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  1. Shite end to the season. I am worried that we don't really have the bones of a decent team for next season. Can't believe how quickly it all turned sour.
  2. Lack of composure, straight at the keeper. That was 5th place right there.
  3. We have no goal threat whatsoever. Poplatnik gives us nothing. Let's see how Forrest does.
  4. I like the start Diani has made. Looks confident and useful.
  5. Commentary on the ppv is a second ahead of the video on the away video, very irritating.
  6. 6th place it is then. We need to unearth some better players for next season, especially a centre forward otherwise we are relegation material.
  7. Pure comedy from the officials there, corner as clear as day.
  8. Devlin seems to be hitting a new low with his crosses today.
  9. St.Johnstone ahead at Hibs, we really need the three points here.
  10. Then Pitman gets booked for nothing. Ref is having a mare.
  11. Poplatnik gets a chance. Personally I am far from convinced by him, but happy to be proved wrong.
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