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  1. That’s why he has that cash - people like him will never give anything away if they can help it . It’s not in their DNA . Remember he is not investing in Falkirk to make the fans like him . Remember wee Fergus what a job he did for the scum yet they all booed him when they raised the premier league flag in their updated ground . !
  2. It does concern me and I applaud their motive if not their timing ! The issue is we have been run by “ fans” since as long back as I remember ( other than the deans and Fulton ) and sadly the only real success was with these chancers at the helm . No fan owner has had real money or more importantly a plan for success that was viable. Now I’m not right behind the Rawlins but they strangely give me some hope they will lead us back to the premier league , and after 10 years of torture I’m prepared to give them time to breathe and sort out the mess that is our club. I don’t have the answers but ; What I do know is that Rawlins was actively seeking an investment in an underperforming Scottish club for some time , he has already transferred his shareholding into a business he jointly owns with an experienced sports agency lawyer and he has both the cash ( $35 million net worth allegedly) and the experience in football to make me think there is a good chance that whatever his plan is he will succeed. Now he’s not going to pump money in to get us out of this league as he figures probably correctly we should walk it this year if he gets the right people in place . Maybe come January if we need a lift he will do something. I will hold my hand up if I’m wrong but I think at least in the short term he will deliver success. Fingers crossed!
  3. Rawlings would never ever accept that deal . No control , + he has to invest more Nuts ! . Why on earth the “ investors thought that would have any chance is beyond me . Rawlins is a business man first and only has an affinity to the club because of his existing investment he is not and never will be a supporter in the true sense.
  4. I’m still in the camp that they current board ( really rawlins ) need to be given a chance to demonstrate their value . To be fair they like most of us they would have expected to go up last year . Now that we have not they need to pause and rethink their strategy . Expecting them to set out exactly what their plans are is a bit naive and not likely to happen as I’m sure that their plan gets a bit to close to for comfort to the SFA rules around ownership and players agents rules. So we are going to get politician type answers at any fans meeting irrespective of the questions asked. Anyway it’s unlikely the type of players they want to trade in are suited for league 1 so it’s jobbers for now and fingers crossed we can progress. Personally I think Sheerin is a good appointment and the players signed seem an upgrade on last years crap. If I were rawlins I would also knock back the 600 k investment if it meant I was giving up or sharing control . Remember they said they’d looked at a few clubs before they decided on falkirk ( so it’s pretty evident they have a plan ) Now that they have set that plan in motion they are not going to scupper it because a few fans want to steer their ship they got at a great price . They are sharp cookies and although they may only be using us as a vehicle we potentially stand to benefit as they NEED us to be in the premiership to make anything. Personally I’d rather back that horse for now than fans with no plan chucking in 6ook ( which they would certainly lose ) If Rawlins is as smart as I think he is he will ride out the fans forum ( he’s been there before ) and get a winning team on the park to do his talking . Let’s give them 2 months to convince us we are back on track .
  5. Shame he excelled in his role . Will be a difficult act to follow .
  6. To be fair the guy is a fan and a volunteer , he is trying his best ( within a very limited ability) and is on a hiding to nothing .In my opinion he is just a slightly more capable secretary than his predecessors. I expect Phil & Chesty will run rings round him and leave him to take the flak if it all goes tits up ( pardon the pun ) Rather sad really but whatever possessed him to enter that world with out the cash to buy shares or the experience to succeed only he knows.
  7. Don’t worry Chesty Morgan is coming over for the first game of the new season. Expect lots of pre match entertainment US style . A Colorado style cook out in the car park , Cheerlleaders & complimentary bog rd popcorn on your seat!
  8. And let’s have chesty Morgan modeling it.
  9. In my opinion there is very little difference in the player ability or standard of play between league 1 or championship clubs in Scotland. Basically most of the players are shite and iincapable of performing at a higher level.. Because the wages are so low it’s arguable there is more talent in the part time pool as it’s probably the only way to make a decent living at that level.. I We have had some great part timers in the past maybe we should be considering that route as an option now.
  10. The Rawlings variant is rumored to be arriving soon
  11. If that’s the case what happened to the proceeds from the sale of brockville?
  12. Do we really want to take another former player back - remember Loy and Alston - just a thought it rarely works second time round ( with the exception of Crunchie that is
  13. The attraction is not what the club can make it’s the % of agency fees that can be banked over their future career that is the target
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