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  1. Mick can I ask how you’s can afford to pay these players? I’d imagine you’s will have 1 of the biggest budgets in the league and with players not taking a reduction taking into consideration there will be no gate receipts and hospitality surely the club is going to take a big hit financially.
  2. It’s not a travesty we’re in the middle of a global pandemic some teams think it’s viable and safe to go ahead with the season and some teams don’t. The chances of fans getting in before Xmas is literally zero, there’s no changing facilities and players also have there jobs to think of and smaller clubs are getting zero help from the government. This season should have been scrapped altogether and saved the clubs into making this tough decision.
  3. Was the manager paying the wages like? The Glens like other teams decided it wasn’t financially viable to play without there main source of income the fans. It’s quite obvious like the other teams that have withdrawn there players refused to play for nothing and you can’t blame them. Respect clubs decisions and move on.
  4. So what’s the difference between Stranraer and Stranraer u21s? Could be wrong but I thought they both played in Stranraer [emoji849]
  5. Why bring talbot into it? I’m simply asking what guidelines Cumnock never followed because nobody seems to know. Kennie is on twitter having verbals with fans but has yet to explain what guidelines wasn’t followed.
  6. That’s why I would like him to explain to us what guidelines Cumnock never followed
  7. Well Stranraer u21s played against bonnyton thistle today so I doubt that’s the problem.
  8. Can kennie maybe explain what the guidance is then? Or does he just decide who can play and who can’t?
  9. At the moment I think it’s only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday but before lockdown I believe it was only closed a couple of days during the week.
  10. I maybe biased but there’s no social club still around like Cumnock juniors social club. Still the lifeblood of the community 40 years on and the place to be in Cumnock if your ever looking for a good wee night out.
  11. Sounds to me like the pieman is a bit of a dictator it’s either his way or no way at all. I don’t know you personally DL but I’m lead to believe you have a long affiliation with darvel and only want the best for them. It’s clear darvel have made big strides over the past couple of years but I fear the worst for them if the pieman decides he’s bored of his little side project and walks away. You can hardly call him a diehard supporter since he’s only been involved for a few years. Worrying times for darvel imo.
  12. Has the darvel boys been sleeping with your wife or something chief? Your hatred for them is getting out of hand.
  13. Can you please enlighten us with what’s been going on at Cumnock the past 2 years and who we robbed and offered a friendly to?
  14. Can’t imagine many people from Cumnock will lose sleep over damaged relations with talbot. And I reckon that boat sailed a year or so ago when talbot signed keir samson on an amateur form so they didn’t have to pay a development fee to Cumnock so maybe have a look at your own club before calling others a disgrace.
  15. Irreparable damage Hahahahaha stay off the glue.
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