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  1. Club looking for players

    [emoji52] [emoji107]
  2. West of Scotland weekend and not a peep

    I agree, tbh I think most clubs are in a state of limbo or flux waiting to see what the next big move is.
  3. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Kilsyth defo dark horses this season, along with darvel
  4. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Stand out draw Glens v Lok
  5. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    I might be wrong but I think folk were asking earlier if it was getting broadcasted live. Pity you didn't post then lol
  6. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Pipe down and chill our Mr forum moderator. The draw is up soon.
  7. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    The difference between us is that I speak about my teams performance and attitude and will try to back off I can in here. I have read your posts and eventually got the feeling you didn't go to games as you didn't actually know who plays in the team or our style of play. You speak as some kind of forum moderator and you only know better. You lost any respect when you said you don't actually go to Talbot games.
  8. Poaching players and not paying the money

    Why don't you just delete the post then?
  9. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    No just mocking you, did you not know it was a joke? Oh dear[emoji23] [emoji107]
  10. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    I think we are into the 3rd or 4th version of that trophy.
  11. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    That's better JB
  12. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Get off yer highstool ya tool. Now that your quite finished being an arrogant sod then I'll accept the thread needs to move on.
  13. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    And there you have it, Arm chair supporter of the year. Stick to following the fitba wherever you're at. At least I give wind up and banter because I actually know my team and go to the games. The halcyon days of the 80's is long gone JB.
  14. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Laughable, Post away what you want. A wind up merchant I may be but certainly not arrogant enough about my team. You could do with attending games now and again my friend.
  15. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    I've already put the fire out and apologised to a few members in here who think you're a tw#t already anyway. In honesty I don't think it was an attempt at humour at all and you got found out before you rehashed it as a joke. Stick to the still armchair supporting you do most Saturdays. Ps. Ffs disassociate yourself from Auchinleck Talbot, Thankyou that is all.