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  1. I never thought about that one, as it's the car park for the school I think? Be fine on a Saturday though.
  2. The horrible truth is that the local council built a fitness centre and pool in the home car park. This not only reduced the size of the parking area, but resulted in the users of this centre taking up much, or all, of both the home and away car parks on matchdays. It's free if you can get in. Unless the you get there ridiculously early to try, go for the close by retail park and park at Morrison's supermarket or near to it and slip quietly away to the stadium like many of us do. Don't risk parking at the side of the road that runs beside the stadium. I've been nicked for that myself. It's a joke of a situation I know, but the council doesn't give a toss and there's nothing the club can do about it.
  3. Both sides have the players to win this. It's all down to who gets it right on the day.
  4. Still, it could be worse. https://tenor.com/view/muppets-muppet-show-gonzo-scooter-handcar-gif-26355263
  5. He also played with Stirling. All I can say is that you're welcome to him.
  6. 3 wins on the trot. This is the stuff, this is what we want. 5 points cut off Dumbarton's whopping lead in a short time. Can we catch them? I don't know, but we've made a start so one happy Bino today at least.
  7. What was the result in tonight's game? I can find bugger all about it online.
  8. The trust were after him and the entire board. There was supposed to be a mediation process, but no sign of it for weeks. At that point the head hunters got reappointed in a fresh election. Barely a day after that some old self damaging comments the chairman had made on P&B that had been trawled up, were released to the press by the trust board and the chairman had no other option to resign. In that sense he was removed. Even without the comments, the chairman was on borrowed time from the day the war trust got re-elected under the fantasy that the mediation was in good faith. In practice no one was technically removed. They resigned, but all were being hunted by the trust board who's intent was to remove them. It is only smart to seek to secure replacements for a board you intend to remove. What is not smart is to pursue that removal without the intended replacements being fully committed to join the club. We are at present in an appointments limbo. The only clear outcome being the loss of our 2nd biggest sponsor and people sick of internal war taking a time out from attendance. The war is over. There is zero point in fighting another one, due to the plan to have a board dominated by less than a handful of shareholders and 3 trust board members. The membership therefore have no one to represent them in one, or any legal recourse to one.
  9. It's not nonsense mate. Most league 2 teams have the same problem. We don't have many options, but quite a few players are getting forward and in on the goal getting. Fears we wouldn't be creative enough to get goals don't reflect reality at present. We're up there and doing well. Can we keep it up? Who knows? Right now it's not too shabby at all and that'll do me.
  10. Ah professionalism, those were the days.
  11. Stenny are a well run club who live within their means. I'd never write them off. Edinburgh FC is one where I would not be surprised if financial chickens came home to roost well within a decade. Punching above your weight has it's dangers and it's consequences.
  12. There's always Steve Archibald. (duck and cover)
  13. It seems to me that when Elgin turn up for both halves rather than just the first, Elgin are not too shabby at all?
  14. Agreed. Improving the squad seems to have been a problem for clubs throughout league 2. Even less players than usual willing to drop down a league and staying where they are. Some kicking off with injury problems as well, as we did last season. Hoping we can avoid injuries up front in particular, as good strikers for loan are usually in short supply. In League 1 poor Peterhead have had a recruitment nightmare, their location likely severely limiting their options.
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