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  1. Game's on Alba shortly, can't imagine anyone would want to watch that again. Martindale has a lot to think about for next week and no-one over the past three games has stood out as deserving a place in the final.
  2. Lost count of the amount of times we just aimlessly kicked the ball away, no composure at all. At least we didn't get beat is the only positive.
  3. Wish I had waited for our team line up before paying for the PPV - waste of money now.
  4. Shitey St.Mirren next, please don't let them make it 3IAR for us!
  5. Didn't look that bad, I've seen Robbo get up from worse. But he certainly looked very uncomfortable, so I suppose it must have been worse than it looked.
  6. How can we go from where we were just two weeks ago to playing like a Sunday league team?
  7. It's almost as if none of our players want a place in the cup final team. What a shambles.
  8. As others said after last week's shitshow, this is where Martindale has to show if he is really a good manager. We have been garbage, you would never know we had a man advantage.
  9. It's all turned to poop for us now. It's like being back to the beginning of the season form. We look awful.
  10. Things definitely not going our way today. Typical after winning manager and player of the month awards.
  11. I'm sure our players will be desperate to make amends for the poor performance on Saturday, but I can't see this game going ahead tomorrow. The weather forecast doesn't make for good reading. Maybe a rest would do us good.
  12. Horrendous stuff today. Hopefully we can get back to full strength as soon as possible. Other results went against us as well. We really have to fight for this top six place.
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