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  1. Great result today. Looks like it will be a play off place.
  2. Boom! We needed that. Looks like the playoffs are our best hope now. Very frustrating season, which started so well. Now a little stop start!
  3. Yyyeeeeeeessssssssssssss! Back to winning ways, and thought the 1-2 was a bit flattering for Stirling. Great to be back to winning ways. Should be a good game against Peterhead next week, who seem to be stuttering a little.
  4. Tommy Muir? I was not aware that there was a way that anyone in any profession should look? Strange! He is skinny though, but I was once upon a time! The difference between my skinny and his... I was not banging the goals in at his level and I played on the Sunday league.
  5. We did not derserve the to get anything, and looked slightly off the pace. Let’s hope to bounce back with a good cup win. Now that would bring the confidence back.
  6. Whoops, the last one is one of my cheesecake! Cumbrian Cheesecake. Ha ha
  7. Here are some pictures from yesterday.
  8. As mentioned, it is a young lad just editing and popping it up online. There are always going to be some major incidence that are missed, like Clyde's goal line clearence in the last minute.
  9. Well, Clyde looked shaper, hungrier and where getting to every 50/50 first. They just seemed to want it more, and were the better team on the day. It was very frustrating, but Annan just looked off the pace, with every sight of goal being sniffed out, just to slow on the uptake. I thought Clyde bossed the game from start to finish. Oh well, we only had the chance to go top, and froze. No home game until the last Saturday in September now.
  10. Good read this, for the BBC. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/5e215f01-8e41-424b-96bc-541b8ed12b4e?intc_type=singletheme&intc_location=bbcthree&intc_campaign=bbcthree&intc_linkname=article_femalefan_contentcard32
  11. That is what I did mean, you can go in the home turnstiles and walk around the ground and watch from wherever. But there are away turnstiles, but I have no idea why? Must be waiting for the big time!
  12. You can go wherever you like. It is all mixed. Even though there are away turnstiles.
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