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  1. On the Goals Show it was hard to tell if he was playing at all, unless you recognised him. Never got a mention disappointingly
  2. Great to read all these comments about Hendry's performance. Very encouraging he's done so well on the big stage. I was busy so just had the Goals Show on in the background and he never got a mention. That was an absolute shocker of a decision. No common sense at all. If you're going to be daft about it, you could maybe say the momentum from the goalie's challenge was what caused the tiny touch by the attacker's hand, so if it's no goal it should be a pen. Nonsense though, Porto will feel robbed.
  3. Switched on the Besiktas game just before half time, forgetting it kicked off at 5.45 and not 6. Johnathan Pearce was commentating. They were playing a team in bright yellow who seemed to be called Jude Bellingham. Apparently Jude Bellingham scored the first goal for Jude Bellingham. I then witnessed a big blond fella scoring the 2nd. Apparently he was also called Jude Bellingham. Judging by the tone of the commentary it won't be long until Jude Bellingham wins the World Cup, defeats terrorism and cures cancer. Some team this Jude Bellingham. Off to Tiraspol for the 2nd half. Some debut from the Sheriffs.
  4. Good result, great 2nd half performance. Salford deserved to be at least level at half time, but not the way it happened. Looked like the tame shot should've been saved, but Magnus Norman had made an unbelievable save from a point blank header shortly before. Change of shape and a half time fire up worked wonders, Carlisle much better 2nd half. Lots of good performances but Mellish came out like a man possessed, pressing high, blocking, intercepting, bursting runs forward. Deserved his goal and MoM. Credit also to Kelvin Mellor on his debut at right back. Losing Tanner is a big blow, but fair enough at 300k and a move to the Championship, he's earned it. Mellor was excellent today though, definitely softens the blow if he plays like that every week. Salford weren't poor. Promising signs for Carlisle. Harrogate top, Hartlepool, Carlisle and Barrow 7th, 8th and 9th. Could be an interesting league this season.
  5. Thanks very much Swello, great info... I should be alright with the steepness, hopefully! As for alternatives, I'm not driven by ticking off Munros so would welcome any smaller suggestions elevation wise. I'm also targeting the Pap of Glencoe, but again that'll be another to save for a clear day rather than clag.
  6. As always, whenever I look in this thread I can't help but feel impressed, and feel the wanderlust pangs! Great pictures and tales of some epic hikes, well done boys. I'm looking for a wee bit of advice from the experienced fellas here. I'm up near Ballachulish for a few days next week, hoping the grey wet forecast is innacurate or at least leaves a window for me. Beinn a' Bheithir (Sgòrr Dhearg and Dhonull) is a target, what's your tales? Is the Schoolhouse ridge scramble a must, or not for me? There's an alternative route up Bheinn Bhan. I wouldn't go direct through the forest as I wouldn't want to miss the ridge from Sgòrr Bhan to Sgorr Dhearg. Bit of background - I'm in D&G so have no problems slogging through fields and forests, hill fitness is ok, but I don't have much experience at Munro level. I'm ok with hands on rock and am drawn towards exposure, but don't have the experience of an exposed scramble. For a fear level gauge, no chance I'm doing Aonach Eagach or Curved Ridge anytime soon, but if I was doing Ben Nevis I'd absolutely be taking the CMD Arete. Of course wet rocks and thick clouds might make the decisions for me, but what would you guys advise? Cheers
  7. £10 for Newcastle v Burnley next week. Fans still huffy with Ashley, doubt that'll sell out even at that price (jumps to £20 on the day of the game)
  8. I have to admit I kind of thought the ref booked the player for complaining. But that was an assumption based on the time it took to book him. I never actually saw anything like that. You could be right of course. Yeah booking him for complaining would make sense, given the time between the incident and the card being shown. Again fair enough. Even if it was 40/60 in favour of the keeper you'd still hope the attacking player would try to get there and would be disappointed if he pulled out. Just hope Rae's injuries aren't too bad.
  9. Is it just me or did it seem like the ref booked the player after seeing the damage to Rae's face? He gave the freekick to Queens instantly so I didn't suspect a penalty, but Im sure the physios were on before the card was shown. The way the Killie fans behind the goal reacted I thought for a minute he might've shown a red.
  10. Don't know for sure, but could be right. Won't be far of if it's not 20. Pros and cons here. Nditi was indeed excellent and kept Burke out of the game. However, Burke, or probably Tommy Wright, knew what they were doing bringing Burke deeper and more central, pulling Nditi with him and allowing space for Naismith to attack. Ally Roy was having to track back and although neither Burke or Roy were on the pitch when the goal scored, it obviously came from Naismith playing high up. Promising signs from Queens. Got in some good positions against a good side, both Paton and Nditi could've scored, and should've at least hit the target.
  11. There's a minimum requirement for number of homegrown players in a squad, both in the league and in Europe. Can't remember how many it is, but for some teams it's obviously significant enough to make them pay stupid fees for English players, and also sign reserve goalies they'll never use.
  12. Italy v Spain, Euro 2020
  13. Annan had away fans in against Queen of the South and Queens Park, and I think for a friendly too, so Galabank should be a safe bet for an away day
  14. I used to think along those lines too, but whilst Wednesday is the middle of the working week, ie Monday to Friday, Tuesday night is actually closer to the middle of the footballing week. 5pm Saturday to 7.30pm Tuesday is 74.5 hours. 9.30pm Tuesday to 3pm Saturday is 89.5 hours. Change the Tuesday to Wednesday and that becomes 98.5 and 65.5 hours. The exact middle of a footballing week with Saturday 3pm kickoffs would be 3am on a Wednesday, so Tuesday night games do make sense.
  15. Never mind the handball, that is truly woeful defending. As the commentary says, Maradona just walks away from Hoddle who has no interest in chasing, the next guy is half arsed at best, two defenders pretend to make an effort but don't really, then everyone just ignores the best player in the world jogging into the box before Hodge blindly plays the ball over his head into the most dangerous possible area. Finally handball or not, Shilton should not be getting out jumped by someone about a foot smaller than him. Glorious.
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