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  1. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    Well im convinced! off you toddle now troll!
  2. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    Looks to me like you didnt understand the difference between roads in Lennoxtown/Torrance and the roads in question And other posters on the old thread, PLUS traffic scotland said that there was jams today, you just dont seem to want to admit it You can keep your "sporting integrity of the grade" pish, it makes no sense if you dont follow a team in the grade in question, correct?? You are a slippery one, prone to mistruths and not brave enough to answer simple questions...
  3. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    Yep... a few (there are others) Roads are open from 4pm.. they arent (Glasgow city Council website) Traffic will be "back to normal by 4pm".. it wont be *personal experience over the last week* Traffic today was "fine".. it wasnt (according to traffic scotland) Ps...Why does it matter to you then?? You arent shit stirring by any chance? or just obsessed? Strange how I answer your questions, but you are STILL not brave enough to name a single team Sporting integrity? Are you Peter Lawell???
  4. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    What are those teams? Why isnt it relevant? Seem to have an opinion on most things? As well as being proven to be "economical" with the truth time and time again
  5. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    What team do you support?
  6. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    What team do you support? And not knowing each of our players travel plans, I cant really comment, but not as far as i know... Now about this team of yours???
  7. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    Your obsession with our squad, support and club is a bit concerning now! Not even brave enough to hang your hat on a team yourself i see!
  8. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    Yawn! I think the reasons for us and other clubs requesting a postponement has been talked to death and not something our Ayrshire cousins will understand, rest assured its nothing to do with "being scared" Quietly confident for Wednesday, have played well in the League cup, will be here on Wednesday night win, lose or draw so will discuss your prediction then!
  9. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    I wouldnt say so, enjoyed watching Kilwinning yesterday, and a good bunch of travelling fans We are just up from D1 last year so was always going to be a very tough test against a team who challenged at the top end of the Premier for a large part of last season We could (and maybe should) have taken a point, but no real complaints in the narrow defeat Looking forward to going to Kilwinning later in the season when hopefully both attacks are a bit sharper