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  1. I’d like to see Annan Athletic manager Peter Murphy have a crack at the Queens job if GN leaves. They’re going strong this season with a tiny budget (allegedly 2nd smallest in that league). Very young squad down at annan. Would be interesting to see how he fares at FT football.
  2. Who’s Chapman? I don’t really follow League 2 football to be honest
  3. 1. Annan - The surprise package 2. Cowdenbeath - Massive transformation 3. Peterhead - Money money money 4. Elgin - Well organised 5. Albion Rovers - Will do fine 6. Queens Park - League one experience 7. Edinburgh City - Blair Thompson will bag enough goals 8. Stirling - Rotten 9. Berwick - Will sign enough to pull through 10. Clyde - Overspending and rotten to the core - enjoy the lowland league!
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