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  1. Because hurlford are very stuffy decent side . Talbot not firing on all cylinders . They stop ur 2 strikers they will win pal
  2. Hurlford pollok Darvel beith . Hurlford got to fancy their chances
  3. Conditions have calmed right down game called off too early. Cumnock missed out on a fortune tonight now
  4. A big game for cumnock, not for us It is the biggest game in junior football
  5. Yous are shipping goals all roads the now heard the defence is all over the shop. Why should we fear
  6. What a game this will be. Got to fancy our chances after Yesterday at pollok. It seems talbot defence is all over the shop just now definitely a few players we can get at. There is no fear anymore
  7. What a performance. Bring on the coal stealers on Tuesday. Fancy us big time after today, get at Lyle pope we can win comfy.
  8. Tony did a great job at pollok no need for this comment. He is now at a big club
  9. Going to be a tasty one this weekend game of the weekend. Tony did a great job at pollok so will be interesting to see the reception. Going to go for a nock 2-1 win to steer us up the table.
  10. Ma boy this ma boy that same when you played us
  11. They will have the drag rigged for a home tie each year . There definitely is inside help
  12. All I said is there is a clear difference last year talbot were winning convincingly now it’s not the same against teams maybe fear factor away . I haven’t seen tablet play this year yet but Will do very soon
  13. Your strikers must have sore heads. At least we are giving back to the community through the use of the Facilities what Is talbot doing ?
  14. Not that you’d need a good playing surface hoofing the ball back to front constantly ..
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