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  1. No names but I understand mcglynn has agreed to take 3 from Raith and is confident of signing a further 2 from England .
  2. My team tbh but I'd swap Parks with Marshall Sammy McGivern your having a laugh he was out of his depth when we moved up to the Premier League. Great servant and super effort but was a headless chicken until Simon partnered him and set up a few goals that boosted his form especially that hatrick at Airdrie. IMO Lee Miller , Farid, Taylor Jonny graham were all streets ahead of Sammy.
  3. Sadly the problem with Falkirk is not the managers or players we gone through it’s the guys that own the club that have got to go. Apparently SandyAlexander values the. Club at 1.5 million ffs. Until they go and we have one main shareholder with skin in the game I fear we will dither around the lower leagues for another ten years. Appointing puppet boards has been a disaster for us and as well meaning as they are the latest incumbents are just playing football manager. The MSG know the problem and should offer their shares for a knock down price of 2 or 300 k . Move over if you are real fans guys this pantomime about who the next manager is and what success he could have is the same shit we’ve heard for ten years.
  4. QP have only lost 5 this year we can’t win 2 in a row so I agree whilst it’s not insurmountable it ain’t happening . We looked like a shire team from yesteryear today playing in white in front of a small crowd in a dreary town with a ramshackle stadium . How the Fock we have come to this I don’t know. I heard today that one Scotlands top prospects (one of our directors grandsons plays for Rangers but is being courted by the likes of Man City) Whilst I can’t blame the lad it just about sums the club up for me ie about as much commitment from top to bottom as P&O had to their staff. Say one thing and do another. I’m done for this season now time to get the golf clubs out !
  5. A few years ago I joked that we were the new third lanark if the MSG did not give up and gtf. I’m beginning to wonder if that may come to pass! The common thread re our demise is the lack of ownership by the guys given the short straw to make key decisions. Managers have come and gone since Houston and yet we go from bad to worse . If SA and MR are true fans then they need to realize this and donate their shares to the fans. Group -SA needs to stop taking cash from the south Stand at least until we are in the premiership( if ever) as his white elephant is simply not needed. Sadly after nearly 60 years of following the team home and away I’m on the verge of giving up . I don’t blame the current managers he was dealt a hand that made keeping up his record of turning teams round almost impossible.
  6. You must be ducking mad Jocky Scott was a bad enough suggestion but these two numpties would only guarantee more disaster. We need to stop appointing more & more managers and look internally to find the source of the problems at our club . There is something very wrong at the heart of the club !
  7. Probably best explained by the fact there are Lots of sheep around Larbert Meh!
  8. His attempt at punching the ball away away for the second goal was powderpuff pathetic - think he got about 8 yds on it before it was smashed into the net . He caused that goal IMO or at least set it up ! He needs to go !
  9. Martin is not commanding enough. He may become a better keeper but Rennie has decided to plug that gap first as the defense has no confidence in him and he’s costing us points .
  10. It’s absolutely our number one issue Martin is throwing them in every week.
  11. Well for what it’s worth today we decided not to pursue DGW any further as irrespective of any other issue Clyde we’re playing hardball and wanted too much cash. We are now focused on getting a new goalkeeper to replace Martin who is simply not good enough . Our next signing will be his replacement .
  12. I said pre season that dowds should be in our team . It was pretty obvious that he has talent albeit he had been injured and was not at peak fitness. Every team needs a target man at times but Dowds offers great link up play as well as he has a good football brain. Something that Sheerin, Holt and Deans obviously lack given they sanctioned the loan deal in the first place . Note for future if Dick Campbell wants one of your players on loan - take a second look he doesn’t miss much!
  13. I suspect the level of objections on social media has spooked the board into organizing this poll. Their position is difficult given the recent clusterfucks from the previous regime. The offer was around 30k the idea being to reinvest the saving on Holts salary & compo . The idea was sound but they are v concerned they have misjudged the gentrified support.( ie the ones most likely to invest in the club ) Clyde have knocked us back anyway so I’m suspect we will cut & run and look for an alternative .
  14. I know for certain a bid was made and also Clyde knocked it back - straight from the horses mouth !
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