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  1. West of Scotland Cup

    Best surface in the juniors they say
  2. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    The Cumnock v tablet derby is much biggger than Tablet glens . Glens had a one season wonder and have been woeful since .
  3. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    Referee costing us points again. We are level on par with Talbots squad apart from the sjfa’s refs for years costing us against them .
  4. scores on the doors 2/3/19

    Wow ur right for once nocknosh why would anyone leave Talbot to play for a team with the chance of winning nothing and relegation contenders on the other hand would ur players want to join Talbot I would say yea None of your players would play here anyway pal.
  5. scores on the doors 2/3/19

    Doubt that . I’m sure burns won’t be looking at any of your players anyway as they wouldn’t play here pal.
  6. scores on the doors 2/3/19

    U r a real idiot u have won 1 game in about 20 now u think u can beat Talbot have u seen our results recently good luck cause maybe after next week we wont hear from such a idiot like u again Just remember yous come 2 townhead on sat.
  7. West Region Premiership - relegation

    Cumnock safe after that result. Petershill camby Renfrew down as troon/kilbrinie should have enough 2 stay up.
  8. scores on the doors 2/3/19

    Result of the day for the nock after being down 1. Safe enough now send on the coal stealers next week so we can send them back out the road unhappy as last year. Atn
  9. Talbot crumble

    Another player poached like Wilson was . Vulchers. And yes we are sleeping giants one of the biggest junior teams there is.
  10. Talbot crumble

    Couldn’t pay me to support yous coal stealers pal
  11. Talbot crumble

    A clear dive for the penalty , Rob Roy looked better first half . Don’t worry bout us m8 we will come good.
  12. Talbot crumble

    I heard yous got lucky 0-0 at half time with Rob Roy the better side. We matched a good hurlford side were the better team for large parts silly goals to concede.
  13. Talbot crumble

    Yous will fold now after that defeat. The most overrated Talbot team in years.
  14. Talbot crumble

    Didn’t he start on the bench again lol , my point is that a defeat of that margin could derail the team.
  15. Talbot crumble

    Do the Talbot crumble after defeat can see it affecting them with that defeat and having a negative effect.