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  1. Exactly!! It's those Jewish bankers innit?!?! Thanks for the recommendation in the headgear! Now I can be just like you and protect myself from the Jew bankers contrails. They use it to control our minds!
  2. Probably the smartest man of all time, John von Neumann, advocated a world government. Certainly some advocates but a long way off yet if even ever possible.
  3. It's not long ago that people like Mate were arguing that the Democrats "Russia obsession" was stopping them from campaigning on the material issues. Now he's saying the exact opposite that they aren't campaigning on Russiagate. However it was always nonsense and the Democrats were never at any point making Russiagate a central or even minor point of their campaigns. Healthcare is the issue that the Democrats have rightly been most focused on.
  4. Aaron Mate in the Nation. Of course... Aaron Mate has been long exposed as a total Russiagate denialist and an apologist for the Kremlin's foreign policy.
  5. I posted about this case earlier but that was before the SNP suspended him. The SNP have done brilliantly here. Kudos.
  6. You really don't have a clue do you? Can only attack your weird strawman construction of me that has no relation to my actual political beliefs. Somehow I'm a monarchist unionist - can you actually back that up with my words? On the other hand you are reading, sharing and defending the works of open fascists and still not apologising or repenting for it so your exposure as a fascist is obvious.
  7. @BawWatchin is a literal fascist so wouldn't have a clue what solidarity means or entails.
  8. I find it greatly unfortunate that you consider calling out fascist ideology as "odd".
  9. I originally had BawWatchin down as a relatively harmless guy who too readily believes silly conspiracy Youtube videos he watches while smoking a joint but if he actually was telling me to read that book and "consider the evidence" - he's an outright fascist. EDIT: Saw his post defending the book. 100% a fascist without question.
  10. You mean this book by the creator of the money video? https://www.amazon.com/Day-Rope-Days/dp/1727381270/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Here is the Amazon description: and some choice 5 star reviews:
  11. Let's see how "credible" these sources actually are then. I'll gladly look at the source material. I wouldn't gladly watch a video made by a fascist who fantasises about 'the day of the rope' which you still haven't explained why you are sharing that here.
  12. Can't even name a specific source. Which source told you that chemtrails are real?
  13. What is your source for this? I'd be interested to know since you talk about "MSM propaganda" but seem to believe in chemtrails. Will be interesting to know which sources you trust.
  14. You're misunderstanding what the nature of money actually is under a gold standard. It is still debt based as the cash monies are redeemable for gold. Also Nixon did not take the world economy off the gold standard but merely took removed the link between the dollar price and the gold price. The gold standard had already been dead for decades and money wasn't 'backed up' by any redeemable resource. The real issue with the monetary system is discussed in "97% owned" and is that private multinational banks of a certain size have the ability to create money which grants them extraordinary power. The gold standard does not solve that problem and has it's own issues which makes it not feasible for a modern economy including: Severely limiting the liquidity of the money supply. More open to price manipulation as gold is finite but also extremely unequally possessed. It's deflationary which is disastrous for a modern economy. You also still haven't explained why you are sharing Youtube videos made by fascists.
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