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  1. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    The big boy is Scott Anson, he is a strong bullish type of player. For a chunky lad he packs a lot of quality and can score goals. Old style forward.
  2. Gow 2018/2019

    Talbot never take any team for granted. They will be prepared for this one. EPPP
  3. Sectional League Cup Final

    Polloks ground was there before Morrisons so they would have anticipated larger crowds on weekends for the football.
  4. Clydebank v Hurlford

    Obviously cares for the bankies [emoji23]
  5. Clydebank v Hurlford

    So you have won cups that excludes all the main Ayrshire teams? [emoji23] Just saying
  6. Sectional League Cup Final

    Sit down and let the grown ups have a say Mr Johnston. Good boy
  7. Sectional League Cup Final

    Totally agree. They didnt need to ask around clubs until the final teams were decided. It's not champions league ffs. The fact that they can easily change game fixtures at last minute shows the juniors is flexible. Just think Pollok was too easy a option. If we are to play it in Glasgow then why doesn't the other Juniors teams get a chance? Not every club has the knowledge or the Staff to make a bid for the final but surely the sjfa west could give assistance and bring a final to an area where it doesn't get much attention. Missed opportunity yet again.
  8. Sectional League Cup Final

    Shanner you need to get finals now and again to have the right to moan. [emoji8]
  9. Sectional League Cup Final

    So are you wishing to state who these 8 clubs are?
  10. Sectional League Cup Final

    Another tiptop decision by this outfit. No wonder people outwith the juniors see it they way they do. Honestly can't help themselves Shameful decision to play it there in my opinion.
  11. QP moving to lesser hampden good for junior clubs?

    Ahh Mr genitals, That's because cappielow is cheaper to rent as it's in the industrial drug heartland of inverclyde
  12. QP moving to lesser hampden good for junior clubs?

    Yes it is Jimmy Genitals
  13. Pollok v Auchinleck

    SH I was standing near to those women and there was nothing said that no other player gets so wrap your rubbish. The boy even smiled and they laughed when he did. Non story
  14. Pollok v Auchinleck

    Ok thanks for that. Now off you pop [emoji23]
  15. Pollok v Auchinleck

    I agree and I believe Tony is a good manager. The 2nd half pollok side looked like a good team who knew what to do and played some good football.