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  1. Holt till the end of the season but not beyond that as I think he is only marginally better than M+M in the dugout then I would hope the club would perhaps speak to Darren Young at East Fife as an option. My other suggestion a few months ago was shot down in flames so I won’t go back to it. (Neil McCann).
  2. So the only options realistically are M+M till the end of the season or bin them and let Holt take the reigns. What an absolute state we are in. Holt in my view has no managerial attributes whatsoever, done nothing to disprove this but M+M are the two clowns who put those 11 headless chickens out there today who had no idea what they were meant to be doing or had any passion for the shirt so we are generally fucked and this league beckons for a 3rd year. No wonder I drink.
  3. Oooft, Taylor Morgan was a special kind of shite. Couldn’t run, head, tackle, shoot, cross, jump but apart from that was a good acquisition.
  4. What was Lee Miller all about when he came on. Looked like he was pished and wanted to kick everyone and start a fight. Thought the commentary was ok last night tbf unfortunately they were a second in front of the play and the camera was 3 seconds behind the play. That’s bad news if Holt is helping out, he has never been a manager in my book. Taxi please for M+M before it’s too late if it isn’t already!!
  5. Holt won’t be approached by Killie. What has he done in management to attract any suitors? There are far better candidates out there in Robinson and Wright for example who have far bigger credentials.
  6. I really hope Holt won’t be shoehorned into the job if/when M+M are punted. Really don’t see the fascination with him. I thought he was poor with us first time around, left us for an assistants job at Norwich where he was subsequently sacked then got the job at Livi. They were on a dreadful run so he resigned and Martindale has them now on a 11 game unbeaten run. DOF but no where near the dug out please now or in the future. Strange one for me.
  7. Any suggestions for consideration if M+M are relieved of their duties?
  8. Neil McCann or is that a bampot suggestion (I’m preapared to be shot down in flames).
  9. Please get rid of the management comedy duo in the morning. Sentiment got them the jobs, the football is horrendous and they are not the long term future. We won’t get out of this league with these two clowns in charge, simple as. I don’t care that I loved Lee as a player and his affinity with the club, this is the management of the club now!! Leave it much longer and we will be leapfrogged and cut adrift. The football at the moment is absolutely brutal bar a few halfs!!
  10. I can’t even begin to imagine another season in this god awful league. With all due respect Forfar at home in 10 days is hardly getting my pulse racing but unfortunately that’s the state we are in!!
  11. I had to check it wasn’t April 1st. What a read!!
  12. The goalkeeper at Plymouth Argyle who was jailed for several years for drink driving that resulted in a few fatalities, then when released was welcomed back and made club captain, is another case in point.
  13. Must have taken the poor bloke a while to compile and all I did was scroll quickly past without paying any attention until I found a reasonable post. Didn’t even know it was about Tidser. As long as it kept him happy for a few hours, bless him.
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