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  1. Agreed. Remains to be seen how much Morrison can be relied upon at L1 level, but regardless of this i'd like to see another Centre Half, and cover in the Full Back areas. Interested to see who Ellis identifies anyway!
  2. assuming Hester is part-time, he'll live in Inverness or Aberdeen. It's a big commitment to make anyway. Shame though, as he's clearly prolific for L2 level
  3. Mon the Queens! What a club!!!! Just got to get us back in the ground now!!!
  4. Re-watching the highlights as well, both Doyle and Baynham's assists for Murray's goals were inch perfect. Baynham-Murray partnership on Tuesday for me.
  5. Possibly a little early to be thinking about next season, but it's funny remembering that we still actually have 5 games left. It goes without saying of course that L1 will be a serious step-up and it all depends how high we're looking to ascend and how quickly. I reckon we've got a solid backbone, with guys like Muir, Grant/Kilday/Doyle, Gillespie, Carroll, Murray anyway. Any goings-out will be very interesting to see. I'm a big fan of Craig Slater, but it's frustrating that he seemingly can't stay fit for more than 2 weeks in a row, it might be worth looking to replace him if this stays the case.
  6. Pretty humdrum game anyhow, of course these matches happen but what concerns me is the fact McKinnon didn't appear to see the need to change things up tactically even when it was clear we were having no joy. Does this show an overreliance on a Plan A? Plus the insistence on trying to beat umpteen men before shooting is really doing my head in.
  7. Im calling doctored photos personally[emoji35]
  8. Offside was given against Salim- who was in the box i believe and had absolute heehaw to do with the own goal tbh. Absolute stinker of a decision from the linesman.
  9. Suggestions on whether to book in advance or turn up on the day?
  10. Hi Guys, Apologies for the novice patter here. Just dropping a query as the general experience of being able to come across a ticket in the home end at away games. Looking to go to v Czech Republic away particularly but i'm not a member of the SSC unfortunately. As i say, wondering of your experiences of the feasibility of coming across a ticket.
  11. Well that was grim to watch. Suppose a wins a win!
  12. Seem to remember the last times we've played Morton we won, drew and lost on penalties - we're no that shite?
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