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  1. It would be madness for us to let Calumn Morrison go unless it's mental money. We simply aren't going to get better. He frustrates me as much as the next fan but he's one of the main guys we rely on. Even Burrell etc have plenty bad days. We are in league 1, we won't get anyone better. Unfortunate that Hogarth is away, He done a decent job, my only criticism is perhaps a bit dodgy with near post shots but overall excellent. We were all OK with PJ at start of season so let's back him. He had a bit of a ropey game against qots but he's only just come back, let's give him a run before making our minds up.
  2. Think this is the best thing for us at the moment. Didn't fancy us to go there and win. Alloa were poor in the 1st half against us at home but we caught them cold and by time they got their act together it was too late although they did have chances. We are toiling and maybe a welcome break.
  3. Another bad one for McGlynn. How long until questions are asked?
  4. The board sympathisers don't want to hear it but McGlynn is badly underperorming and the table shows it. The football on show may appear slightly better but league position it's just more of the same. Some fans say give him time, I say James fucking McPake is grinding out results at Dunfermline and fair play to them.
  5. Gary Oliver has been mediocre for years and that's exactly the player we have. The love in with Henderson can't continue. Not blaming him overall but for every good thing he does, he also makes either makes a mess or does his best to make a mess of it several times a game. Donaldson is the solid one at the back. Mr Best player in league 1 McGinn has also went compeltely missing the last few games. We aren't suddenly going to go on a title winning great run of form. We are going to be fooled 1 week with a great performance, disappointed the next and then left frustrated the next. We can mock Pars style but they're going up.
  6. After Saturday I wouldn't be fussed about seeing Kennedy playing for us again. Looked like he wanted to be the hero which then lead to indecision and losing the chance on a couple of occasions.
  7. Not looking to offend and I spend a fortune taking family away but I'm not looking for that sort of recognition. O just can't believe how far we've fallen.
  8. You're exactly the problem. We should be going up there and getting 3 points. Don't come crying to me when we've had 1 too many bad results at the end of the season and still stuck down here as dunfermline shitfest their way to the title.
  9. Jesus christ, Michael Gardyne, Scottish version of Ronaldo.
  10. Genuinely can't believe what I'm reading. Decent draw against Montrose? Everyone loving howthe last few weeks have went but suddenly a draw away to Montrose is great. It really isn't good enough if we want to win the league. Dunfermline getting lucky but getting results none the less. How far have we fallen.
  11. We should have nicked it. Montrose are organised and solid but we blew so many chances and as a montrose man says earlier, that was a penalty on Kennedy.
  12. The problem is everything is starting to look good(not amazing) on the park and as long as things are going well there football fans can be an easily satisfied bunch. Then grenades are thrown in out of nowhere. Now let's have it right, that email has essentially called 90% of the fanbase, lesser fans than the super 10%. Whether they like it or not that is just as bad as previous board incidents and can't be ignored. Whether it was meant or not by current or previous boards, this sort of them and us idea is simply not on and has to change.
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