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  1. The Rawlins got control because we have 2 apathetic main shareholders in SA & MR who believe they can pass the buck to whoever to run their show -as long as it facilitates them hanging around like a bad smell. Lex was guilty of badgering deans into taking the role and he took some persuading . It’s unfair of SA & MR to expect a shadow board to do their dirty work without any real experience , or compensation . Rawlins is a smart guy but he is probably regrets getting involved in what is fast becoming Scottish footballs leading shit show!
  2. There is not a great deal of difference in the players in Scotland outside of the SPL what makes the difference is tactics, motivation fitness and overall club management . From what I witnessed yesterday I can saw a huge difference in the performances from Sammon & Durnan much fitter and better since stepping up to part time . The tactical advantage of only having 30 mins on a Thursday night in the pub to discuss the opposition was also clear fall all to see. Alloa players clearly motivated by wee Barry,s in depth technical knowhow responded well to his 10 min pre- match chat . However the main advantage Alloa had was the support from the chairman who also doubles up as bus driver, chief executive, groundsman, scout , and director of football. He does this in his spare time after working a 60 hour week running his business. Fitba is a simple game played best by idiots complicated by well meaning businessmen who think it’s a business.
  3. Get Ernie on the park up front - might not be his best position but he is a quality player with skill touch , and strength. From what ive seen so far he would cause mayhem in this league. No point of having a guy like him on the bench launch the new baptie sooner rather than later !
  4. No doubt but as long as they pay their money they can give that opinion laldy We all think we know better than the next guy.
  5. If we haven’t signed a striker we could do worse than sticking Ernie up top with Keena at least for part of the match 6.4” with silky skills will cause them more problems than any other option we have !
  6. Rawlings rightly rejected the cash as it would have derailed his plan. In business the man in control calls the shots and he got in first. IMO I’d rather have one guy that knows what he’s doing than 10 guys remortgaging their homes to stick their nose in . As admirable as their intent was be honest it would be a lot safer for them if they did not put their cash in as it’s almost certain they would lose the lot. There is no money to be made out with the old firm by owning football club shares in Scotland. Ask Martin Richardson how his involvement went from an investment perspective .
  7. If they need investment and things are on the up they will have a successful share issue to raise more cash. ( He has already alluded to the fact that he wants to raise funds from the support using such a scheme ) You need to trust in Rawlings experience to execute a plan to prepare us for the next level. My advice to you is to get yer rattle out and cheer the boys on and leave the finances to the guys in charge .
  8. Unity is critical - as long as the MSG keep their noses out and the 50 guys with their 10 k keep their hands in their pocket we will continue to progress. The key is that all the guys say they love going to work at the stadium. Off the park we are witnessing a welcome change resulting in much improved player recruitment - Everything seems finally to be moving in the right direction . Get on board !
  9. Yeah he’s got fifty mates who are all going to put in 10k - !
  10. Sorry for me he was very poor and the only failure amongst the new guys . The new Crawford baptiie in midfield was superb tonight and should walk straight into the first 11
  11. Small minds small brains probably small salaries jobs and ambition . Both sides of that divide have nothing to do with football or community and the main reason they attach themselves to the bigot bros is to feel part of something powerful and successful because they realize they are destined for none of that on a personal level.Sad reflection on scottish culture and sport - get it up the lot of them !
  12. Disagree - it’s way too early to write Dowds off. We are playing a different style this season and he has enough of a football brain to fit into that style and both score and create goals . The main thing he needs to do is lose half a stone and sharpen up and that doesn’t take any coaching time it’s just about his application and his desire . Unfortunately I don’t know anything about his character or determination . In his case it’s these factors that will determine e whether he will succeed or fail at this level . Overall he has the potential to play in the championship and there is a long list worse than him who have played for us at that level .
  13. Is that a target or a limit for saturday
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