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  1. Your about as welcome as Alexandra Burke was at Peterheid.
  2. This is poor tone trolling. @Tynierose have a look.
  3. It's like the intentionally miss the part between the Albania game and Griffiths and McFadden/ McLeish speaking via the papers. You know the nub of the matter you've been dancing about and failing.
  4. Griffiths is a half-wit but that's not that relevant. What's important is whether you want Leigh Griffiths in the squad for Thursday and future qualifiers. I'd have him in every squad and Griffiths immaturity and McLeish's poor man management is the combined reason he didn't travel. The blame is probably 80/20 towards Griffiths but it's part of being an international manager to handle big egos. We play Portugal in a few days time - you'd imagine they'd be a harder group to man manage.
  5. Just watched John Swinney's speech whist doing a 5k at the health club. He's some much better with a script in front of him!
  6. Again you spectacularly miss the point. Strachan left Strachan out of matches. Rodgers has left Griffiths out of Old firm matches and European games. Good managers know how to man manage players. Alex McLeish is Scotland manager and he has the national responsibility to get the best out of the players at his disposal. It's clear they didn't speak after the Albania game when an arm around the shoulder and a chat with Leigh would have sorted things out. McLeish has managed the situation terribly.
  7. Perhaps falling out with our most talismatic player. The man who scored a cracking goal against Slovakia in his last competitive game and a brace against England the game prior. Leigh Griffiths isn't Scotland's best player but in some ways he's our most important as he's currently unreplaceable. So yes I can understand why - after a run of excellent performances - Leigh would have been disappointed to be dropped, especially for Naismith who plays in a different position. But good managers can handle difficult players chuck an arm around him for the betterment of the team. Instead McLeish has let things fester and play out in the press. It's been terrible man management from McLeish. McLeish did well to get McTominay his poor management might have lost us Griffiths.
  8. Leaving aside the fact the Griffiths is a fanny, he's been treated terribly by Strachan and McLeish. The fact is he's our best striker and contributes well from all set pieces and has scored 4 goals in his last 6 games for Scotland. There's a reason why Naismith and Phillips doesn't play as the number 9 for their club teams and it's because they're not very good at it. Given our lack of decent strikers Leigh Griffiths should be an absolute shoe-in to start. Terrible management from Alex McLeish.
  9. Middle England won't vote Corbyn into office so I don't think Labour will gain south of the border from the last GE where they performed better than expected. Most switchers down south will go Tory to UKIP if the government goes into the election offering a softer Brexit. The Lib Dems should gain ground with calls for a peoples vote. In Scotland I can see Labour slipping a little and the SNP taking the votes that were offered because Corbyn became leader. Quite possible the minority parties ( not Con, Lab) could receive more than a 1/3 of all votes.
  10. Would you keep Gerrard of change manager? Would you be happy finishing mid-table?
  11. Gerrard keeps his job for another week as Rangers move into the top half of the table. We're far enough into the season to rank Gerrard and his team of utter diddies. 1.Warburton 2. Gerrard 3. Pedro Will Gerrard still be manager at Christmas? Absolutely no chance.
  12. You get seriously angry whenever anyone criticises your beloved England. Because, as we all know, inside every No voting Scot is an Englishman desperate to escape.
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