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  1. Honestly, other than being a grumpy b*****d after defeats, I'm the same. Even though we were on the start of a poor run at the time I was still enjoying following the Rovers and keeping a close eye on what was going on. I can't get to a lot of games because of my shifts but I'd always buy the stream. Now I haven't bought the stream in a few weeks and today I didn't even check the score until the back of 5. Ever since the Goodwillie saga my interest has just completely gone. It's a strange feeling and I think I need the internal reset of the Summer to get beyond this hump. Here's to next season.
  2. Can't wait to play Arbroath's forward line with any of these makeshift defences.
  3. Surely we can't have another fucking game?
  4. March was supposed to be the time Spencer would be hoping to get back on the pitch. Is he back training yet? I remember at the time he thought he'd be back earlier than now but it obviously hasn't panned out that way.
  5. It's taken me from Monday until just now to catch up on all the threads. I don't really know where to start other than that I'm utterly gutted. Gutted that we'd make such a wildly stupid signing, gutted at the the reputation of the club being dragged through the mud and back, gutted at McGlynn throwing away his legacy as one of our greatest managers, and gutted for DG's victim to have his name brought up the world over. I've not been at either game since the news broke but I will be back at some point. What a shambles.
  6. It was Matthews at the front post at a corner merely brushing some dust off Lithgows top.
  7. I think the ref just struggled to tell who had handled the ball at the Bene incident as the Morton player had his hands up too. From the refs angle he probably just couldn't tell who's hand it was.
  8. John smashing the last of his packet of Adderall.
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