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  1. we have only lost harkins for one game so far what are we going to be like we have lost him for 5 or 6 games
  2. Signing 1 player is no use whatsoever. We need minimum of 3 players to cover injuries and suspensions
  3. i quite agree with you but the chairman only has another 2 days to get the finger out and get 2/3 players on loan
  4. how are we supposed to remain in this league with 11 professional players and a squad of boys most of them untried at this level
  5. reading he papers today it would appear that we have 2 players long term injuries. 2 players doubtful tomorrow. 3 younger players unavailable and we have only played 2 league games so far this season. Division 1 here we come?
  6. in today’s sun our manager says he does not need any more players
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