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  1. Anyone been in Germany lately? Was in Berlin in Feb, pretty amazing how many places don't take card considering they'll supposedly ahead of us on so many things over there
  2. I was hoping it'd mean the EFL could finally move on and get the fixtures sorted, first games are a month tomorrow... ...but you make a good point about Sheffield Wednesday. Can't see Charlton keeping quiet, although they have their own problems to sort out.
  3. Before the 2nd leg games in the last round I read somewhere that Wolves had a great chance of winning the tournament because Solskjaer was going to use youngsters & fringe players. Erm, hang on... Wolves aren't playing Solskjaer's team, there's a good few others who could prevent them getting near winning the thing. Plus, this is hardly a fringe Man Utd lineup.
  4. Surely it's £2.5m per team is it no? So if a 20 man squad, an average of roughly £2400 a week for League 1, and £1442 a week for League 2. Still mad of course but not as extreme as you're thinking. Carlisle apparently operate well under the cap already.
  5. Yeah, they're the only two league teams in Cumbria, and they're in the same league now. Queen of the South v Stranraer is similar, over 70 miles apart but until Annan joined the league (and ignoring Gretna's brief thing) they were the only two league teams in Dumfries & Galloway.
  6. I don't see that happening unfortunately, the BBC seem to love it and think we do too. Just look at the graphic they choose in your TV guide -it's never an action shot, or even a picture of a ball, it's a lineup of their presenters & pundits, as if they're the most important aspect of the show. They filled lockdown with Lineker, Wright & Shearer doing their top 10s, which actually worked as a radio podcast but was never worthy of TV time. Saturday and Sunday night's MOTD are too long, no matter how many games they have to show. I never watch them "live" instead recording them and fast forwarding through the unnecessary chat.
  7. Has that been confirmed? I know it's expected but haven't seen anything solid about it either way
  8. In normal times, not really, but it's always interesting to see the fixtures on key dates like the first and last games of the season. In current times, yes, because it's another step closer to some sort of normality.
  9. Thanks. I would go from the Moffat side I think, save the Ettrick approach for a bigger round. Forecast to be shocking tomorrow, amazing on Friday. I'll maybe try at the weekend hoping Friday's heat will have dried out the damage done tomorrow. Alternative option is heading to Durisdeer for Wedder Law seeing as its basically track all the way, leaving the option open for some other Donalds if it's dry enough
  10. Was thinking of going for these later in the week for the exact same reason you mentioned here - the weather's been horrendous and I dont fancy bog hopping or mud sludging. How were these two for that once you were off the forestry roads, were they solid enough underfoot? Cheers
  11. Aston Villa survive by a point. Mind the 1st game back when goal line technology failed and bailed them out against Sheffield United?!
  12. Pickford-esque from Fabianski there. 'Mon the Hammers!
  13. and here's Barrow's away kit, using the same template as their home shirt (and Stranraer's) last season. Looks like it'd be alright for a few Scottish teams with a better sponsor, but it'll be all black on the back.
  14. Is this different sponsors/different sponsor logos on Home/Away/3rd shirts becoming a thing or is it just a few teams? I know Larry Barry Harry Kane is doing it for Leyton Orient and I'm sure I've seen someone else doing it too
  15. Got to Criffel summit in 42 minutes today, 1 minute slower than my Personal Best. Pleased with that considering it's awfy wet after the abuse from this week's weather and I had to do some numpty dodging. PB was set during lockdown when I had the hill to myself and it was as dry as it's ever been. It was too wet to make up time on my way down for the overall PB of 71 mins up & down, did it in 78 today. Here's this week's gratuitous digger shots. Really good progress made despite the weather. Nith estuary in the background of the 1st pic, Knockendoch and Loch Kindar in the 2nd
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