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  1. This seems to be done pretty much everywhere. It was brought up on Off The Ball a while back asking how, when and why it started, nobody seemed to know. It's a nice wee bit of respect for people making the effort to support their team.
  2. Queens v Ross County

    Ah that makes sense, cheers. Ref got that one right too then, Jacobs did have a few bites. Agree with the comments about it being a good team performance. Dobbie was in some ways a lazy pick as MOM, although easily justified, but there were no weak links.
  3. Queens v Ross County

    5 yellow cards today, none of them for fouls - two dissent, two booting the ball away and Todd for denying a quick free kick to be taken. As you say, he was bad for both teams and both sets of players were frustrated by him. Aye great home debuts, Low especially seems a great signing, and what a way for Naysmith to mark his 100th game in charge!
  4. Queens v Ross County

    I missed the Ayr game so will have to say it's the best 1st half I've seen (other than Crusaders, but that's different) Dobbie looking sharp, Low exactly what was needed in the middle. Doyle took his goal well but imagine the damage Andy Stirling would be doing to Van Der Weg if he was let loose. Ref doing his best to ruin a good game. Michael Gardyne booked for saying what we were all thinking "ref just f*kkin let us play"
  5. Shit sorry! I guess they'll be gone now then. Thanks
  6. Don't suppose any of ye's know if Ayr still have any allocation left in the stand? I saw it was limited to 150. Cheers
  7. Annan v Elgin

    I agree with this, and would add that once Annan rode out that 5-10 minutes what you see in the highlights is a true reflection. Annan were already the better team before the sending off. The three upfront were threatening and the defence was solid throughout. OK the penalty could've changed things but it looked like justice was done as the guy had got his shot away anyway, didn't look like a pen. You could say it was only a matter of time before Annan sealed it, or they were risking getting punished for missing chances and not killing the game off, but it really didn't look like Elgin had the belief to equalise with 10 men and the 2nd goal was thankfully inevitable.
  8. I took that as a dig at Harkins
  9. Queens v Ayr

    From where I was it looked like Moffat was trying to play that across to Crawford rather than taking a shot, would certainly explain why he took so long over it. Did it look like a shot from your angle? Completely agree about Todd, it was the same at Alloa last week. The only player with the desire and ability to create from midfield. I was actually disappointed at the HT tactical change - Todd to the middle, Doyle to the right and Stirling to the left. It felt like a typically defensively minded change from Naysmith. Aye possession wise Ayr should've won, but a sharp Stephen Dobbie would have finished that 1 on 1 and Connor Murray's freekick was awfy close. Ayr would have been devastated if either had gone in, Queens would have held their hands up if Ayr had won.
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    It was a nice surprise to see Ahmed Aloulou's name on the team sheet yesterday, I completely missed he'd signed for you. I saw a lot of Futsal last season and he was one of the standout players. There's a few guys from from lower leagues in the futsal scene, and some really talented boys, but I wouldn't have expected any to jump straight into a Championship squad. It'll be interesting to see how he does if he gets some game time.
  11. Queens v Dunfermline

    I think Naymsith showed his mindset for today's game when he (quite rightly) took Frizzell off, but replaced him with Norman instead of Stirling. Awful weather, awful game. Dunfermline were the better side. Today's winners were the guys who had their bus cancelled and stayed at home.
  12. Eleven Sports

    Pish. They better not pull the plug midseason, I paid for the year upfront! I've not been able to watch many games, but I've been enjoying it. Next in will probably be DAZN. They're owned by the same folk that do the Opta and betting stats, already got a chunk of Europe covered including Germany & Italy, plus US & Japan
  13. Aye Freesports have had Libertadores games on all season. You're probabky right about Brazilian league games, there's been some cup games too
  14. Football Words

    "3 games in a week" Usually inaccurately used by a manager who's team played 2 games last week. Playing Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday is one game one week, two games the next. When a team is in Europe and plays every midweek and every weekend for a month their managers often complain about playing 3 games a week for a month, so that'd be 12 games, but no, it's 8 because you only played 2 games a week
  15. Here's an example. There's a new one on every page, different advertisers. What makes them worse is they're animated, some go right round the screen before settling. Thankfully they can be clicked off once they stop animating. I'm using Chrome on a Samsung (android) Maybe time to get the app right enough