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  1. Definitely. Teams were putting two men on him to mark him and the team were exploiting the extra space to work in.
  2. All these years and you still only sing when you're fishing.
  3. Everybody is nervous over something this season. So much at stake from top to bottom.
  4. We have 8 games left. 5 of them in the space of 2 weeks from Saturday. 4 of those 5 away from home. One of those a 6 pointer against you. We are hardly home and dry. That's not to say Dumbarton fans don't have a right to feel gutted or angry at that result, general recent form and a sparse subs bench. They certainly do. Still, if Tenkay starts on about champagne with us he can shove a magnum straight up his arse. Advantage yes, over no. Not with that lot coming up and only 2 points in it. As for those sticking it to these fans, may I sweetly say, go f**k yourselves.
  5. Well Clark's no rookie, so hopefully that's something positive to see in it.
  6. You seriously saw no contact with his legs from any of those camera angles? Unbelievable!
  7. Was it louder than the howling from some of our fans in the first home match against Bonnyrigg, when they were screaming one of them dived in the box? A pity the more zoomed in Bonnyrigg highlights revealed he was well and truly clugged and should have got a penalty. It's like groundhog day on here.
  8. My views on refs are tempered by the number of times I've watched highlights and found that what I thought I saw at the game didn't happen. It is a thankless job as you say, with the modern gift of highlights showing where the ref got it wrong, but usually more so where he got it right.
  9. Your points are well made, but I reserve the right to look back on Mr Dallas as a complete fud.
  10. I always thought it was up to the ref to call for another ball if the match ball would take a long time to retrieve. Then return the natch ball to play at the earliest opportunity. My old wee red book knowledge may be well outdated though. If the old rule still stands you have a point. Putting all the bickering aside, Dumbarton did well to come back from a demoralising humping at home with a depleted squad. I described this match as a battle between two very different managers with very different football philosophies. Essentially all out attack V score and contain. Both can lead to getting caught out and both did. As Jan put it so well, they cancelled each other out. That's the big story of this match and the battle continues, despite all the after match bitch slapping going nowhere.
  11. I hear you. It's murder sweating it out on the Beeb live scores, so I'll pass on this evening.
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