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  1. I've changed the channel to Airdriebank TV
  2. It's stunning, Airdriebank fans would be proud of this outfit [emoji23]
  3. BM to be awarded the pyramid tenacious poster of the year
  4. Don't forget the annex team from Airdrie
  5. This is one of my all time favourites,
  6. With you at the helm? There's a thought[emoji23]
  7. Looks a bit like Airdrie's top from 2 years ago
  8. From the comfort of his armchair [emoji16]
  9. Sorry you find your own clubs history so agonising. Personally I would have used it as a base to move on to brighter and better things. Embrace your history, its makes you the team that you are. [emoji4][emoji106]
  10. I'm not on about their past troubles, All I've said is that they used to ply their trade in Lanarkshire using a different name.
  11. Always been Auchinleck, we did not move to another shire and call ourselves another name. [emoji16]
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