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  1. Did you see (hear) Chris Beech's interview after the postponement? You wouldn't think it's the league leading manager speaking. Sounds like he's wanting a pause to football, they're having an absolute nightmare even trying to train due to lack of available suitable facilities. 3 positive Covid cases were announced in that interview, and there's been more today. Next 3 fixtures are off (Mansfield A, Orient H, Forest Green H) Really wouldn't surprise me if the EFL followed the SFA in suspended everything below Championship
  2. At least if the arbitrary 30 seconds for each substitution and goal was followed we'd be getting somewhere, the vast majority of the time the added on time doesn't even cover that. There seems to be a default 1 minute at the end of the 1st half, 3 at the end of the second, no matter what has gone on. I wouldn't be surprised if at least a third of all games in Scotland follow that, except of course the 1st halves that end exactly on the 45, which also happens regularly and is obviously nonsense. Another bugbear is the lack of time added for time lost during added time. How many times do you see something like this... Board help up at 90 minutes shows 3. Ball goes out for goal kick at 90.22, substitution is made, slowly, goalie eventually kicks the ball at 91.53, ball in the air, team desperate to win the ball back commits a foul at 91.58, free kick is eventually taken at 92.46, ball goes out for a goal kick, losing side's keeper takes it as quickly as he can, ref blows for full time bang on 93.00 with barely 30 seconds of added time actually played. Thanks for sharing that, interesting to see it studied and evidenced rather than just our assumptions.
  3. Aye, but 2 hours before that picture was posted... Unintentionally misleading!
  4. Not very well apparently, game off. The picture accompanying the Zanzala announcement was obviously taken a few days ago, judging by the pictures posted a few hours later with the pitch covered in snow. Ethan Walker away back to Preston. Fast, tricky winger. Shame, looked a threat but got injured early so hardly played
  5. Hadn't thought of that, hope they don't. Ozzy Zanzala brought in from Crewe, was at Accrington before. Looks like a fast, powerful striker, should fit in well with Beech's style. Any idea how well hybrid pitches cope with the cold? Kickoff brought forward to 1pm tomorrow for the sake of travel and reducing the need for floodlights etc, but temps of -7 forecast overnight and into the morning might turn that into a bad idea.
  6. I've seen a lot of Carlisle this season. Reilly started well, worked hard and set up a few goals. He often got in good positions but missed a lot of chances, sometimes only just narrowly missing or even hitting the post a couple of times, but enough missed chances for him to lose his place. Carlisle have been in seriously good form so he couldn't get back in the team. He was a good option off their bench, but without meaning to sound harsh, I don't think they'll miss him unless they get a couple of injuries upfront. If he doesn't score early for Livi I'd worry about his confidence, but the work rate and desire is there, hope he does well.
  7. Gav Reilly away but Rhys Bennett contract extended til the end of the season. This is massive, he clearly should be at a higher level. Story goes he had an unreal deal (Championship I think) in the summer pulled at the last minute because his potential new club had to cut back due to Covid. Chris Beech had worked with him before so managed to convince him to come to Carlisle when he was left without a club. He signed til January and was straight into the first team when Rod McDonald got injured, and straight into top form. When a team like Carlisle does well it's inevitable higher ranked clubs come sniffing around, so to get both Beech and Bennett to stay on is great business and a real show of intent
  8. Carlisle manager's quote suggests he could be.... “An opportunity presented itself to allow him to go into an environment where he’s consistently done well and scored goals, and by doing the same again he will set himself into a good position for future seasons." Reilly mentioned being close to home as a major factor in signing for Carlisle in the first place. He's been unlucky there, worked hard and got himself in great positions regularly, but narrowly missed most of them, then found himself on the bench with an in form team ahead of him. Would be typical though, desperately need defenders and sign a striker.
  9. Josh Todd too, although with a few more steps inbetween right enough
  10. As pleasing as that win was at the weekend, it was somewhat expected. Stevenage are guff, definite relegation contenders, and Carlisle were due a convincing home win that didn't involve a late fightback. Tomorrow night against Mansfield will be a much tougher test. A glance at the league table doesn't tell the story, Mansfield have been decent and hard to beat since Nigel Clough came in. 8 home wins from 9 so far though, hard not to get excited!
  11. I was there, great night. It really was a great feeling when that 1st goal went in, it wasn't just a normal cheer for a normal goal, it was months worth of missing out, frustrations and relief all roared together with a huge appreciation for the performances of the team so far this season. Salford were pre-season favourites with some big players on big money for League 2, but Carlisle were far better last night. At first it looked as if the home fans might not actually be an advantage as a lot of Carlisle's players looked nervous, but they soon settled and some were clearly lifted by the crowd, particularly George Tanner at RB who was immense - kept Salford's two best players quiet and was a constant attacking threat. The first goal had been coming after 6 or 7 blocked shots, but the timing of the 2nd one was fortunate. Salford had missed a good chance then had a goal disallowed that looked like an unnecessary offside live, but he looks on in the highlights. 2 minutes later Omari Patrick bursts forward, gets a freekick, cross, header, goal. Good times at Brunton Park, it's a really good young squad with good leadership and experience added from Alessandra and Bennett, plus some real depth. All the subs last night could be considered good enough to be starting regularly, and it says something that when promising youngster and early player of the season contender Callum Guy goes off injured he's replaced with a current international in Dean Furman. Onwards and maybe even, dare we say it... upwards
  12. It's because Tierney plays that position almost every week for Arsenal, left side of a back three (or left centre in a back 5 if you prefer.) Robertson never does and never has as far as I know, and is usually spending more time attacking than defending with Liverpool, so playing Tierney inside and Robertson wider and further forward keeps them closer to what they're used to week in week out
  13. Don't watch much late night Europa League highlights then I take it? I'm talking Lokomotiv Plovdiv v FK Carrier-bag style here. It's the hipsters' choice, all the kool kids are doing it.
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