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  1. I dont want to see any overhauls, or buying players for the sake of buying players. But our defence has been for years now, an area we just dont appear to want to strengthen, Our Midfield is stacked with talent, and were constantly linked with midfielders.. We have 2 great forwards in Dembele and Eduoard and another great striker in Griff, with other attacking options given the depth we have, But defensively? we lack and thats my point. How did the loan to buy work out for Roberts? Fans loved him, great young talent, But out of our price range.. And anyone we likely get from any major clubs in Europe will cost us, just like Eddy did. I just want to see us highlight problem areas and address it, instead of seeing reports of links with midfielders, strikers well out of our price range and scouting guys well never get.. Doesnt make sense to me.
  2. RIP Chic. Another good result. MTH!
  3. Gaffers starting to piss me off.. I love Brendan, but the lack of Transfer Movement is worrying. Defence has been a clear issue for years now and we never seem to address it. Were short at the back as it is, and the players we got arent going to cut it in Europe so why are we stalling? All im ever seeing is us being linked to midfielders or attackers. at prices were never paying. We have the ability to do a decent job in Europe and ensure domestic dominance by simply shoring up our defence. We got to a UEFA cup final with a team that had a good mix, and we were strong in all areas.. So why do we keep continuing to ignore our defensive duties? Ill never understand it.
  4. Best pair of Hightops i ever owned were Reeboks I3s (Iverson Signature)
  5. Rumoured Celtic 3rd Kit Leak I hate it, Ill never understand the luminous Yellow and Black scheme either. ** Edit : Actually the more i see it the more its growing on me
  6. Simonovic to Fenerbache Boyata to LYon Recent shite circulating the press today. I dont mind if Joso goes, And id prefer to tie up Boyata then punt him so we can make money, but we seriously need investment in our Def. Rodgers needs to get the finger oot, We dont need any more midfielders or Strikers. We need a solid CH and a RWB
  7. Mark Viduka Charlie Nicholas Kenny Miller Craig Burley Mo Johnston Edit ** I appreciate this was posted in 'Championship' forum, but i didnt realise that at the time as i clocked it on the sidebar as recent post and commented.. Thats my 2 cents anyway, done now, f**k it
  8. Dunno what clubs used to use them, but almost every village ive been in in the Lothians and Lanarkshire has at least 2 lol
  9. KHVRN


    Yea, Kawhi doesnt want the money, but hel ldef test the FA and guess itll be where his heads at, he still seems dead cert on heading home to LA be it with Clips or the Lakers.. But every team in that league will be looking at him no doubt. Toronto def got better end of this deal though. I dont know know anything about Poeltl but hes young so maybe we can work with him. My biggest concern is the fact we lost our 2 best defensive players and replacing them wont be easy, in fact Kawhi cant be replaced,. We can build with DeRozan though, i think hell get better in SA, he wont be so heavily relied on like he was in Toronto and i think with less pressure on him hell be more confident. I agree with the Pick though, but it wouldnt surprise me if itsused as part of a future trade package, depends what position we end up though we COULD end up with a decent pick. Again, we need to look at Free Agency, we unload a huge chunk of Cap room end of next year and will be able to chase an elite player, and again, best we can get RE a 2 way superstar is Jimmy Butler.
  10. good. i reckon itll unsettle them a little doesnt give them much time to prep for the celtic park visit either.
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