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  1. You can put your house on it, trust me
  2. How did I get in my house tonight? I used McKee
  3. I’m confident we will finish top 4 this year. Although the squad is underwhelming in parts, I think he has a better blend of players than Aitken did. Aitken’s were all too experienced and played in similar positions to each other. This team has a blend of experience and youth that will hopefully make the team hungrier on the whole. Well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.
  4. I can confirm that yer man speaks the truth
  5. He’s apparently paid for another op
  6. He’s on his way back.....apparently
  7. Kyle Wilkie will be next apparently
  8. That was the same headline in The Sun about him too.
  9. Pretty poor comms from the club, no news about anything. I thought the close season was for drumming up business, promoting the new strips and merchandise, wetting our appetite for the season ahead. There’s been none of that!
  10. I’m happy to see the majority of Aitken’s team GTF. In the main, a bunch of over rated prima donnas who were on huge wages and produced very little, or too little too late. This year might not have the big names, but let’s learn from this season. I think Duffy will get the right mix of players to challenge for promotion. I just wish Loy would do the decent thing and come to an agreement with the board to get him off the wage bill.
  11. You can stop the pining after Gallagher, he’s Joe the Toff.
  12. The one about him and a midget stripper at a nightclub in Bognor?
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