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  1. Most Grannies in Dundee are in their early thirties ☺️
  2. Yawn...….. your patter is pish. Very few people ever agree with anything you say, you're just here to get reactions off people by disagreeing with everything they say. Go and troll somewhere else, as you are just getting boring posting your junior this, junior that repertoire. The Juniors were once great, now it is coming to an end thru bad management and self preservation, WOSL is the way forward, they teams are no longer Junior teams, get over it. Any BOYS team that has got where they are is through merit and deserve to be exactly where they are, as do any team who have either performed well or underperformed over the past years.
  3. Everywhere you go, with whatever alias you choose at that point in time, you just type utter pish.
  4. Will you and your numerous aliases f**k off (how many do have now), let people have a conversations without posting your constant negative pish on every thread using your aliases. For your information it won't be lower non league junior football any more...……
  5. Irrelevent, he asked a question to everybody (those leaving the juniors), which required a simple answer. Other people do care and might want to answer his question, you too could have wrote something nice and answered it as a mature adult (???) Yes I agree with the fact the juniors gave them a lifeline but after what happened to them I'd want back to where I was too. Again it was a simple question..............................
  6. What's it to you? Beenz, I've been following this forum for months as I'm interested and care about the pyramid and what happens to Scottish Football and also enjoy the banter from the majority of punters in here. I don't post a lot, but I do read nearly everything and just wanted you to know you just come across as an utter condencending twat (feel free to report me). Paassbackdave has asked a simple question, try answering the question, it was asked nicely. All your posts just seem to try to put people down and belittle them, does this make you feel like a big man?
  7. All 3 relevant decision making organisations are now present, how can the the WRJFA/SJFA still think they can form a league and get into the pyramid. "In line with the previous statements and timetable, the process surrounding the making of a formal application to join the Pyramid via the new West of Scotland Football League (WoSFL) proposed by the Scottish Lowland Football League (SLFL), East of Scotland Football League (EoSFL) and now also the South of Scotland Football League (SoSFL) is below" The above lines say it all
  8. Yes, Was on a night out, not at footy but fekkin freezing none the less Technically that counts...…. surely
  9. There is no longer any lead in that grade of pencil
  10. We should all be playing under one system, the pyramid is the future. It might be flawed at times but it will get there in the end. If teams want to progress and improve then this is the way forward for them. The West need to move asap and open up new opportunities for themselves as the east has done.
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