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  1. Saturday's friendly against Morton moved to Raydale with fans allowed in, fiver entry, 2pm ko https://www.gmfc.net/pre-season-friendly-annan-athletic-vs-morton/
  2. Left Mid was (or at least should've been) deeper at that point. Looks like the guy you have circled is close to the half way line, and also looks like it's Ruari Paton.
  3. Most of these I tried are shìte but these ones turned out well...
  4. Motherwell lose points for the single coloured back, and more for it being in the wrong colour - it'll look like an away kit when players have got their back to you. Killie's 3rd shirt could be good camouflage on a bus journey, which incidently is exactly what Bohemians have gone for over the water....
  5. DG.Roma


    Cheers fellas, we've went ahead and booked it all
  6. DG.Roma


    Yep, and then claim something like 75% of flights arrived early, but as you hinted at, landing time and getting off the plane time can be different things entirely
  7. DG.Roma


    That'd be plan B, or even A - bus to city centre then train onwards (to Cardiff) but it's more than double the cost
  8. DG.Roma


    Cheers, it's a National Express so hopefully that means skipping the queue but it will be timetabled
  9. DG.Roma


    Long shot, but don't suppose anyone has a clue how long it might take to get off a domestic flight and out to the buses at Bristol Airport? Hand luggage only and assuming no delays of course. I've only got a half hour window, and am not feeling too optimistic
  10. Not the same of course but a couple of years ago when Stranraer had their weird faded blue/white gradient home shirt, Coleraine turned up for a friendly with their blue and white stripes and had to wear one of Stranraer's old training shirts, or maybe a youth or reserve team shirt judging by the sponsor.
  11. If only they'd got Graeme Souness, Ian Rush, Jan Molby and John Aldridge to issue carefully worded wee videos reminding fans of who they represented. Things could've worked out so differently
  12. And have surprisingly decided not to re-sign Mark Howard, who was excellent this season
  13. Fully agree. It was a frustrating watch from an Annan perspective. Edinburgh pressed well and Annan's long balls weren't working in the first half because of the wind. Edinburgh had the better chances first half, the shot off the bar was a cracker and Fleming did well with the scramble. There was an Annan handball in that scramble as a clearance was attempted and it hit a guy on the deck. His hand was raised as he was trying to get up, an English VAR would have given a pen, but thankfully this was real football where common sense was applied. Was never a corner in the first place anyway, Lowdon dummied it to let it run for a goal kick. I was happy to get to half time at 0-0, thinking the game would change when Annan had the wind, but the wind stopped during the break and City came out faster and sharper. Two good goals and a deserved lead before the weather came in. Annan could have still got back into it but some poor decision making upfront slowed down potentially dangerous attacks. Disappointed, but not deflated. Annan could still get back in to this and can definitely play better, whereas that's the best I've seen City play this season. Great turnout from both sets of fans. I enjoyed the wee ultras too, I hope EC embrace them instead of issuing statements discouraging them.
  14. Probably going to be tight, both legs. I'm going for Annan by the same scoreline they beat Forfar. 1-1 at Ainslie, 1-0 Annan at Galabank. Posts and bars will be struck. Strange of the BBC to clash both legs with this on Alba with both legs of ICT v Arbroath on BBC Scotland, but fair play to Edinburgh City only charging a tenner a ticket, got mine already Hopefully a decent crowd at both games
  15. Nah, I saw Dunn play for Cowdenbeath at Stranraer, he looked out of his depth in the worst team in the league at that level. Nditi on the other hand looked good for Forfar in League 1, which obviously got him the step up in the first place. Remember the home game against Killie when he was played at LB and kept Chris Burke quiet all game, after Burke had starred for Killie on TV the week before? I thought Nditi looked like being Queens' best defender at the start of the season, until he was shifted into midfield. Another season in League 1, being played in the right position, and I think he could become a decent player. Needless to say, I would've kept him.
  16. I really enjoyed that the other night. Annan were obviously fired up and although either side could have taken the lead, Annan being ahead at half time felt deserved. I agree they could regret not getting a second though, especially in that spell in the 2nd half when they were on top for a good while. A couple of good saves and a shot off the post Credit to Forfar as well though, they came back into it well and had chances, Hooper and Swinglehurst forced into some big blocks. Both sides were treating it like a one legged cup tie towards the end, great entertainment. I also thought the ball was out before Barnes got to it for Annan's goal, but on the highlights it's inconclusive, so I'll have to trust the linesman. As Forfar's twitter said, some "interesting" calls from the ref, but they went both ways. Harkins could've got a straight red, and at least one further booking, so he was lucky to leave the pitch when the manager decided rather than the ref. Could be a cracker at Station Park, but I'll take a stodgy 1-1
  17. If the playoffs had started 6 weeks ago I would've been confident of an Annan win over two legs, but they've completely lost the momentum they had and their form has dropped off a cliff. Hopefully Annan get off to a bright start so I can get some of that confidence back. I haven't seen much of League 1 this season so this may be misplaced optimism, but I think the winners of this tie will go up.
  18. For a fanbase that doesn't like the colour orange, they don't half seem to use a lot of it in their displays!
  19. This annoys me with VAR. If the VAR is taking a while to check it, why not send the ref over to the monitor and they can discuss it whilst they're both looking at it? 3 and a half minutes is still excessive of course, but it would've been 3 and a half minutes less in this instance.
  20. Anyone here behind the goal see if McInroy's shot was on target? I'm pretty certain it was, should be his goal, not an OG
  21. In a season wearing a kit with a picture of the squad who won the Challenge Cup and the third tier, Queens have managed to reach both the Challenge Cup Final, and the third tier. Don't think that was the intended inspiration.
  22. I'm certain the shot was on target but would've been easily saved by Rae if East hadn't have deflected it. If I'm right that the shot was on target, then by definition it is McInroy's goal and to call it an OG isn't just extremely harsh on Euan East, but not actually correct. I actually thought that Collum did well today. There were some questionable calls and non-calls, but a lesser referee could've lost control and flashed a lot more cards. If that's Collum's explanation of the catch, fair enough. For the other handball shout, Collum explained to Wullie that it had hit above the t-shirt line. Wullie seemed to accept this so fair enough. That is shocking. I knew it was bad, but not THAT bad!
  23. Now that would be funny, some crazy late rule change deducting a point per divot?
  24. Ditto, pretty much #Flagle #51 3/6 https://www.flagle.io
  25. Tried to be clever there, didn't need to be #Flagle #50 3/6 https://www.flagle.io
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