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  1. Talbot crumble

    Facilities are shocking at beechwood.
  2. Talbot crumble

    Do u think I care that he won a medal ? Wonder what talent yous will poach from this area this summer. Talbot the luckiest in that division have been for years a lot better sides.
  3. Talbot crumble

    Lol talk about anyone fleecing their own fans do cumnock not do that every week they play at home and if Talbot fans want to help with something that supports the club that's up to us to decide not brainwashed cumnock supporters because if someone filmed ur games every week I am sure use would do the same but u dont have anyone that does that cause u dont have the fan base we have Oh dear the galacticos . Yous go on like yous have thousands at games . There is no difference between Cumnock and Talbot support.
  4. Talbot crumble

    Did the fans end up getting your new toy ?
  5. Talbot crumble

    Oh nocknosh see u got it wrong again cause our cookie is still in tack no crumble here A struggling 1-0 win .. yous fans live in a different planet. #galacticos
  6. Talbot crumble

    The galacticos beat today ? And the cookie starts to crumble ....
  7. Todays scores 4/5

    Out classed today. Glad that season is over. Give the new manager a chance to get rid of dead wood and bring in players and we will challenge next season for all majors.
  8. Talbot v Hurlford Sat 27th April.

    You sir have a brass neck. Asking fans to buy you a new laptop buy it yourself !
  9. Talbot v Hurlford Sat 27th April.

    Continue to get better as we have been. We have better facilities than yous lot. Beechwood is a dump miles behind grounds like townhead.
  10. Talbot v Hurlford Sat 27th April.

    That makes sense .. care to elaborate??
  11. Talbot v Hurlford Sat 27th April.

    What team were u supporting today ? You have your half n half scarf on ??
  12. Talbot crumble

    No. Pollok to play at home. Your obsessed
  13. Talbot crumble

    Oh was it to win trophies Glory hunter quit us for medals wow. Do you think we care .We are safe now n can plan for next season with the best manager in that league knows more about football than yous lot.
  14. West of Scotland Cup

    Best surface in the juniors they say
  15. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    The Cumnock v tablet derby is much biggger than Tablet glens . Glens had a one season wonder and have been woeful since .