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  1. Cove started well and were by far the better team before two quick goals and then a penalty and from then on Annan had them rattled. 1st booking was for Yule's reaction to Watson taking a dive when 3-1 up (Watson was also quite rightly booked) One booking was for booting the ball away after the 2nd penalty was given, one was for some sort of dissent after the 6th goal. Straight red for Glass was for a wild challenge that was clearly out of frustration. He was Cove's best player and Annan had clearly targeted him to get him off his game. Job done, and now he's suspended for Ainslie Park. That's one reason talented kids go on loan, make their mistakes and learn their lessons elsewhere. Well deserved big win aye, and the freekick would've been a cracker, but disagree about the dive. Your arms don't naturally go up in the air when you fall or are tripped. Watson made it easy for the ref, who got this one right.
  2. I was back at Brunton Park today. Nothing happened. You could tell it would finish 0-0 after about 20 minutes, an absolutely dire game of football.
  3. Pretty sure this is right. Always amuses me that the South of Scotland League move or postpone their games due to an international break but the Championship (quite rightly) don't. So the likes of St Cuthbert Wanderers v Lochmaben and Threave Rovers v Newton Stewart get shifted to a Friday but Dundee United v Queen of the South is on as normal
  4. Chuffed for Lee Alexander though, saving 3 consecutive pens to get through after suffering the VAR farce in the World Cup. They'll no doubt get battered in the next round, but good achievement to get this far
  5. It was piss poor last night. Northampton were not much of a threat at all but Pressley got his tactics and selection all wrong. Top goal scorer (Olomola) and most creative player (McKirdy - most assists and 2nd most goals) on the bench. Right footed centre back playing left wing back. He's lost the fans. When the 2nd goal went in and the away fans started the singing "Sacked in the morning" the home fans joined in, followed by "We want Pressley out" chants. There's some decent players there who look capable in flashes, but Elvis can't seem to get a tune out of them. I've seen them 5 times this season now and it's been getting progressively worse.
  6. Annan regular here but was at Somerset today. You're right about Peter Murphy, he's done well with very limited resources and developed young players well. A couple of years ago he brought a lot of youth over from QoS who hadn't made the grade at Championship level but looked good in League 2, until they got bullied out of games by bigger, stronger teams. Murphy adapted his style of play and got the young boys to mix it a little, so much so that some fans of other teams just think of Annan as a gang of bruisers. As I've described, that's what Peter Murphy has done with Annan. A few of the young guys he signed have left and moved on to League 1, and I think Murphy is ready for that step too. If you were still a League 1 team it'd be a great move, but I think jumping from League 2 to Championship would be a step too far just now.
  7. Haven't made it to any games since preseason/Betfred so hard to give an opinion, but looking forward to this one with semi trepidation. I'd be worried for Annan against any top half team but the league table says I shouldn't be. However all Stirling's defeats have been narrow, and after the last couple of results there's no way Annan can have any confidence. Think I'll back @rhliston with the 1-1 prediction
  8. Did ye go? Forest Green's performance was the most boring sideways performance I've ever seen. Plenty of possession but almost no desire to go beyond the centre circle. Maybe something to do with the vegans conserving their energy, but whatever it was it wasn't fun to watch. Carlisle broke well, but made some poor decisions - shooting when a pass was on, passing when a shot was on - but at least on the rare ocassions they got the ball they went forward with intent. Ref was a mess. Clearly got flustered in the 2nd half and obviously didn't realise he was giving a 2nd yellow for the sending off. Carlisle should be dissapointed they didnt take advantage of the extra man in the last 20 minutes
  9. Took in the reserve game the other day as usual. No first team players this time, and most of the better youths missing. Iain Wilson could walk backwards into the Queens midfield this season, but instead he's back at Palmerston breezing past a bunch of teenagers. Dom Thomas was also dominant. Surely it'd be better for Wilson and Thomas to come back for some first team games, but of course easier said than done. Benji Luissint looked ok, hit the post on a 1 on 1 breakaway that he earned himself. Jack Leighfield had a few good saves but looked short on confidence with kicking and crosses. 3-0 down at half time but much more organised in the 2nd half, finished 4-0, could've been worse. It's a right mismatch that reserve league. Our boys will be learning how to be defensively disciplined against superior opposition, and the game time obviously helped David Norman and Connor Murray last season, but I often wonder how beneficial it is to be getting regularly pumped by future/current Premier League players. Not sure why Queens and Morton are in this league whilst Ayr and Livi are a level below.
  10. Fair enough, in the stands when he was so I must've missed him/them at some then. He looked OK, but had quite a quiet game. Hearts midfield was pretty good though. I heard he was pretty impressive in the game at Dunfermline, so maybe he's just in the reserves to get him up to speed with Scottish football, like Norman and McGrath last season.
  11. Reserves team today v Hearts... Leighfield Moffat, Gourlay, Semple, Newbould McCarthy, Kidd, Luissint Vezza, Hamilton, R.Irving ...so some first teamers getting a run out, and all but Kidd getting the 90 mins. Tight first half with not a lot happening, but finished 3-1 to Hearts with Jack Hamilton getting the Queens goal. Lewis Kidd didn't even look up to pace in midfield at reserves level, got frustrated and got booked. AJ was on the bench with Eddie Warwick, good to see (if it wasn't deadline day!) I don't remember Naysmith being at many reserve games last season, although he and Levein were there today.
  12. A number of players out on loan at clubs from the Premiership go back and play in the reserve league weekly. The boy who got the hattrick on Monday v Queens is on loan at Cove. Yep, Owen Bell played for Queens reserves last season whilst on loan at East Kilbride, same with Declan Tremble (Abbey Vale) and probably a couple more. Not sure if it's the case for all loans or just "development loans" where players from full time teams are loaned to part time teams but still train with their parent team some of the week.
  13. I was there on Saturday, they are playing some good stuff and as you see in the highlights they're creating chances. Those misses were unbelievable, Thomas on the right wing couldn't have set them up any better. Speaking of, Thomas looks a cracking player and is a threat going inside or out, but doesn't like a 50-50 and doesn't track back enough. It's the same on the left, both full backs were exposed and the centre backs were a bit of a bombscare too - clearly been told to try and play it out from the back at all times but not really capable of doing so. You'd think Pressley would have the defence sorted first. Good to see Stefan Scougall doing well. A clever, tricky player who should still be at a higher level. Decent crowd, over 4800 with 300+ noisy Salford fans who never stopped. A good day out!
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