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  1. Agreed! The boys have taken the step to ensure we can all exist in harmony. I little bit of recognition would go a long way.
  2. F**k me! 2 wins on the bounce and we can still find something to fight about. Why can’t we all just get along?!
  3. Happy with that result, shows we must have a bit of metal at least.
  4. Who assembled a better squad for the start of a season? Aitken’s 2018/19 team or this current outfit?
  5. It must be. It was Rankin that paid for the security over the surplus land at the start of the year.
  6. So dramatic. You have more hang ups than an adult chat line.
  7. I was impressed with PJ Crossan, think that he’s a strong determined player. Still a little rough round the edges, but there is potential there. Same with McCluskie, he is exciting when he gets going, has brilliant pace, but second/third touch can let him down sometimes. Hopefully these wee niggles can be ironed out over the next few weeks. We need an out and out striker though to complement both Crossan and McCluskie.
  8. I would be happy to be wrong if this was the case.
  9. Seriously not a wind up (I don’t do wind ups) but would say there is a 50% chance he could come back, he likes it here and we are on his options list....from the horses mouth, not rumour. But hey that might just be his chat, and not what’s going on behind the scenes.
  10. After what I heard today, prepare for bookies to start slashing odds on Dom Thomas returning to The Rock.......
  11. I’m hearing that a settlement has been reached with Rory Loy and he has now left the club
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