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  1. Good lord, what sort of people do they employ at MGT these days? I may be wrong in thinking you work there by the way, I don't really remember where everyone off P&B works....
  2. Well your not doing very well, sat on here, are you? Also, you used 'too' in the wrong context. You were looking for 'to'. Sorry, couldn't resist, I'm feeling rather annoying today
  3. I know that young Duncan, just agreeing with your point in general...
  4. I'm bored! Mond you, I'm not at work, so I'm bored doing nothing rather than doing work.
  5. Oasis- Cigarettes and Alcohol. Seriously, what a song!
  6. I think 'Faithless' is without a doubt the wrong choice. We believe!
  7. Fair enough Came through about 7am on Tuesday morning, the guy was fairly tall, about 50 ish I'd guess, a bit of a beer belly and grey hair. Didn't sound like a typical Weegie when he spoke, but you caught the twang. That's the colleague of yours who is totally incompetent
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