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  1. I quite admire this attitude in some way. Genuinely impressed someone can get excited about whether Louis Longridge or some other shit plays. "Hope King Louis is fit.." Do you? All right then...
  2. McShane really is dross. Staggering he played at any level. Mind you, shit like Lewis Kidd is still pissing around in the Championship so he's far from unique
  3. Be surprised if Tidser went to QP given McKinnon wasn't fond of playing him this season either...
  4. Think he's just a GP fortunately. In Denny. Just means handing over a prescription pad to the jaikies and asking them to fill in their drug of choice.
  5. I still remember Hughes as a striker when he signed. He was comedy bad. Think his final game up front saw him subbed after sending a volley out of the stadium from 6 yards at Clydebank.
  6. Is it just me that couldn't give a flying f**k if Louis Longridge is here or not?
  7. Yes, I think there's a currency converter. Over 22 goals per season mean you ignore rapists. Over 35 goals a season and you are excused murder.
  8. Dreadful again. Thank f**k this league is full of shit
  9. Arfield has definitely tainted his Bairns legacy with his rancid FTP staunchness
  10. Was just about to post this. It sounds total bollocks. Semi plausible as I'm sure he's still around the Raploch somewhere so twenty minutes to training. No way it's happening. Which is a good thing.
  11. Oh and if Goodwillie isn't guilty of rape, then OJ isn't guilty of murder.
  12. Surely the natural home for Goodwillie if he leaves Clyde is Livingston?
  13. Falkirk have always been at our best when we had one player miles better than the dross around him. Stainrod, Latapy, Stokes, Jean-Francois Lecsinel... Any future transfer strategy should be putting all our eggs in one basket. Like the old Football manager tactic of using all your money to buy a "9" skill boy in League Four..
  14. Would be happy with any to all of this lot going. None of them are good enough. Can see one, maybe two loan signings in Jan being our limit.
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