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  1. fanny paddery

    FIFA 20

    Just packed this in today’s untradeable pack, no idea how to use him with my team
  2. fanny paddery

    FIFA 20

    Anyone had any problems with the National Pride SBCs I cant get the 11 players from League X or Y to accept on any of them
  3. I would get a second opinion on the chicken pox diagnosis. I am pretty sure that she has hand, foot and mouth. The blisters bursting like that is part of the natural course of the infection. Once the blisters dry out it isnt infectious anymore and she can go back to playing with other kids etc.
  4. McLaren in a sentence, referring to Norris: "The 19-year-old used the second softest tyres to pip Red Bull's Pierre Gasly by just 0.006secs before breaking down on track in Barcelona."
  5. ETA is valid for 90 days entry for all UK citizens. It lasts one year, so if you dont use all your days and come back within a year there is no need to reapply.
  6. Default would be a schooner normally, have to specifically ask for a pint. The schooner preference was explained to me as pints get to warm if you dont drink them fast. As for Tennents, the only place I know that has it on draft is O,Malleys in Kings Cross Sydney. $7 a pint, coupled with topless waitresses if you are in to that sort of thing.
  7. The Hunter Valley would be a much better stop over than Seal Rocks, for about the same driving time. More wineries than you could ever imagine, nice scenery and you can do a night in the blue mountains on the way home. if you dont plan to hire a car, the wife got me this for my birthday one year and it was genuinely outstanding value for money https://gourmetgetawaytours.com.au/about/
  8. Yeah, I live in Darlinghurst and the area has died a bit of a death. Oxford St is still busy, as apparently the politicians are a little scared to come down too hard on the gay bars due to the risk of perceived homophobia. The biggest change has been in Kings Cross, which is becoming more gentrified by the day. Dreamgirls and Pokey's are now shut, with a woolworths opening on the main strip. I second the Coogee to Bondi walk, but think people are giving Bondi a slightly hard time. It is geared at back packers and serves this purpose. I always recommend to our visitors to go up the westfield tower for a couple of cocktails. It is $20 per person minimum spend, however that is the same price as going to the viewing platform. Cocktails are about $15 each and are excellent, and the view from the city is amazing. The walk from the botanic gardens to Barangaroo allows you to take in the Opera House and the Bridge, and provides all the typical tourist photos you see. Lots of nice bars in Barangaroo now. Remember in Australia happy hour is still a thing. In Sydney you will be lucky to get a pint for <$10, but its quite common to get a pint for around $6 between 5-7pm You are also coming to Sydney in peak horse racing time. Saturday the 6th and 13th of April are the 2 biggest race days of the year at Royal Randwick, with a prize pool of around $10m each day. Let me know if this is something you are interested in and there is a small chance I could sort some members tickets.
  9. Once saw a Jaguar and its cub sunbathing on the banks of the Amazon. Sorry about the crap pictures, this was before the days of smartphones with 12MP cameras.
  10. What happens for the Spanish 11pm kick offs, are they all classed as abandoned at half time?
  11. You were able to get it through oddschecker by adding it to your marathon betting slip through the oddschecker site, however i must admit I never tried to place a bet.
  12. It’s a tough call on vandoorne. he has been shown up by alonso, but alonso is probably still as good as he ever was. Plus it’s a shit car. It’s maybe not a fair comparison, but it’s probably not all that different to Hamilton and bottas just now. Bottas form is baffling, he is simply no where near Lewis but Mercedes give him contract after contract. As for your list next year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see kyvat back. Ferrari like him and he never completely disgraced himself at red bull, he was just wrong place wrong time with max coming through. For the other driver out the 4, vandoorne has the best record in the lower formulas but they have all had their chance and it’s probably time for Norris now.
  13. Marathon currently offering hearts at 1000/1 to win premier league without celtic
  14. For a guy who was 8 points away from being a 5 time world champion, I think he will always be remembered as someone who didn't fully deliver. Dont get me wrong, I still think he is one of the best drivers on the grid, but when he won his first title at age 24 you would have got long odds on him only winning one more.
  15. Renault a certainty with sainz going the other way highly likely
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