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  1. This subject never seems to be touched by the media and it appears to me from the outside that it seems to be greatly on the rise compared to 10 or so years ago, when you see subjects like Scotland gaining independence on the news and they interview folk on the street down south the majority usually come out with the line "they would never survive without us" or some other disparaging remark. A question mainly for the posters staying down in England, would you say speaking to work colleagues, friends, family etc are they that bothered about the potential end of the Union ?
  2. Just popping in to say F*ck the tories, cheers.
  3. The bottom part of DA's post is going to be the problem in the next vote, the same questions are going to be flung around, issues like currency, borders,pensions etc..... I know people will point out some of the issues i mentioned above can be answered by white papers the government have released however a large proportion of voters will not read these things and will go only with what their morning papers or news bulletins on the tele inform them, fixing that will put YES on a better footing than the last time. I hope YES can do it whenever the vote comes but i think its still a bit too early to call it, its all down to what happens with Brexit, if a trade deal is struck then i think a YES vote will look less likely, if its a no deal and you have right wingers in charge down south i think we have a really good chance.
  4. I think the SFA will speak to Clarke and i'm hoping he tells them to shove it, David Moyes will be the man i think that would take it, knowing the SFA they will probably be looking at Stuart McCall. Personally i'm with a few folk here who said try the foreign approach but id imagine that will not be a popular choice with the boys club in Hampden.
  5. I see folk wanting Clarke to take over from McLeish, i would be really surprised, first of all he has seen first hand how terrible the SFA are as a governing body and are very reluctant to change (which is really needed), id imagine he does not need the money due to previous jobs down south, lets be honest the Scotland job cannot be appealing to anyone who wants to advance their career. Saying that we do need a new manager as McLeish is a dinosaur (just like his employers), France 98 was the last major we were in, that tells you something is rotten to the core with our game. Just look across the water to the ROI, similar sized nation, their league is not as good as ours yet they seem to make it frequently to major tournaments. The SFA need a complete revamp and that would hopefully bring a change to the way we develop our game (it will take years to implement), how we manage to get the SFA to change is the 1 million dollar question.
  6. aye it was minter of a comment i blame the seethe
  7. Just call it a day boys, total shambles, worst yet.
  8. Anyone know the reason why Real Betis wave a big green union jack in the stand behind the goal ?? Gads.
  9. Bit early yet, Bryson the only one mentioned so far, you will start hearing names getting launched about nearer the end of the season.
  10. squeeky bum time during some parts of the second half, could of nicked it at the end, ill await their managers excuse, ill go with those pidgeons that the BBC planted.
  11. Quick google search confirms hes a bawbag.
  12. Trump and the gun nutters over in the states will be looking at this with the usual thoughts and prayers quickly followed by the pish of "the only way to kill a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" then rip into NZ strict gun laws.
  13. Hopefully he pushes on with them, anytime i saw Aberdeen playing against Killie he always looked like a player.
  14. Does McLean get regular games for Norwich ??
  15. Aye, I saw that, and whilst I don't condone bombs anywhere I'm struggling to understand why the IRA would countenance targeting Glasgow - it doesn't add up. Glasgow Uni is a very strange choice.
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