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  1. Just back from the game, and I thought Ashford offered zero. I really want him to do well, but it’s just not happening. When McKenzie and Young came on the game changed completely. The first half was criminal, and at HT I’d have bitten your hand off for a draw. However I’m gutted to only get a point. Over the piece a draw is probably fair, but when you’re 10 minutes from victory it’s gutting. We sat back and the inevitable happened. I was convinced that Chalmer’s chance at the death was curling in. The only time I didn’t go to Inverness was when we won, and for a time towards the end I thought I might see that first victory up there. I’m delighted that Chalmer’s injury wasn’t a head injury as first thought, because he was brilliant in the second half, not so much the first half though. I’m glad we’re getting a break from the league next weekend, and hopefully we can get a comfortable win over Pollok and reset for Raith, who got pumped by QP who we’ve beaten twice this season. Ultimately the January window will decide who wins this league, and If think we’ll have the cash to spend, and the backroom staff to sign the right players.
  2. Mattman has his vlog up. Their chance definitely looks over the line. Overall that was a brutal watch. Aimless long balls and I was certain Bullen was playing for a draw. It doesn’t matter though because that’s an incredible 3 points, and we should have scored a 4th. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but I’m starting to think we could do it.
  3. Was about to say… I had forgotten about him! Shoe in tonight to score for them.
  4. A new deal for Albinson about to be announced? There’s an imminent on Twitter…
  5. I was at the game today and for the most part it was a tough watch. Arbroath were decent in possession, and I was convinced it would be 0-0, or when we scored, 1-1. Ultimately we took our chances when they arrived, and it’s all down to squad depth. Albinson a hero again with some big saves. Next week should be some game! Dipo is due a goal, so I’m making an early forecast of 2-1 Ayr, Dipo and Chalmers. COYA!
  6. What a day that was. Frequently watch the highlights from that game!
  7. He wouldn’t be listed on that then? Hilarious if they have the win taken off them, and are also deducted points.
  8. Can’t wait for Saturday. A trip up to Arbroath and top of the league! I’ve been hearing rumours that there’s new talks to merge all the Angus teams. About bloody time. Angus FC playing at Arbroath seems the most sensible option. Could also save Forfar from the drop, was too late for Brechin.
  9. Aye if it’s Pollok it should be a good atmosphere. I don’t like slagging off away supports, particularly due to household budgets no doubt being tighter, but it’s really been awful this year. Cove and Queen’s Park do not have sustainable futures in the upper leagues with their supports. Look at Accies, now they’re down it looks like they are definitely staying down for a long long time.
  10. Absolutely baffled with that triple substitution. At least keep one of the forward two on. Only a few minutes before the change, Akinyemi nearly set up Young with a through ball which was unlucky. I think Chalmers got a wee knock so fair enough he was taken off. As others have said, overall the first half was a good half for us and I was sure we’d come out and get the win 2nd half. Doesn’t help when we basically gift them the 2nd equaliser. Albinson again pulling off some incredible saves to keep us in it. I’ll end on the officials, absolutely useless beyond belief.
  11. Few of us talking about the whole “Week of football”. We don’t think it’s worked. Bring back Saturday and Wednesday games.
  12. Just looked it up. 12th October is National Day of Spain. Turns out it’s a pretty big deal. For purely selfish reasons, I’d love it to be moved to the Saturday.
  13. The fact we’ve not announced anything yet suggests our group is impacted. I can’t really see what has gone wrong? It won’t be kick off times, they can get changed later on without major drama.
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