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  1. Would explain why the Nithsdale management have quit.
  2. Who are the teams? Possibly trying to get as many grass pitch games in summer/autumn time before they've a good chance of being called off in winter.
  3. I believe they lost Hogg to Dalbeattie too. Arguably their 3 best players from last season away if it's true about Dodo
  4. Tuesday July 2nd Dumfries Athletic vs Heston Rovers (7pm @ Maryfield Park) Just a heads up that his is incorrect as Dalbeattie Star host Heston Rovers at Islecroft that night
  5. I believe the player in question played in all the rounds leading up to the final which would mean all those teams would be entitled to be reinstated back into the cup. Given that we're well into May there's probably not enough time and match days left to effectively start one half of the draw from scratch without it quickly turning into a farce.
  6. Congratulations to Kevin Sommerville and Mid Annandale on their WDFA Cree Lodge Cup 2018/19 win.
  7. Can't blame either team if they agreed to play it at a later date. Who wants to play a football match on the 29th December when it's freezing and everyone wants to go out on the lash!?
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