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  1. But thats my question. What would our per capita spend need to be to be ',enough '. What figure would remove complaints that the NHS is underfunded?
  2. We have more than enough for that. We've just spent it elsewhere in thr NHS. Other countries with less money spent on health have done better there. Don't assume incompetence doesn't exist in any bureaucracy. There's plenty of non jobs for a start.
  3. How much is needed to ensure the health service is 'fit for purpose '? We're spending what 150bn or something annually in the UK. What's enough? 200bn? 300bn? 500 bn? Even in Scotland the SNP who aren't a proto fascist Brexiteer clown collective like Westminster have tough choices to make on public spending.
  4. Yep, looked a shite idea, albeit well intentioned. Did not participate. Virtually no one did in my street.
  5. But is that because they can't be afforded or because money has been spent elsewhere? No matter what you do there's always going to be choices to make on what to spend a budget on. All in favour of it being higher but even if we increased it by 10% we're never going to be able to fund what everyone wants.
  6. I'm certain that no amount of money will ever be considered enough by the NHS . Not to say we shouldn't be spending more but I don't think any government, would meet some people's 'adequate' criteria.
  7. So far any time I've been out its only been joggers acting like wankers. Pretty standard. No, please carry on running in twos down the pavement. I'll do my best to climb over this car to avoid you...
  8. The SG really could murder infants live on TV and you'd still be cheerleading. Jeane Freeman is a fucking idiot which doesn't help here. That doesnt mean she's any worse than that chubby simpleton Hancock. The SNP could be doing a lot better on health, even with the constraint of being tied to this dead union.
  9. Could only have been Campbell or Murray really...
  10. Didn't see this but some of the 'falling rocks ones blocked an ascent. Can't comment on those who went further up - that is probably too narrow at points and should be avoided. Holyrood Park is a great place to go for your one-a-day in this lockdown though. As is Silverknowes. Pretty much anywhere that has wide open land and no narrow access ways.
  11. I went to Holyrood Park yesterday evening. It was a lovely walk. People were really good - making sure they maintained a good distance from each other and passing on the grass verges. Didn't go up Arthur's Seat but walked round . Some joggers running together were the only examples I saw that you could argue weren't in clear family groups and were too close. Might live together though, who knows. All safe and following the social distancing guidelines perfectly. Was nice to see. If everyone in my area exercised within half a mile of our homes it would literally be congested streets, which would be absolutely fucking stupid versus a giant expanse of grass.
  12. Which mob is this? If its a mob that thinks Nicola Sturgeon is an effective excellent communicator good in a crisis i'll happily join it. That doesn't mean I thjnk the SNP government have acted impeccably here. I dont treat politics like football and defend 'my side' against all evidence and think they are beyond reproach. Im not even that enamoured by the SNP - they're just the best and only vehicle to Indy, which I am very much in favour of.
  13. The beauty of Alert Mongoose's efforts here are that no c**t is at work so NSFW doesn't apply...
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