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  1. Feel really sorry for you George NOT. LOL.
  2. Peter would have finished near the top of the league.
  3. Might take in your game Saturday, I’ll take great delight in a certain manager loosing heavily to Darvel.
  4. Whitletts will have gone back the way with that egotistical maniac as manager.
  5. He had unfinished business with the buffs and walked away.
  6. Leonard Roberts and Grierson have all spoken to troon from what I was told. Peter would be a great fit for Troon, Whitlets will regret letting him leave.
  7. I was told yesterday that Grierson is heading to troon, that is the 4th time I’ve heard this rumour.
  8. Does not mean that he was not at Cumnock to talk to them last night, does it?
  9. Grierson up to speak to them tonight I hear. What do whitlets think of that.
  10. Nothing surprises me when it comes to grierson.
  11. What the heck are whitlets playing at.
  12. Someone that knows the club and has worked with Cameron and Buchanan.
  13. What about Cameron and Buchanan as co-managers with a good number 2.
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