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  1. Guthrie's ban doesn't transfer from the amateurs across to the Juniors. He was eligible to play. Port didn't deserve the 3 points in either case
  2. Aye, apparently We trained on Monday night expecting it to go ahead. Then we read on here it had been called off. Understand the pitch wasn't booked
  3. Irvine Vics 1-2 Port Glasgow Decent performance for The Port
  4. Port Glasgow v Saltcoats Instead of pay at the gate we're asking for donations of kids School Uniforms for local charity.
  5. Be interesting when the odds come out. Can see this being a very competitive league this year. AWR are a good side, Greenock have improved and we want promotion this year - all 3 ran close last year. Id suggest probably most competitive league.
  6. We do. Never been to carluke but the rest from last year are grass
  7. Port Glasgow's new Dragon Soop kits
  8. Will post the new strips later - they're cracking Eddie and Paul doing a good job. If they can keep the team together and consistent, Port should challenge 😂
  9. Port Glasgow new signing a couple of old players - Brian Tucker & Kevin McKay Also young local kid David Anderson who was at Morton Fraser McLaughlin joining - previously at Maryhill & Willie Wells, previously at Sauchie
  10. A couple hopefully being made in the next few days. Preseason kicking off next Monday with a few new faces
  11. As soon as I hit send, message came through saying 1973
  12. Port Glasgow President was Pat Duffy who unfortunately died at the end of the season. His position is not being replaced this year. Vice president John Rorrison Captain Craig McCormick Attendance 2500 v Medda - couldn't confirm year
  13. Port Glasgow & Perthshire abandoned. Perthshire unable to field a team. Traffic causing an issue but after game delayed to 2.30, the ref blew to start and abandoned
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