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  1. You didn't expect him to score more did you? He's already got as many in the playoffs as he did in the league this season, and one of those league goals was pretty much an accident!
  2. It wouldnt be I agree, but thankfully its nothing like that every week. I didn't enjoy those tactics and didn't enjoy the game, two good sides in great form who've been playing some good stuff lately.... should've been a cracker, but was of course a scrappy and frustrating watch. There wasn't much in it no, but the stats are correct. Annan did have a lot of efforts on target but almost all of them were tame and right at Currie. At least 2 Nade headers and his half hit volley for example. I'm delighted Annan have some sort of lead, but fear it won't be enough. An early Clyde goal on Saturday and they have the momentum. Annan could and maybe should have scored on the break late on last night, I hope it's tight enough for long enough at Broadwood that there's a few more breakaway chances, and that this time one of them counts.
  3. Interesting reading on this thread and recent Annan match threads. Most Clyde fans seem convinced Annan are nothing more than a tough bunch of hammer throwers, the kind of team they struggle against apparently despite results saying otherwise. Fans of other teams acknowledge Annan as a decent team capable of playing good football with a clever manager in charge. I remember at the start of last season seeing a young Annan team outplay Peterhead but ultimately being bullied into a defeat by a tougher, smarter side. What I see now is a young team that has grown, developed, wisend and yes toughened up. A lot of them were at QoS youth teams together so they'll have played together for a number of years. Maybe they, and Peter Murphy, have learned how to play tough when needed, they no longer get bullied out of games, and from what folk are saying Clyde don't like it. I would see that as a credit to the manager rather than a knock against Annan, but then again 10 points from 12 this season suggests that maybe Clyde shouldn't complain as it's clearly not been effective enough. This first leg could go either way. Hopefully we see the Annan side that Stenny saw, and not the one that Clyde seem to think they are. If Annan take any sort of lead to Broadwood the 2nd leg will be too close to call. If it's even or Clyde are ahead, then the Bully Wee progress.
  4. Prem: Dundee Champ: Falkirk, Ayr, Alloa Lge 1: Montrose Lge 2: Clyde. That's some stats right enough, I'd be very surprised if it'd been done before
  5. Queens v Partick

    If Ayr had scored a late winner Queens would not have deserved their survival. Imagine seeing the players celebrating after a performance like that. Got what they deserved
  6. Queens v Partick

    That's pretty poor not allowing the swap. They wouldnt open the terrace til enough tickets were sold, so if folk held off it might not have been opened at all. If there had then been a late push for tickets, too late to arrange for the terrace to be opened, some folk might've missed out altogether... or came down and stood on the home terrace. Give the peoples what they want!
  7. Queens v Partick

    Just over 2000 I think. Would rather they opened the terrace than shifted home fans out of their seats like they did for the cup game against Thistle last season. Nervous, excited and terrified all at the same time. Can't wait!
  8. So all matches would end in a draw. Gary Naysmith likes this
  9. Ross County v Queens

    Yep, they did delay The Nine last night to show the trophy presentation at the Youth Cup Final. Dunno if that's Tin Pot, double standards or both
  10. Ross County v Queens

    No sponsors etc, but picked one up for a tenner in the Arena shop the other day.
  11. Queens v Dunfermline

    Fraser Aird in hiding again, but we might get to see Connor Murray upfront if it's back to the usual formation. Nicky Low on the bench
  12. Queens v Dunfermline

    Don't know about u18s, but in the reserves, no, there's no-one anywhere near ready... unless you count Connor Murray who could play through the middle. Declan Tremble has been playing and scoring on loan at Abbey Vale in the South of Scotland league but he's looked out of his depth in the reserve league.
  13. Queens v Dunfermline

    ...you should make changes earlier in order to keep players as fresh as you can, especially during a run of 4 games in 2 weeks. Only using 1 sub against Falkirk and Morton was strange
  14. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Wish one of the old boys would stick the nut in that whistly phukker
  15. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    I missed the kick-off, feels like I'm watching the highlights, not live footage!