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  1. 2 of them signed during the week another still there.
  2. Having watched both the game v Ayr and last night I thought there were some positive signs from both games. Given there were a few trialists bedding in and some injuries causing disruption there was no gulf between Stranraer and teams from leagues above. Both Ayr and Falkirk have clearly much bigger squads allowing rotation and freshening. I see a decent team there and once all fit and settled things will click. There are some young players however that doesn't mean they are not capable of doing well in league 2.
  3. Ah good spot , wasn't there long so presumably Gormley signed him before joining Broomhill. Certainly a few ex Rossvale players have followed the manager
  4. Anyone know anything about him, where was he signed from?
  5. Left back got injured and has been out for several weeks. The forward Liam had returned to Alloa from what I heard.
  6. In comparison to other LL teams would they have a budget that should enable them to be further up the league?
  7. Always a shame when a manager has to move on after several years regardless of the reasons. Can't help thinking there will be others moving on too as there are real challenges coming from below and teams will be desperate to avoid relegation plus those with promotional ambition keen to get up before the league gets stronger.
  8. I didn't realise that about the leagues below the Lowland regarding licensing. Totally agree then that if colts win leagues then no one should be put forward for play off. The rules need be applied consistently across all tiers of what is supposedly one pyramid.
  9. Can't really call them my club tbf as I only have an interest based on one current player. Not that I don't want them to do well and I can't really comment too much on how club acted historically
  10. Well unless there's a dramatic change from the route one hoofball currently being played then it will continue to be a race to the bottom
  11. Well it's still going to be tight based on the way it's going . [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]
  12. Genuine question how many teams get relegated as can't see Broomhill finishing any better than bottom 3 or 4 . It's horrendous to watch and an utter shambles , no idea what shape team is and selection baffling. Still throw another 5 players at it and have another go next week. 3rd strip to be red and yellow apparently.....
  13. 2- 0 Spartans, an utter shambles, how many teams go down this season as this is horrendous to watch.
  14. Broomhill down to 10 men 35 mins left
  15. Ht 1 - 0 Spartans. What's the definition of madness....
  16. Spartans 1 Broomhill 0 30 mins
  17. It would appear you're right...
  18. What did they singlehandedly do ?
  19. Why does it bother you?
  20. Lost 2 - 1 to Caley Braves. Didn't deserve anything other than the defeat and the long ball approach very ineffective and hard to watch.
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