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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-ready-declare-celtic-champions-21810379
  2. The two trialists have now left and not been offered a contract
  3. Think I saw that reserve game has been postponed
  4. Thought Connolly and Smith were our best players last night. Subs made a difference too. Couple of very well taken goals. Be good to see Glass and Mochrie get a bit more game time now that promotion is pretty much sealed.
  5. Mullen staying at St Mirren according to Goodwin on the radio just now
  6. Chick Young slavering something about United signing Shankland’s brother.
  7. See it now, BBC page has been updated to include line on a striker
  8. Saw the Walker bit on bbc, where did you see the story about a striker?
  9. Poor game and United were poor. Never gave up and another goal for Lawrence the only real positives. Also, Mochrie looks promising for 16 years old. Hopefully Watson and Butcher back in for Tuesday. Is Glass injured? Not even on the bench.
  10. Smith, Stanton and Banks all likely to leave next week.
  11. Harkes and McMullan both had poor games, thought Smith was also below par. Rest of them were average, Appere probably our best player in the time that he was on. Siegrist has a good game actually. Not out of this but will need to play a lot better in the replay.
  12. Scott Banks has signed pre contract with Crystal Palace.
  13. Smith not even on the bench yesterday, assume he’ll be away this week. Dont know if we really need to make a signing to replace Clark, he’s been playing almost in midfield last couple games - Glass looks a great player and we have Pawlett back now. Plus Harkes, Stanton and McMullan to come back in.
  14. Fortunately he’s already extended his contract so should be here for wee while yet.
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