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  1. I don’t share your confidence nocknosh although we did play well last week were still leaking goals and against a quality side like Clydebank we will be punished. Will be interesting to see if burns is back in the team this Saturday as no doubt he is probably our best player.
  2. Wouldn’t say the score line flattered rossvale as they had a good spell about half way through the 1st half and maybe the last 15 mins of the 2nd half but Cumnock definitely deserved the win in the end. If we fight and play like that for the remainder of the season I’m sure we will be fine.
  3. Think we’ve got more important matters to worry about than talbot just now so keep your silly comments to yourself and stop making a c**t of yourself
  4. Did he not do that at the end of last season? We were knocked out the Scottish and west at the 1st hurdle couldn’t get out our league cup section which was probably the easiest group out of them all and we are hovering just above the relegation zone after a dozen games and also received a 8-0 hammering at home into the bargain. Paul signed the majority of the players in the squad so ultimately he had to carry the can. I like many other Cumnock fans was hoping he would succeed as a manager and help us be successful but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I agree we do need stability and I hope the committee don’t rush there appointment and get the right man on board. Whoever gets the job will have his work cut out but with the new committee that’s on board behind him I have no doubt he will be given every opportunity to succeed.
  5. No surprise he has resigned he tried his best but unfortunately things never worked out, he’s still registered as a player so I would be hoping he will continue playing.
  6. I’ve backed Paul burns from day 1 and hoped he would turn it round after his record last year with the players he inherited from the previous regime but after today’s result it’s time to either step aside or be removed from his post. From what I’m led to believe the committee have backed to the hilt with every player he has wanted and yet we find ourselves out of every trophy and fighting relegation yet again.
  7. Think with rossvale’s results over the past few weeks there win over Cumnock wasn’t that much of a shock. Very disappointing to go out this early but just have to take it on the chin and move on. Would be very surprised if anybody other than talbot won it this season again anyway.
  8. Your Cumnock in the brain you twat. For somebody who’s only supported talbot for a couple of year you’ve got a lot to say
  9. Brilliant result for talbot not a brilliant result for junior football as it just means another big windfall coming there way and which will only mean the gap gets even more bigger between talbot and the rest of junior football. Be as well just giving talbot the league, Scottish and the west just now because nobody will even get close to them this season. Best talbot I’ve seen in years.
  10. Were not seething, it’s more embarrassing for yous lot that the mighty talbot would rather sign a young prospect on an amateur form than pay the boy a wage and pay a fee for him.
  11. What pish are you spouting?? Show me the proof about this shared gate offer you speak off because it’s the 1st I’ve heard of it
  12. Phone the slanderous police then. Thought by now you would maybe stop getting reeled in by Nocknosh
  13. No they don’t. I never said they did, they choose to sign Samson on an amateur form which means he will not be picking up a wage at talbot.
  14. Shows you how much you know. Samson was offered a contract and never signed it hence the reason Cumnock would have been due a development fee if he had signed a junior form instead of an amateur 1. Cumnock have done the right thing with Jamie conn they’ve signed him on a junior contract and will have to pay a development fee to lugar once it goes to tribunal.
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