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  1. worth getting him in for a look nothing to lose.
  2. Would Queens not be worth taking a look at Muir from Annan? Watched their game on sat he could do a job I think,
  3. Annan Athletic v Peterhead

    Tommy Muir took both goals well. Really starting to look a player.
  4. Keeper on lookout for club. May coach

    Whats your name?
  5. Dykes is well overrated in my opinion. Hes a striker and hardly scores any goals.
  6. Falkirk v Queens

    3-1 Queens Dobbie hat trick
  7. Totally agree Sergio. Although they had a great result at weekend. big test next game with a trip to Lochar Thistle.
  8. Top 6 predictions

    Bonnyton have some great young players. What has happened to the Kerr boy this season? Doesn't seem to be scoring as regularly as last year.
  9. Mon the saints

    How is Craig a top manager? What did he do at Saints? They are now a lot worse than they were when he first took over. You talk absolute drivel.
  10. Fixtures

    That would require some common sense. The people that run the league have very little of that. Absolute shambles.
  11. Heston rovers

    Ridiculous. Craig Fraser has taken them backwards.
  12. The Binos v The Galabankies

    Got two last week as well just saying its nice to see him back amongst the goals.