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  1. The Spring Cup final was the same season as the fog game (75/76), but was the following May. I always seem to remember Clydebank being a bit of a bogey team for us, so it was particularly sweet to become the first, and as it turned out only, winners of the Spring Cup that night. I even still have the Glasgow Herald match report somewhere in my loft!
  2. I think I've found the game I was talking about. There is a web-site with historic Scottish football results (londonhearts.com) and on 18th Oct 1975 it has Partick Thistle 0 Airdrieonians 1. That was first season following reconstruction.
  3. I remember a game in the 70s like you describe. It was either Sandy Clark's debut, or maybe just the first time I saw him play. I went with my usual crew (me, my dad, my dad's friend and my friend) but we also met up with my dad's friend's son with his friends from Glagow Uni who had adopted Thistle - I think they were mostly from different parts of England. As the fog got worse they kept yelling "abandon" at the ref because we were winning, and the game did end 1-0, possibly with S. Clark being the scorer. Happy days!
  4. I think "early doors" crept into the lexicon maybe 15-20 years ago and is a mispronunciation of "early days", but that may be completely wrong.
  5. Tommy Walker was the creative genius to Derek Whiteford's beating heart of the Airdrie team of that era. When we were on song, Walker was the one pulling the strings in the centre of midfield. I remember he went to Arbroath, and playing against us (in mauve? maroon?), whilst he was studying for his degree at Dundee University and then he rejoined us when he had completed his studies. Great memories from a fantastic era...
  6. https://www.airdriefc.com/2021news/200825/Pat-McCluskey Very sorry to hear this. I still tell the story to this day that McCluskey's outstanding reading of the game when he was with us meant he was always in the right place despite having lost some mobility since his Celtic days. RIP to an Airdrie legend.
  7. That was precisely what I was thinking except for Kerr & McKay, two of O'Reilly/Robert/Thomson on the wings and Carrick playing behind Gallagher in the no.10 role.
  8. 4-2-3-1? Back four, two to protect back four plus set up attacks, two wingers & a no.10, and a striker.
  9. The one game I recall seeing Vinnie Moore, in the mid-eighties, he was absolutely outstanding and won the game for us. It was a 1-0 win against Dumbarton who, iirc, had a very young Owen Coyle playing for them in midfield. Moore was giving the Dumbarton full back hell but was being kicked out of the game until the ref booked his oppo. Moore was then free to run at him again and he set up the winning goal by skinning him and then delivering an absolute peach of a cross which was headed home.
  10. CC - Ian Murray actually wanted to keep McDonald but was prepared to listen to offers (same for Sandy Stewart). Raith then made one that both Airdrie & McDonald himself were willing to accept.
  11. Ok...so now I feel rather stupid, but thanks for all your response.
  12. When did we start wearing the diamond? I think I saw from a web-site that it was 1912, in which case why aren't they on the strips in this photo from 1924?
  13. Arguably Ryan Donnelly could be in both lists because he did have one brilliant season but was an absolute liability thereafter.
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