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  1. The highlights of that game will be the first 40 seconds and thats it. Terrible viewing. Anyway 3 points in the bag, onto my second cold can of victoria bitter. Mon the Fife. -SS
  2. Shite weather. Shite game. Great result. Agreed. Davidson was the best player today by a mile, every second ball he was his and his use of the ball was a lot better than usual. Lucky not to go a goal down earlier with that Leitch sitter which was previously mentioned. Great 3 points!
  3. Well that was far from the greatest spectacle yesterday however 3 points is 3 points! Very lack lustre in front of goal, should have put the game beyond doubt. Hope to see Morrison start Tuesday night, looks nippy and could be that creative spark out wide that we have been missing. Luckily for us they had next to nothing in terms of attacking presence. Nevertheless massive 3 points seeing that Airdrie won and Montrose are still up our erses. Mon the fife, SS
  4. 100% Murdoch should go up into midfield, great energy and loves a tackle. Too much defensive responsibility left to Davidson playing with Agnew. Agnew playing off the striker would mean the team could stay 442(11). Playing off Dowds would be my choice, not sure what others may think. Very interested to see the line up on Saturday. Hated that weekend with no football, didn't know what to do with myself! -SS
  5. Agree with most of the comments about yesterdays game. Felt Fife controlled the game although not doing much with it in the final third- Wallace seems to spend most his time on the wings, would be nice to see him on the receiving end of a cross rather than taking them- look what happens when he did in the last minute of the game, almost a goal! Big dowds looked superb coming on, would be excellent if he showed that aggression consistently. Hats off to Pat as well today, johnstone on the wing for them has potential to cause real problems. Frustrating first goal to lose as both higgins and watson dealt very well with Goodwillie all game limiting him to a few shots from distance in the first half. Heres hoping Dunlop into CB, Watson to RB and Murdoch to CM will help Davidson in the middle and allow aggy to concentrate on attacking. Never too down with a loss! -SS
  6. Been a while since I posted. Happy New Year Fifers!! Real shame we could not keep the momentum of our last two away games going in the derby but hay ho. Raith were the better team on the day simple as, the midfield looked more comfortable on the ball than we did, their formation suited the game better with ours leaving too wide a gap between the lines. Most of the goals avoidable too, be it an individual mistake or poor recovery from an attacking position and getting caught on the counter. Im sure Darren will watch the game plenty times over and react accordingly. Brilliant effort from the team to be where they are in the league at this stage with only 3 defeats! Here's hoping the second half of the league brings us more wins and less draws! Mon the Fife, SS.
  7. Very disappointing yesterday. Criminal to lose after being 3-1 up- simply game management. All 4 goals avoidable too, individual errors... none of the 4 were BSC carving Fife open. Goal 1: Slack pass and lazy defending from CB's, Goal 2: Not tracking runner at long throw, Goal 3: Wild tackle for no reason for the penalty, Goal 4: GK flaps and the players do not react. Hope my memory is serving me right ** They were aggressive and energetic- something which the Fife team should have more than been able to match, letting our quality separate the sides. Unfortunately there were just too many players not up for the fight. Said it after the Cowden game- never too high after a win never too low after a lose (even though this was a shi**er). The team needs us to get behind them, hopefully i'll make it along on Tuesday to do just that! Mon the Fife -SS
  8. Great win yesterday- showed a very professional attitude to put the poor ending of the first half behind them before completely dominating Dumbarton in the second half. Thought Denholm was terrific, an old fashioned winger performance, good to see him playing with confidence as he always gets himself down whenever he makes mistakes. 1/2 the way there with regards to me wishing Long and Watson getting back in the team- superb from Watson at RB, him and Murdoch complimented each other well, he added the attacking threat from RB which Murdoch doesn't do too much. Still would love to see Long in however Hart is performing week in week out. Well done to Slattery getting his position back too! Mon the Fife! -SS
  9. Fair to say I wont be rushing back to watch the highlights of yesterdays game, severe lack of quality from both teams throughout the 90- with the exception of Boyd's lovely little drop of the shoulder before his goal. Plenty of players I can't remember having a touch of the ball or even a tackle, thought the team would have been up for the occasion a little more! Still undefeated I suppose, so can not grumble too much. Lets start getting them wins under our belt Fife! SS
  10. Derby Day lads! Should be a cracker, both teams to score, over 3 goals and an EF win would be my bet- as long as we come back with the 3 points i'll be a happy chap. SS
  11. Good getting another 3 points on Saturday but we don't half like making it hard for ourselves. The game should have been done by half time, again, just like the Stranraer game. Fluffing chances early doors will cost us important points over the season- here's hoping the lads start converting more and killing games off, taking the pressure off our often shaky defence and letting us fans relax in the second half! Still would love to see Long and Watson back in however it is understandable from DY's POV to keep an unbeaten, even though not so glamorously, side. Onto next week anyway, Mon The Fife!! SS
  12. A respectable point given the way the game went although the winless streak v Dumbarton continues- would love to get that monkey off our backs! The crowd was pretty damn rubbish to be honest, very very sparse on both sides of the stand. Would have thought given the teams position in the league there would be excellent crowds at every home game! Team was excellent going forward, Dunsmore playing with a real confidence right now.. took him 20 mins or so to get going but when he did he was a right handful. Wallace done great linking play, always looking to get on the ball however would love to see both Dowds and him in the box more often as crosses kept being put in with no-one on the receiving end! Definitely the worst we have looked at the back since the first 15 of the Hearts game. A better striker would have had a field day. Ironically the only defender not having a poor game (Slattery) was taken off! Take the point and defeat-less streak into next weeks very tough match... Mon the Fife, SS
  13. Superb! Well deserved, the team has been great. Scoring goals, creating chances and harrying teams... great to watch. Only improvement could be clean sheets, splitting hairs but that is what is needed to still be up near the top of the table come end of season! Let's keep the momentum going on Saturday in Angus. Mon the Fife! SS
  14. Very disappointing performance last night, not much energy about the team in the first half- better in the second but their second goal came at a bad time. Higgins, Hunter, Watson and McConville only ones with pass marks for me. Wide players offered zero as did the front two- I think the instant impact of Dowds on the pitch highlighted this. Anyway, never too low at a loss and never too high at a win! Heads up and lets move on... SS
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