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  1. Yip the Rawling investment plan is all about first confirming the price they pad as the new level ( inviting fans to buy is a simple way of doing so ) - if fans can afford to do so donating some cash is a good way to support the club . However the club have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable who shouldn’t mix up donation with investment .
  2. Who will care are the employers of the majority of players in our league. I’m not sure if they will provide extra time off work to have more than one midweek game. It’s looking more and more likely this season could be cancelled for part time teams .
  3. I just want to get back to watching football again on a Saturday . Let’s face it it would be great to be in the premiership and we will achieve that one day I’m sure . In the interim we just need to enjoy playing whoever irrespective of how shore we are . Yes we have our problems and they have been well documented on here but like Roman Bairn said we are all pissed of with the negative stuff— let’s just get back to playing fitba and supporting the team .
  4. I would have preferred Presley as DOF - good eye for a player
  5. How many other clubs out there have a separate board from the main owners , a director of football , a stadium with double the number of seats they need two managers 20 full time players no a decent right back 5000 patient fans and all this despite not having a victory against another full time team this season !
  6. Think that’s stretching it a bit - in his interview he said that a director of football role wasn’t something he had thought about and this may have come a bit early but...... Clearly he was shown the door by Livi after a really bad run of form had seen them become relegation candidates. Let’s hope he succeeds in his new role but we now have two managers and a director of football to pay for in league 1 - none of whom have a history of success =madness!
  7. He was out of work - no longer wanted by Livingston he was given the option to resign. being out of work he needed a job. Getting a decent job in Scottish if your an ex coach is difficult so it’s no surprise he jumped at the chance to be our director of football. He interviewed better than I thought he would and deserves a chance to make an impact . My concern is that his statement that he had taken Livingston as far as he could now looks ludicrous given their form since he left. On reading Martin Ritchies book their is an obvious pattern of passing the buck - forming new boards appointing chief executives or directors of football( all without ownership to take on the thankless task of the day to day running of the club . A quick look at where the real ownership still sits even after Rawlings bizzare but welcome ‘investment’ shows that nothing much has changed - I hope I’m wrong but it seems to me it’s all just papering over the cracks and those holding the equity still make the key decisions the result of which has been an unmatched decline in fortune.
  8. To be honest it’s long overdue. Unfortunately the game has been fucvked for some time. When you can throw in a few bob and take teams like Gretna and Ross county into the premier league it’s a bit of an embarrassment to the game overall. Alloa and arbroath being in the league above us highlights just how far we’ve fallen. It would certainly be a better spectacle to have the better supported teams doing well and maybe the premier B professional league is the answer and possibly the only way we can get back into the “elite” as the succession of well minded incompetents who have tried to do so by footballing means is never ending . im not taking any thing away from the Ross counties and alloa fans it must be a great when you can punch above your weight. I and 5000 others long for that day when it’s our turn
  9. Football has been on hold at Falkirk for a decade!
  10. Wouldn’t be appropriate but it was from a source who has a son on the board - and one I trust
  11. I understand it’s win on Saturday or they walk . Now not sure what result I want ?
  12. We need to have our director. Of football in place soon . It’s pretty clear that the current management team like many before them don’t have good enough player identification skills . Player recruitment is critical you could have Pep G coaching hall Miller Todd Mercer Sammon dowds leitch etc and it would make feck all difference. They are just too ordinary I’m afraid . Why on earth don’t we give laverty a chance bringing on Miller with 5 mins to go on Saturday made me spew up my pie. Fear of taking a chance is not a trait of a winning management team.
  13. Yip I suspect the “board “are just another attempt at creating a management vehicle for the MSG who are hanging around like a bad smell. Deans is competent but as a manager not as an owner who demands not hopes for success . Look across the Forth to alloa to see how to run a club that punches above its weight. How many accountants do you need to calculate who holds the majority of the shares .
  14. Enough said ! the new board need to be brave and back themselves and get there own guy in !
  15. So do I but I can’t take any more of this !
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