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  1. your right i should be trying to understand the cryptic stuff on here
  2. Some amount of in knows on here, i imagine the only folk that will know what's going are the folk involved either out of in
  3. Will be interesting to see how it all pans out at Colville ins and outs
  4. Took this game in today horrendous weather well done to all decent game considering St Pats worthy of the win
  5. It's the way of the world for jealousy to rear its head against teams who are doing well or are running their club well plenty of teams have guys who do all the dirty graft secretaries, treasures take care of the strips guys who turn up 3 times a week in rain and wind just to make their team better
  6. Interesting results yesterday and some next week no doubt some banana skins
  7. Weather going to put a few games in doubt i think
  8. That makes more sense, seen St pats a few times this season
  9. St pats sacking their Manager ??
  10. Ahh seen your team a few times this season mick doing well considering the amount of injuries you have had
  11. Lots of decent teams into the 32 difficult to pick for me
  12. Bringing in new players these days seems the most difficult issue also think having a good committee is a must
  13. Yeah pretty much spot on to what I was thinking
  14. what do you think makes a good team. players naturally, managment backroom staff good commitee a few teams out there look strong off the park too. ?
  15. Was a good tussle great battle between 2 really good teams thought the boy just out jumped the keeper but keepers get those decisions, didnt think the amount of cards dished out overly helped ref i thought just went for the cards to easily but im not a ref
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