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  1. "Apologise to you and your family"half arsed apology!!!!! Bit unfair an apology was given. Keep it up also you received a private message one.
  2. Apology given to you and your father but your names were given to me I will clearly go back and settle this with the said party. But CITY1974 has started a carnage and needs to come clean that family from up north are also affected by a member of family having cancer and going through treatment and yes everyone can mouth off we are all guilty but that family were threatened and heckled by grown men and it's clearly unacceptable. I apologise to you and your family. CITY1974 YOU HAPPYARE YOU
  3. Bit too late pal, think you again need to rewind to what you think you witnessed she never once slagged dods or players off she merely was stating for dods to bring on a sub. No swear words were mentioned you have started what you thought was big and funny and it's clearly erupted and and worked out wrong for you well done you idiot!!!!!
  4. Aye passionate they are everyone can support and cheer there team on there own way and they are not the only ones!!!!who mouth off so Again maybe don't judge and get involved in something you know nothing about mouth off to there faces perhaps not behind a keyboard
  5. Aye Brechin have fans but problem is they look down there noses at each other. The Glebe is a very friendly place to go if your not a passionate City supporter
  6. Tut tut CITY1974 you should know better than to slander folk from up the north way. Especially she !!!! Disgusting hope no one treats your daughter the way you felt the need to slander that family from up north who have put a lot of money into the club. You are the one who should be ashamed for starting this thread that have made all us Brechin fans look stupid.
  7. Me think sir doth protesteth too much!!!!! Who cares who you are or who you are not but your too quick to judge other people. Your online persona suggests that you are rather quick to judge people. Try to continue your internet life as you would your own life. By not being apparently judgemental CITY1974 CITY_GORD
  8. Yes so do the woman and family you decided to slander on here.
  9. We have to put up with your shite it should be a thread discussing the fitba game anyway not slagging off fellow fans. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!!!!! that's the end if it as far as I'm concerned!!!!
  10. I'm sure they would!!! Disgusting behaviour towards a woman and her family. Totally unacceptable from Brechin City so called Fans
  11. No I simply named the family that started the disgusting thread. Fact!!!!!
  12. Sorry but city1974 is known to have started the thread slandering the family and woman for ranting c and b words when in fact she never used that language but I suppose they needed to exaggerate stuff to make it more exciting she simply called the man an arsewhole for threatening to put her 14yr old son through a wall the Elliots involved themselves in this situation. By city1974 starting the disgraceful thread. Well done pillar of the community NOT!!!
  13. Offensive city1974 really you started it by calling a woman foul mouthed you are so out of hand
  14. City1974 started the thread is a big loon if he can dish it out slandering folk on here especially a woman and her family who have put a lot of money the club's way with sponsoring players etc and travel a long way to matches as do city1974 and his daddy. Then shame on you I'm affronted to come from Brechin after that lot threatened a 14yr old boy that's so hard eh!!!!! Grow up you were no where near the scene so butt it.
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