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  1. I think he still wants to play football and he won’t get that here so goes to glenaftons and then we would gladly let him Come back to be a coach
  2. where would we play our home games if Somerset is not ready for the League Cup? it would have to be Rugby Park which... oof
  3. i would be talking about trying to get Lawless to Ayr, fills the roll of veteran winger that Mullin was
  4. was O'Halloran not good at Cove? recalled he didn't contirbute a single goal during his time there
  5. i know of Murphy, Snodgrass and Mackay-Steven who all got let go wage and if they are still good is another question
  6. that's us confirmed Stanger, what can we expect from him?
  7. I heard more speculation of Rose but I’ll believe it when I see it
  8. TBF Last season every other position of the defence was poor as well this season we had better CB's and well i thought McAllister was alright
  9. It also didn’t help that Dipo put his hands on him so that just buggered it for him and got him sent off
  10. If we could get say a front 3 of McMullin, Big Manni and Jakubiak I would be happy with options of JML, McKenzie and Ashford on the bench plus maybe one young striker on loan
  11. I just don’t see anyone paying money for a Bangala or a Ashford we got lucky with Joe Chalmers, so unless we find a way to mutual terminations of these players contracts I wouldn’t be paying money to get rid of players that while shouldn’t be starters are at the very least depth which for me is better then no depth
  12. TBF if the teams down in Ireland were still interested in McGinty and offered a fee I would take it love McGinty and his improvements but I would let him go if money is on the table
  13. Cover for strikers providing we sign two strikers to replace Maguire and Akinyemi are McKenzie, Ashford and Bryden thou I would be loaning out Bryden to get him first time experience
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