with that horrible c**t in charge.
  5. I thought Kerr Smith did fine, was maybe a bit reluctant to go forward but understandable for a 16 year old centre back making his derby debut at right back. Defensively he was fine. Thought Freeman did well when he came on and was a bit more attacking and would start him on Thursday and maybe use Smith at RB again versus Celtic next weekend. Notice no Sporle on the bench, not aware of any injury?
  6. Bbc said a foul in the build up. Not seen it yet myself.
  7. Only time I’ve seen Dundee win at Tannadice was a game they won 2-1, think Alan Archibald pulled one back in the 90th minute. That’s getting on for 20 years ago though, has there been one since then?
  8. This will be like when Utd lost GMS and Armstrong on deadline day. The next few years weren’t much fun…
  9. Is he any good? Don’t remember him standing out either way in Utd v Accies games last season.
  10. That’ll be it sadly, pleased overall with the signings we’ve made but would have really liked a big striker. Only really have Clark and McNulty as options up front - possibly Appere but don’t think he’s really a striker and he’s still injured. No strikers breaking through either so we’re definitely lacking options and if Clark or McNulty get injured we’re really struggling. Think plan might be to go with a front 3 in most games and use McNulty through the middle with Clark on the bench .
  11. Saints players losing the plot all over the pitch here.
  12. Just saw video of the goal, looks like a good wee assist from Clark. I like Nicky Clark when he’s played up front with another striker, hope he can form a good partnership with McNulty.
  13. Great win against St Johnstone B (who lined up very similarly to the St Johnstone first team btw). Didnt see any of it so looking forward to sportscene tonight. Perer Pawlett is some boy.
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