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  1. Top 3

    What a ridiculous thing to say.
  2. Queens v Morton

    Very confused by that formation last night. McGrath looked well out of his depth.
  3. Has Dobbie not been given player of the year yet? Whats the hold up?
  4. Top 3

    Think you are right SaintMan. Same old story for Lochar....start like a house on fire but cant keep a team together.
  5. Top 3

    Their goalie
  6. Team of the Season

    Agree with that and possibly big Goss from Vale would have a shout. Would like to see Anderson and Goss play up tops together.
  7. Top 3

    Lochar have absolutely no chance of finishing 3rd. Missing their only 2 quality players.
  8. worth getting him in for a look nothing to lose.
  9. Would Queens not be worth taking a look at Muir from Annan? Watched their game on sat he could do a job I think,
  10. Annan Athletic v Peterhead

    Tommy Muir took both goals well. Really starting to look a player.
  11. Keeper on lookout for club. May coach

    Whats your name?
  12. Dykes is well overrated in my opinion. Hes a striker and hardly scores any goals.
  13. Falkirk v Queens

    3-1 Queens Dobbie hat trick