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  1. Team of the Season

    Big Sean from nithsdale ando and Dode from lochar Apart from that it's a free for all between Stranraer and bonny
  2. Team of the Season

    Great banter.
  3. Inconsistent south teams

    Who mentioned mr frazer ? Think folk need to take a step back from there keyboard. What's the bloke ever done to all his haters on here ? Must be a sad life racing home to ur wee computer room to slag him off every week.
  4. Inconsistent south teams

    Personally I think that reason for the teams who are inconsistent is that football on a Saturday no longer takes priority anymore hence team line ups changing by 4/5 players week in week out. Gone are the days of people missing work to play. I think Stranraer are full of young lads who don't have many commitments and can get there every week. Not taking anything away from them they deserve to be where they are
  5. Best striker

    Anderson for me. Pulls you all over the shop
  6. Goalkeepers

    Big euan drysdale just shades it for his age if not dode Martin
  7. Stranraer look solid , abbey vale going about there business quietly but racking up a good tally of points. Can only be a good thing that it's no longer a 2 or 3 horse race
  8. Who's favourites then ?