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  1. I assume he was alluding to the fact KRR sold their park best part of 10 years ago and have yet to build a new one Appreciate there have been issues with planning permissions (why leads you to ask why it wasnt sorted before selling), but its not been a favourable move for KRR
  2. What happens now? Will his job be advertised to try and get some fresh blood in or will it go to one of the blazer crew?
  3. Used to have games on Christmas day! A Saturday 3 days after Christmas doesnt seem unreasonable IMO Will be good to get out the house and to a game tomorrow
  4. They were an absolute disgrace in the dugout today, especially at the sending off (when Davidson got his own red) Even the Largs fans round about were shaking their heads at them
  5. Pollok are delighted to announce the loan signing of defender Jordan McMillan from Dumbarton until the end of the end of January. McMillan, who started his career with Rangers, has gone on to make 100 senior appearances with the likes of Hamilton, Queen of the South, Dunfermline Athletic and Partick Thistle. Jordan joins up immediately and will be available for tomorrow’s visit of Largs Thistle. Great signing
  6. The obsessed troll is still trolling You sure you arent just a sore loser?
  7. Run along little troll Your "honest opinion" is wrong
  8. So you are a troll? Well that explains a lot
  9. Dry my eyes? you have been on greeting about it since the final whistle went! Im saying they cheated, everyone was sitting watching them cheat... full of opinions and "help" for the ref all day, s soon as one of their players halfs someone in front of their dugout they "didnt see anything"... cheats, plain and simple
  10. FFS get over it Your team tried to cheat yesterday (amazing how not one of the management team helped the ref out in identifying the player being booked), they deserved their yellow card for cheating, and your pissed up neds in the crowd were a disgrace with as many kids in attendance as there was
  11. I stand to be corrected, but i believe it was 2007 when the move was first proposed.... And they had the proceeds from Adamslie, why was it up to the council?
  12. Ye whit?! The committee that sold their ground, without one to move into best part of 10 years ago?! That committee???
  13. Nothing looks as stupid as someone who has heard a buzzword and doesnt understand what it means Re dates of birth....Someone better tell wikipedia, that has loads of them 🤣🤣
  14. Any early news for games on/off tonight? (Wed 7th) Pouring down in the city centre, cant see many matches surviving out this way
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