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  1. Got to laugh at this. Hard working boys doing a hobbie some paid very well depending on the level, but shouldn't be able to take a holiday during the season. Pay them a serious wage and then moan about taking time out etc. Not disputing the work that goes on behind the scenes but these guys are working full time jobs and giving up a serious amount of time
  2. I can't remember a player that has been loaned out from a senior club to a junior club that has managed to get back to senior football. I don't have the best knowledge tbf. So many young guys hanging on to the senior tag when possibly starting junior or lowland could be the best option going forward. Pro youth and reserves not the best option imo albeit they will play the odd friendly with experienced players in the opposition team. Playing against experienced junior players is a harsh reality of how small the margins can be
  3. Few good names mentioned. Just seems to be majority drop down and find their level
  4. In recent years has anybody that has been on loan to the juniors went on to have a successful senior career?
  5. Chizzy and morrison showing there experience today constant talking to players infront. Good win for the vale, with a few additions could be a strong team
  6. St rochs very productive in the community with various things like this
  7. Fair play to darvel legend. Never shuts up but the changing room is looking class. Remains to be seen if the mamagement team and squad will be able to match the club's ambition which I'm sure they will give it a very good go with the quality coming in. Looking a very strong league and looking forward to see how it pans out
  8. Great addition to the squad along with Ryan mcstay. Couple of big signings so far and still early, shaping up to be a great league next season
  9. Maybe not you but other comments. Everyone entitled to their opinion. Anytime I seen ferns he was really good. Big b for me is nowhere near ferns level or others that I have seen playing for the roch but all a matter of opinion
  10. 100% concentrate on next season and players involved but also no point in talking down about players that served the club well and played at a higher level. Hope the 3 go on to do well , also hope the candy have a good season in the centenary year
  11. I hope this is the vales season so close last year, should be enough to spur them on this year
  12. Harsh on mcdonald and Bryson imo. Mcdonald played senior I'm sure so the step up not an issue and Bryson was four seasons at the roch according to gotw and like he said short career. Ferns a bit different, the squad darvel are building is impressive but obviously not away for penny's
  13. Did McDonald and Bryson not play with st rochs for a few seasons?
  14. An absolute canter for Talbot. Largs poor side offered zero start to finish
  15. I would love to know who will have a bigger budget. Not sure who you are trying to kid about guys playing for nothing at amateur and I'm pretty sure they won't come junior for nothi g either
  16. Seen him a while back thought he was good. Was surprised when I heard everyone at darvel was getting released
  17. Just cancel the game 1st a June is a load of pish
  18. That's up to darvel legend to comment on not me . Big money doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work but it's got to be better than no money. Has Robert love resigned?
  19. If darvel don't go up it's going to be a surprise some budget and some big signings
  20. Season over well done the glens,the bens and rossvale well deserved. Got to be darvel leagues next year?
  21. Congratulations to everyone at the glens well deserved and a long time coming
  22. Did hearts no put them out ??? No they were in the senior Scottish cup
  23. Congratulations to largs on making the final. Also congratulations to Talbot on winning this season's Scottish cup
  24. No place for bigotry at any level of the game sir
  25. Shock of the day comment was ment to be sarcastic. Maybe you are on the same wave length as Stevie G whos still out looking for lions and elephants
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