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  1. Elite Ice Hockey League

    Right move I reckon, as is Hull Pirates, Sheffield Steeldogs and Telford Tigers moving back up. Hopefully good news for Solway Sharks as they'll be one of the favourites to win their league next season. Speaking of, both Sheffield and Telford beat their lower ranked opponents, but Hull beat both Sheffield and Telford and deservedly took the title. Still playoffs to come mind but this is a British league so everyone wants the league title just as much.
  2. Queens v Inverness

    Yeah after seeing the highlights I think my initial defence of Jacobs was too kind, but I still think that sending it "home" was the safest way to keep possession once he'd been caught. He could have hoofed it away to nowhere I suppose. Martin still shares the blame though in my opinion. The camera behind the goals seems to show Martin running parallel to the goal line after Jacobs has played it back, allowing Doran to get to the ball first. If he'd have ran forward instead I think Martin would have got there first. I definitely think so yes. Seems almost like he got his studs caught in the turf somehow
  3. Players with Punchable Faces

    I'm sure plenty of Newcastle fans will join us with this one...
  4. Netflix

    Checked in here yesterday for no particular reason and ended up watching the first two episodes of After Life last night with my wife. Both very impressed and will probably blitz through the rest in the next couple of days. We've both lost people recently so it's extra touching, but really entertaining as well. Cheers guys!
  5. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Shame for the protesting fans that all the goals came in the second half. I had a chuckle at them playing Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays" over the PA right before kickoff!
  6. Elite Ice Hockey League

    Not Elite but now that the EPL doesn't exist it's technically one step down (a rather large step) .... Some scenes at the top of the NIHL North. With 2 games to go the 3 ex Premier League teams Hull Pirates, Telford Tigers and Sheffield Steeldogs are all on 62 points. Hull play Telford at home then Sheffield away. Sheffield are in Dumfries to play Solway Sharks before the Hull game. Telford are home to 6th placed Solihull after they face Hull. The league isn't as competitive overall as it was before the big boys came down, the gulf between them and the rest is too vast, but what a way to end the season. Also well done to Solway Sharks for being comfortably best of the rest in 4th.
  7. Queens v Inverness

    It was definitely Jacobs and I'm pretty certain it was intended as a back pass. Looked to me like he was looking for a pass but had nothing on so turned and almost got caught, panicked and sent the ball back. This would normally have been seen as the safe option, but for some reason Martin hesitated and we know the rest.
  8. Completely agree with the last bit, but David Norman was way off the pace in the reserves when he first arrived, never mind the first team. Thankfully he managed to adapt well enough to be a useful player but Naysmith can't be criticised for keeping him out of the starting eleven at first.
  9. I noticed Martin was looking into the main stand and listening to the shouts coming his way as he heading off at half time. Seemed unusual for a player in his position, they'd usually just get their head down and get away to the safety of the dressing room. Then again, there's a lot that players in his position would usually do that doesn't get done.
  10. A View From The Terrace.

    I actually quite liked the Albion Rovers parallel universe thing. Completely irrelevant and obtuse, but imaginative and quite funny. Good to see something on women's football and I'm glad it wasn't all the same type of features as the first week. The burger bit can get tae phuk though.
  11. Queens v Inverness

    Ok then, a Dumfries & Galloway league. Wasn't trying to be geographically factually accurate
  12. Queens v Inverness

    Be careful what you wish for, we might be seeing a lot of them next season. Come to think of it, with Stranraer already there and Annan heading for the playoffs, we could be turning the Angus league into a Galloway league
  13. Queens v Inverness

    Yeah centre mid. He's been one of the better players in the last couple of reserve games, but probably still a while away from being 1st team ready
  14. Peterhead v Annan

    Great, Annan will be well conditioned to it after similar conditions at Galabank last week
  15. Is it Pit-ra-vi-choos or Petra-vicious?