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  1. Because there's a big royal funeral happening and lots of major and minor sporting events are moving to avoid clashing with it. The SPFL won't want to be the only ones who don't move, and trying to fit everything into midweek fixtures and still meet the deadline for the split would be much harder than shifting back 24 hours, or even just 2 hours as I've heard suggested.
  2. English 3pm games shifted back 24 hours so all will be played on Sunday. Can see us doing the same.
  3. Davie Irons is gonna be even more peeved when be notices who Stranraer were due to play on the Cup 4th round weekend! Looks Stranraer v Stenny will have to be shifted to a Thursday
  4. I disagree Factually correct, but... I agree. Brora were denied the chance of a playoff that they had earned from 24 victories out of 26 games last season. For every bit you (understandably) think it's unfair to earn a playoff from only 3 games, you must agree it's also unfair to not get a chance of a playoff when being clear leaders after 26 games in a curtailed season, especially when teams deemed Champions higher up the pyramid were awarded promotions. Of course there is no guarantee that Brora or Kelty would have came up last season, and there is no guarantee they will now. Also, after having watched a much improved Brechin against Stranraer, I'd say there is absolutely no guarantee Brechin will even be in the playoff this season never mind lose it.
  5. They really do love themselves don't they! Honking. Have you had many rejections? One Team will be an old man soon! I saw you answered somebody saying what your minimum age would be at completion. Is there an age where the game forces you to retire? Really enjoying your quest by the way. I only ever nip in every once in a while so I've always got a few season's worth to catch up on, it's a good read, thanks. You've inspired me to attempt something similar in my next save, but I'm a very slow player and enjoying my current game, so it could be a few years off yet!
  6. I watched the game today, fancy a wee report? Rare change of formation, 4-4-2 diamond with Furman on, possibly to try and keep tabs on Wes Hoolahan... didn't work. Hoolahan was class, too good for this level, but he wasn't the only one. Cambridge were very impressive in the 1st half playing some good, quick, passing football. 1-0 Cambridge at Half Time was well deserved, but the goal was horribly avoidable. Carlisle had just attacked, against the run of play, decent shot from Patrick saved. Cambridge clear and launch it forward, Mullin is offside but McDonald needlessly heads it towards him, playing him on. Mullin is the league's top scorer by some distance, so Anderton stands off him and watches as he strolls into the box and scores with a good strike. Half time sub, Toure on for Furman, who'd been booked, back to the usual 4-3-3 formation. Guy and Riley started playing well, they'd looked lost in the first half. First minute shot from Riley was a show of intent as Carlisle were much more aggressive, looking like they did before Christmas, Covid and the frozen pitches. Omari Patrick was a constant threat, the keeper saved well from Toure and plenty more shots were either scuffed or blocked. The equaliser was coming, but was a bit scrappy. Corner not cleared, shot blocked with an arm, everyone claiming for a penalty, except Alessandra who put the loose ball away. Alessandra hadn't been on long as Beech really went for it. Perhaps naively, he didn't change it after the equaliser and kept going for the win. Sadly, somehow, Hoolahan was left alone in the box in Cambridge's first real attack for ages and inevitably his ball across goal was put away. tl;dr... two injury time goals against,one each half, both avoidable. Cambridge far better in the 1st half and deserved their lead. Carlisle good in the 2nd half and deserved a draw.
  7. Some would say that year has lasted an awfy long time Mr Bellesiles
  8. Hard to tell who benefits/suffers most from the lay off. So long without training maybe negates or at least reduces QP's full time advantage, but Stranraer were flying. Unbeaten in 11 since QP's win at Stair Park in October (if you count the Betfred Pens loss against Ayr as a draw) 8 wins in those 11 games. That momentum will be hard to regain. Obviously The Spiders were unbeaten in the league in that time too, as they have been all season of course, but I'm sure they'll be fine.... after Saturday hopefully!
  9. Usually the tell tale is what they do with their arms. If you fall or are tripped unexpectedly, human instinct is to put your arms down to break your fall. If a player's arms go up as he's going down, 9 times out of 10 it's a dive.
  10. No idea. There must've been some folk out there though when the players ran to the gate. Either way, I hope it has absolutely no influence in getting L1 & L2 started again and they get a new fixture list out asap. Wouldn't surprise me at all though if it hadn't been noticed that all the March 20th fixtures have in essence already happened, in terms of Home/Away.
  11. Apparently the bulk of the crowd had moved on long before kickoff, just a handful of police and a festival's worth of litter when media folk were arriving around 2pm
  12. Queen of the South are giving that a fair trial run at the moment. 4 Gers at Palmerston currently, 3 started today, the other came on and scored.
  13. Even if they do, the fixtures currently listed for March 20th are still the original ones. In Home/Away terms they have all already happened once earlier in the season, so if we're going for 18 or 22 games we still need a new fixture list for March 20th. I suppose one option is just to switch Home & Away, but that seems like common sense so may not happen!
  14. Yeah ok time to feel down now. Looks like being a "what if" season. Top of the league and in great form before all the postponements and the Covid outbreak. There's a lot to be said for momentum, and sadly it's the wrong kind of momentum now. As for Barrow, I feel for their fans. 48 year wait to get back into the football league and facing the possibility of dropping straight back out without being able to attend a game (barring the couple in December when 800 could get in if I remember right) Seems Michael Jolley was a disastrous appointment. Started in December, signed loads of players in Jan, sacked in Feb.
  15. I think it's pretty mental it was two legs at all, given both games were at neutral venues. Should’ve just played a one off and reduced travel for everyone.
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