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  1. Leafa

    Regardless of if they do or not. If he’s retired from a top senior non league side, naturally a top amateur team is a smart move. So I don’t even think money would be needed to convince u to sign for Sandy’s.
  2. Leafa

    Don’t know if it’s a bam up or not. Penicuiks top scorer last year.
  3. East Region Superleague

    This a windup [emoji6] I can never tell on this
  4. Leafa

    Just seen this on twitter. No messing around from Sandy’s, was very hard to play against last year [emoji1303]
  5. Leafa

    I’m not amazing myself mate I just like the forum but nothing wrong when the boys have banter.
  6. Leafa

    Cheers. Who’s the favourites for each league then?
  7. Leafa

    Is there an official list of all the Saturday teams. Such as leagues they’re in etc
  8. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I seen the pavilion but was told that they’ve been flooded for some time so the players went to a sports centre a good 10 minute drive away
  9. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Pitch looks good quality. Having to get in a car for players to Change 10 minutes from pitch not ideal. Having no hot food or toilets available for spectators not ideal. Best of luck to them but a lot of work needed done when I watched a game up there.
  10. U20s league

    Hopefully West Lothian club can stay in eos dev league as there’s not much routes into senior football for young people from that area , all the best with that and will need to take a game in sometime.
  11. Glenrothes juniors

    I’m unsure of facts but if anyone has seen kelty hearts u20s this year who have won their conference. I have to say its a good move for the club. These younger players will come from a good background with hunger and desire, also probably wanting less money than an experienced eos/junior player as well. I think with the way their season has went this could be a shining light and shows the clubs looking at long term future rather than just fielding a team. Seems sensible and good luck to them with that. Rather than spending money on ex players instead developing people who maybe aren’t quite ready for kelty first team but showed enough potential to play at a good level in the first place.
  12. U20s league

    What teams will all be entering an under 20s team between here and lowland and any idea of the setup? Watched a few games last season and a fair few very decent quality compared to the lower rated eos teams
  13. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    A few of my mates have been playing for these clubs, and some not all still pay pretty decent wages this season, so immediately some clubs are okay but can’t predict the future on if this is sustainable or not.
  14. Best away days

    I’d visit whitehill welfare’s Ferguson Park this year
  15. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    The final on Friday night was very good between Livingston and Thornton, I do prefer EOS set up but there were a few hundred fans, the teams both had quality player. The match also had drama and excitement, both teams could go two to two with most eos teams this year, even the big guns would need to work hard to break them down having seen a lot of EOS games. I think the ERJFA will work localised as there’s more chance of reaching the Senior Scottish cup than ever before. Also lochee did not disgrace in junior cup as they were beaten by a very good talbot side in the semi.