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  1. Agthk97

    Top 5 Gigs

    Was that the gig where they were supported by The Thermals and played 'Be Safe' with Lee Ranaldo on the big screen? It was a belter if it was (narrowly misses out my top five): In no particular order: 1. Dananananaykroyd, the Arches, 2007 (it was a Friday night thing they ran called Blitzkrieg Bop and got indie acts to play short sets from about 10 to 3) 2. Ben Folds Five, O2 Academy 2012 (sneaks ahead of the Royal Concert Hall gig with the Scottish Orchestra as I got engaged that night) 3. Frightened Rabbit, Barrowlands, 2016 (unfortunately the last time I saw them, James Graham coming on stage with them was amazing) 4. The Bees, Barrowlands, 2005 (The happiest and most fun gig - just pure joyousness) 5. The Arcade Fire, Barrowlands, 2007 (absolutely bouncing, 'Wake Up' at the end was amazing)
  2. Started out on the 1st Gameboy (Mario Bros, Tetris, the near Impossible Robocop) Megadrive (bootleg copies of Sunset Riders, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe, Road Rash and Kid Cameleon) Then PC for a few years (Highlight was getting Doom 2 on 5 floppy disks at the Barras, discovering one didn't work and actually going back to the stall and getting a free replacement! Also Quake, Duke Nukem, Red Alert, Warcraft and Starcraft) N64 (Just for Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye) PC again (Champ Man/FM through the various iterations - to be fair that is still going and determines if I need a new PC) GameCube (Double Dash, the criminally forgotten Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil 4) Xbox (Ninja Gaiden was probably the most memorable game on that for me) Xbox 360, about 5 of them due to the red ring of death (Ridiculous hours on Oblivion and Bioshock) PS4 (Skyrim, Fallout 3, New Vegas and to a lesser extent 4) Nintendo Switch, for the 'kids' (Smash Brothers, Mario Party, Breath of the Wild)
  3. https://theathletic.com/news/fiorentina-gattuso-manager-leaves/feH7TRxHtHCB Really just so I can post this GIF
  4. Was up in Dundee staying at the Malmaison in 2015 (got a deal on a room and afternoon tea) with the wife, who was about 6 months pregnant. Think it was before the Scottish Cup replay and was absolutely howling with wind in Dundee on the Saturday. We had checked out and were leaving and got stuck in between the two doors to get out (they had a vestibule type thing at the main door and we got there first) as almost every member of the Celtic team and staff walked past us and didn't let us out. My wife was clearly pregnant and I was pretty annoyed that almost no one was doing the decent thing and letting my wide past (don't really care they didn't let me past), would have thought one would show a bit of common courtesy. The one that did and actually let us out was Craig Gordon, so have always liked him since then.
  5. Anyone having issues logging in? I keep entering my email and password and it deletes it when I click 'login' and get 'you need to enter the email and password fields' (on Apple FYI)
  6. Always found exercise on my own a struggle, had various gym memberships over the years and tried running etc. but it never really stuck. Joined Be Military Fit (previously British Military Fitness) a couple of years ago and its a revelation. Flat fee for unlimited classes, always outside with good groups of people at very different levels. The classes are tailored to level and are always different and challenging (think intense HiiT, but with more running), they even through in kit classes with giant logs etc. Anyone else tried it?
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