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  1. Wrexham away was an absolute classic! All for the non-Scottish teams being in it.
  2. I’ve heard on good authority we are announcing a signing tonight.
  3. Hahaha won’t lie I just noticed that myself. That’s Maryhill’s schooling for you.
  4. So troops I got married yesterday, and opened a card this morning. We can all guess who he supports [emoji23]
  5. I’ve heard on good authority the new kit is black and grey… I think the 3rd kit will probably be yellow or red then.
  6. I’m struggling to see how Sibbald, Crawford, Murdoch, and Dempsey fit into the same team. The easy answer is they probably don’t. Sibbald looking good with Devlin liking that tweet, and that guy on Twitter got Musonda correct…
  7. Musonda it is. Hopefully a tweet within the next few hours!
  8. I have on good authority we are signing someone today.
  9. He should walk if we lose this. He won't of course, but this is absolutely embarrassing stuff.
  10. On the bus waiting to go home in Dublin. That was fucking hopeless. Embarrassing. Seriously get him to f**k. So many happy clappers there tonight. It was horrendous.
  11. I would like to see the terracing made steeper, but it doesn't sound like that's happening. Buzzing with the pictures, and it will look outstanding when it's done. I'm sure we'll see other parts of the ground continuously upgraded too throughout the next few seasons (toilets, catering etc). Also looking forward to the SRE being busier that season.
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