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  1. Oh hell, not you too? Please tell me it's not the local council?
  2. At this horrible point in Berwick's history. I'd like to make the point that it's important to understand, that even in the lower leagues, teams are getting round the rules, by benefactors funding key players out of their own pockets. That's how some teams get around the fair play rules in the league you just dropped from. It happens where you're going too. To progress forward revenue has to go up, whether it's renting out an artificial surface, being a hang gliding centre, or whatever. It's that and or, getting people involved in the club willing to put money into funding key players out of their own pocket with no return but success. Stadiums do not win matches and if that's where the board thinks the solution lies, it's time they went. Your revenue was stagnant, so was ours. You had no one putting money into funding a better side, neither did we. Well, both clubs need to do something about it, or we could be meeting up for a party in the lowland league. At least Berwick own their own ground. Better what you've got, where you can work to make it pay, than what we've got, when we can't make a penny by investing for revenue. Everything has to be looked at that can boost revenue and I mean everything. From better and expanded hospitality, to renting out as a place for farmers to hold a produce market in the summer if you have to. When it comes to hard cash for investment in a better side, there's no level playing field out there. Ways have to be found to make that ground pay. Good luck people. Some of us will miss you.
  3. Feel for you Berwick fans. Feel free to relay the following observation to your current chairman. If you think you can find 4 million for a new stadium, why didn't you find one tenth of that to stop this happening ya clown? More to the point now, find it to get them back up. It's pathetic trying to plaster over what you've done with pie from the bloody sky.
  4. I assume Berwick will be in the Lowland league next year, unless God is determined to kill them. I'm very sorry to see them facing the drop, I like their fans. Survive and return people.
  5. At this time and in their situation, I would think the Berwick fans would be more interested in talking to each other than us. I don't think we'd feel any different in their situation pal.
  6. Not when I used to take them it wasn't mate.
  7. We could have played all day and never scored if the penalty hadn't been awarded. If two great Berwick opportunities hadn't been squandered, it could have been beyond us by half time. We need to improve as much as Berwick do for next season. There was very little between the two sides. I don't know whether it will be Berwick or Albion Rovers facing the play offs. I wish both teams my best wishes for survival whichever it turns out to be. It could have been us. It might yet be us another season. I don't take one atom of pleasure out of the predicament of either set of fans. Good luck to both.
  8. All down to which side keeps the errors down on the day for me. Either capable of winning, or making an arse of it. Every game crucial, with that 4th spot tantalizingly close.
  9. My condolences to Mr Oliver's family and all Berwick fans. I didn't know him, but I do know the feeling when one of your best has passed away. It's not that long since we lost a living legend in Brycie Morgan. I remain forever grateful for the privilege we enjoyed and I'm sure Berwick fans will feel the same about Mr Oliver. I couldn't make this game, but I always thought it would be a tighter affair than some on both sides imagined. I'll never be disappointed with any win at Shielfield we can earn. No end to Berwick's bad run here, but perhaps some progress on the way to it? I know the feeling all too well. Just half a miracle will do, to at least calm the nerves a bit.
  10. But my dad is my sister? Nothing would surprise me in Kelty.
  11. This is what happens when a Cowden fan humps his sister without a condom.
  12. Don't alter my words to the opposite of what I said. They don't deserve this, they're a good bunch. Cowden fans didn't deserve the nightmare they went through either, despite you being one of them.
  13. From what I saw of it, your player's foot was trapped under Ferrie and he couldn't pull it free. Your player clearly felt Ferrie was holding him. I couldn't tell you if he was or he wasn't. There was certainly no need to as play was stopped. The player then completely lost it and gave him a kick in the ribs right in front of the ref. A pointless and stupid response whatever the truth of it was. Especially at 0-0 with everything still to play for. One of our players did something equally stupid a couple of weeks ago, but we managed to go on and win a man short. It happens so often all over the league. Somebody feels an injustice and does something stupid. A pity they never think of the injustice they're doing to their own fans. I can only wish you the best for survival mate. It's not that long ago, we were so bad the non league teams could have us for breakfast. If we'd not been lucky enough there was somebody worse than us at the time, we could have kissed our arses goodbye. I wouldn't wish losing their league status on any club. It could happen to any of us if enough goes wrong.
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