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  1. pollok 1v0 glenafton 5.1.19

    Not even close! That's a really poor call
  2. Player On Transfer List

    Yep, great player, wont be short of offers i'd imagine
  3. West Region Games Off - Sat 29th December

    The problem with that is where does it end? Do it for league games only, or cup games too? If league only, is it just Rangers v Celtic? What about an end of the season clash between Rangers and Aberdeen or between Celtic and Killie ? Our priority HAS to be the Junior game and anyone involved in it MUST put its advancement and betterment as their main (and only) priority or they should let others move in who will, a cold snap and those "free" weekend will quickly be taken up, other than the rain last night, there wasn't a thing wrong with the weather today to play a game in, and its a shame that weekends like this are wasted, especially after the forward thinking move of having games played under lights last night, it feels like one step forward and two steps back Like a lot of fans of the juniors and its history, I have a soft spot for Peasy, but im embarrassed by that today, and try as i might, I cant justify it, Cambuslang likewise, they have brought negative publicity to the game just last week, and then we get this the very next, its not on, and i hope both are rebuked appropriately
  4. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    Lets,best not show up your nonsensical wittering about "Juventus"and "irony" anymore... and course it is...
  5. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    I know? I referenced that above, whats that got to do with Cambuslang attacking a ref? Its an entirely different offence?!
  6. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    You must be just too clever for me Or you like to talk in riddles to look pyoor smart Im maybe just not sure how Juventus match/ref fixing has any relevance to Cambuslang acting like something from a Guy Ritchie movie but im sure with your intelligence you can enlighten us Do carry on...
  7. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    You were (probably) going 2-0 down with 9 players.... so you would have lost 3 points BEFORE your management team went haywire (again), I think you should realistically expect a wee bit more than a 3 point penalty...
  8. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    Ironic much??
  9. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    https://glasgowclub.org/News/Documents/Festive hours 2018_19.pdf To be fair, the building is NOT open today, however its not been a surprise, these times were published weeks ago, so its no excuse
  10. Cambuslang Rangers v Talbot

    Don't think there can be any doubt that Cambuslang are not long for this league now... Wonder if the money having to take a step back has anything to do with this Real shame for the supporters
  11. Glenafton Cambuslang

    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/3671648/paul-mccoll-cambuslang-rangers-glasgow/ GUN victim footie boss Paul McColl has accused match officials of unfairly targeting his team since he was shot.The Cambuslang Rangers gaffer spoke out after he was suspended by club chiefs following an attack on a referee during a game.Paul McColl claims refs are targeting Cambuslang playersAs cops continued to probe the incident, McColl, 49 — who was blasted in the town near Glasgow in February — said: “I wear my heart on my sleeve for Cambuslang Rangers.“We, as a club, appear to be treated differently to other West Region clubs this season and I would like to know why.“It’s been well publicised how I was shot in the face away from football yet when we played Beith and I grappled with a fan who came over the wall to get at me, I was fined — really?”McColl also questioned a six-game ban for throwing the ball on to the park.And he claimed he was sent packing in a tie for bad language despite “only asking the linesman to get the referee to talk to me”.We told how ref Calum Scott, 29 — a cop — was assaulted after giving a penalty to Gers’ junior league rivals Glenafton Athletic in New Cumnock, Ayrshire, last weekend.Police said they have “a positive line of inquiry”.McColl was suspended by club chiefs on Monday
  12. Glenafton Cambuslang

    I quote... "What a p***k you are starting a rumour like that. Keep red dotting as many of my posts as you want. Ha ha"..... Deal!
  13. Glenafton Cambuslang

    Glad to hear it, wasnt at the game and was obviously sensationalised reports! Ive also been at Calum Scott games before and hes not the best ref However.. Cambuslang again??? How many times does it need to happen before its admitted to be a problem Im guessing he wasnt "getting it tight" from Glenafton if he was so one sided?
  14. Glenafton Cambuslang

    I,m getting conflicting news from game, one boys saying he attacked ref and players started boxing, another says coach stabbed ref in changing room in stomach and leg then did a runner. Don’t know who to believe
  15. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    Thanks for clarifying, hope you dont feel the need to seek legal recourse...