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  1. I think Hearts were the last Premiership team to go into administration in 2013.
  2. Yup, definitely not a striker. Maybe that first goal he scored for us against Accies caused some confusion.
  3. For me, Lawless was an excellent out ball for us. He was always there to take the ball, usually out on the touchline holding onto the ball and winning throw ins etc
  4. For me there has just been a drip, drip of decent players leaving over the past couple of years without any quality coming in. I think we are going to pay the price for it this season.
  5. Perhaps Scotland could do with seeing Soutar back in the national team.
  6. Don't think I will be paying much attention this season. Just wait for next season's promotion push. Zero goal threat. Pumping balls up to Anderson Really dire stuff.
  7. Can't believe how badly Rahm has done, my bet busted already
  8. For me the whole thing swung in England's favour when Chiesa had to go off. England seemed to get a boost from it and Italy lost confidence.
  9. Shite end to the season. I am worried that we don't really have the bones of a decent team for next season. Can't believe how quickly it all turned sour.
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