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  1. Pal of ma wife's got her son (older end of primary school) up this morning and told him the schools were back on. Got him ready, breakfast, bag packed, school uniform, packed lunch and sent him out the door.... She let him get to the end of the driveway before shouting April Fool and calling him back!
  2. Below National League North & South. So for me looking over the Solway to near(ish) neighbours its mixed news. Workington were top of their league and looking good for playoffs at least (10 pts clear but 2nd place had 3 games in hand) Barrow have been flying at the top of the National League and are well on course for promotion to League 2. As things stand, that could still happen.
  3. Worrying times, but that 3rd paragraph shows a touch of class. Backs against the wall, but thinking of how the club and it's facilities can help the community.
  4. Nobody expects anybody to be able to just hand over money with nothing in return out of the goodness of their hearts, especially when so many people could be at risk financially at the moment, but how amount doing something that will help the club AND give you something in return, at least potentially. The Arena is still open, so nip in to the club shop. If 100 people buy £10 worth of stuff, there's £1000 raised. Better still, if you can afford to, enter the Deluxe Prize Draw. If you already have, enter it again in your wife's name, or your kid's, or your Dad's. That's £100 for a year but with daily prizes you might win something back. If 100 people did this there's £10k going to the club right away.
  5. Cant knock a 2-0 win, but Newport were pish. Could and should have been more, considering the 2nd half was against 10 men. This was a real opportunity for a morale boosting 4 or 5-0 skelping, but instead the second half was a bit of a formality. Having said that, there were a couple more penalty shouts, one a definite handball that was bizarrely ignored. I fondly remember Ryan Inniss getting hooked early for Dundee against Queens in the cup replay at Palmerston last season, good to see him off early tonight too, looked a shocking challenge for his straight red.
  6. VAR would have stolen Aguero's goal on the big toe rule.
  7. Something like.... "Everything's the same, the DFB breaks it's word,Hopp is still a son of a whore" There's plenty here more informed than me who can elaborate further, but it's to do with fan ownership, and how Dietmar Hopp and Hoffenheim are exempt from the rule which prevents individuals owning more than 49% of a club.
  8. If it is then it's a daft rule, and must be conditional. Next available date is this Tuesday, plus there's plenty of occasions when teams hold off on arranging new dates, for example to wait and see how cup fixtures fall incase if they can get a weekend date instead of a midweek
  9. Aye, given the way the weather turned out today, maybe an early call off was common sense. What is not common sense though is rescheduling the game for March 17th, which will be the 3rd game at Stair Park in 8 days. I highly doubt all 3 will be on unless we get a week of warm dry weather before the first of them just 10 days away. Not going to happen, why is there a need to reschedule this game and the Montrose one for the first available dates?
  10. It was absolutely terrible, comically bad, the worst of the lot and that's saying something. I cant remember how the ball got in the box, but once it did (from their left, our right) it was in for an age. A few attempts at tackles and clearances got nowhere before eventually Kilday booted it against McGuffie and into the net. Should be well worth watching the highlights for any neutral looking for a laugh
  11. Hartson's raging! Sounds like he's fighting the tears. No a good night for the big man right enough
  12. Bet it would be if it was a Premier League game, a very cagey 0-0 or 1-0 relegation "6 pointer," not the crazy b*****d 4-4 the Championship can produce!
  13. Aye, dont have Sky and the computer is busy so no source of English Championship. Supposedly the two "best of the rest" in the English Prem, both are often a good watch, but it's been a massive disappointment, topped off with a VAR robbery. If Man City's ban holds up, I hope its Sheffield United that grab the extra Champs Lge space rather than either of these two.... based solely on tonight's let down.
  14. Aye, when it's a nice relaxed, leisurely paced pre-season friendly and you're sussing out the new players, new kit, trying to figure out who the triallists are.... Imagine that in the deep dark depths of winter!
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