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  1. Somehow doesn’t surprise me. Boy is stealing a wage, can’t remeber what this boy has done in a pars shirt. Utterly embarrassing
  2. Can someone please tell me how muirhead is getting any game time? Think he slipped more than he touched the ball. Tough with 10 men but that sub summed the game up for me!
  3. I got a good feeling something might just click this weekend and will end up being a thumping victory. Although it is Dunfermline though so may get the complete opposite.
  4. Jose Mourinho would have loved that QOS performance. On the other hand, we were poor. That’s how we’ve played every game, so boring to watch! Feel like no one is playing for the jersey, and after the goal, we looked disinterested!
  5. food is good in the ballroom, but the pints are either a hit or a miss.
  6. best pint in town for me is East Port bar, although plenty pubs in the centre to choose from.
  7. always difficult to predict games against QOTS. last season at EEP we saw the worst from us in the 5-2 game but in the 3-1 game we saw close to the best of us. Split down the middle with this game but its all about keeping Dobbie quiet. I'll go down the middle with a score draw
  8. don't think Ferguson would be a bad appointment at all, may not have went well at clyde but plenty of managers in the past have improved at another club after having a stinker with the previous one. foundations are set at kelty so may be an ideal appointment for both parties imo.
  9. Be intriguing to see what managers would be interested in the Kelty job. An attractive challenge for any manager!
  10. Good luck to @ATLIS and the boys! From all star and the lads! O
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