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  1. Glad McCall's committed to the club and wasn't tempted to have a short stint at Falkirk. It's likely McKinnon will be out of a job by Christmas anyway.
  2. Very true, you don't see many club legends with less than at least 50 apps.
  3. If he ends up top scorer in the division or helps us stay up the table then he will be for sure.
  4. Livingston needing a new manager and Neil McCann soon likely needing a new job, put two and two together...
  5. as long as we don't pick up any injuries from the match and get a decent amount of cash from it then not too bad a cup run, came further than some premiership teams anyway.
  6. Shankland to fire a few in the back of the net at Ibrox mark my works
  7. Real statement of intent for Ayr signing Liam Smith, assumed when it was spoke of in this thread it was a one year loan deal but this is great for the club.
  8. Just goes to show you the difference between the Scottish first and second tier and non-league.
  9. From the new branding and trailer it looks quite shite but I'd be lying if I said I haven't pre ordered it already.
  10. Reckon Preston might of been the club that made a bid for Shankland
  11. I agree come to think of it, Liam Smith would be a great first choice in that case if Geggan is seconded
  12. Would be a great loan but wouldn't that force Geggan onto the bench and he's doing a decent job at the moment
  13. Couldn't see him being anywhere near that right now, maybe a million or two.
  14. What would you say a reasonable amount the club would take for Shankland to leave this window?
  15. Can see Shankland staying till at least January, if he tears up the championship then he's off, as long as the team buying him gets the checkbook out I'd be happy.
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