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  1. Last time I spoke with Kyle was at the last Clyde away game, he said he should be ready to go in June but also that his contract was up at the end of the season as well.
  2. A touch of class [emoji460]️[emoji1787][emoji1787]
  3. Andy Ryan...judging by their fans reaction, an Airdrie 'legend' before he'd even kicked a ball for them [emoji23][emoji23]
  4. Just watched the 'highlight's, glad I didn't travel to watch that display, my son's under 15 team play better football [emoji23] Good three points on the road though, winning ugly is better than not winning at all! Mon the Fife [emoji1665][emoji169]
  5. Of all the away days I miss, it's the one where we finally beat Dumbarton! Sounds like a good performance and win. Also good to see Janny got a start today (albeit that he scored an og) and I hope Ross's injury isn't too serious. Well done EF [emoji122][emoji122]
  6. Cold night at Bayview tonight watching the young guns lose 3-1 to Dundonald Bluebell in the Fife Cup with Lewis Hunter being the only first team player on show, at least he got 90 minutes in his legs.
  7. Thought Pat would have started today ahead of Church, he was steady enough apart from a couple of pass back errors, he's young and will learn from this.
  8. Wasn't it as near a 'full strength' team back in August when you're 'not so shite' line up got beat 4-2? [emoji848]
  9. Yeah, so shite but still couldn't beat us. Thought I was watching rugby with some of your teams shooting!
  10. Happy with that point, luckily the Rovers players left their shooting boots at home! Only Liverpool, Ajax, Juventus and East Fife remain undefeated in the whole of Europe.
  11. As confident as I am about our chances of a win away from home at the San Starko, cautious optimism comes to mind after the last two second half perfomances at home. Not writing the Rovers off entirely but not writing off a win for the black and gold either. Saying that, still undefeated, a clean sheet last week and in a great position to go back on top makes for an exciting game on Saturday.
  12. Stranraer wanted it more in the second half and deserved their point. Happy with remaining unbeaten and with the position in the league, hope the dropped points don't come back to haunt us! Hart's decision making at times still has me watching through my hands, if that was an outfield player making regular bad decisions then you'd consider a change, just saying. However, we win as a team and draw as a team because we don't do losing [emoji6]
  13. Great news, happy Friday everyone [emoji122][emoji122]...next is Big Tonks!
  14. Great team performance today by EF, top of the league and still undefeated, could have been more but the Forfar keeper pulled off some outstanding saves [emoji122][emoji122]
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