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  1. The 2 players in the photo are the only players in QP history to play as amateur and full-time contracted Queens Park players. Sal is playing but a loanee from Livi. Galt and Muir have made the 'step up' and look so comfortable. Two very honest players who graft hard. Great picture.
  2. I'm confident you will achieve promotion this year. I think you beat Airdrie twice if I'm not mistaken? Edi City are competitive enough for League 1.
  3. Congratulations to all the Spiders!! Fantastic touch from the club. Invincible so far and still going strong! CHAMPIONS🏳️🏴🍺🎉
  4. QP have won more games in 2021 at the Falkirk Stadium than Falkirk.
  5. I rarely dislike a post but you left me no choice.
  6. The boys can't seem to score more than 3 in a match. Perhaps tonight is the night. QP 4-0 Annan
  7. After watching the highlights, Grants first yellow was very harsh. He probably gave the ref a decision to make in fairness, but still harsh. Quitongo was pulled back, roughly the same area as Grant, but the Stenny player wasn’t booked. Grants second booking was just poor defending. The penalty was needless too. We can’t be too harsh though, can we. Down to ten men and the game was still under control. Gillespie MOTM for me. Bamboozled how Paterson got it on Twatter. Quitongo is exciting but deary me, the cut back was on 3 or 4 times and he chose to blast it over the bar from a tight angle. Is it not an achievement for a winger to get 3 assists in a game? He’s obviously not satisfied with his personal goal tally. McLean can’t beat a man as well as Quitongo but he does look for the cut back. Quitongo done extremely well for the 3rd goal in fairness. Most players would have took the foul but he charged on and set up Longridge. Annan should be fine on Tuesday. Tough run of fixtures after that.
  8. 14 unbeaten. Scored 30. Conceded 5. I just can’t get enough of doing just enough. 🏳️🏴😁
  9. Stenny gave a good fight last time at Hampden. Late goals sealed the win but it was a battle until that point. Stenny should take pride in being one of the few teams to score against QP this year. I'd like to see Murray and Baynham start. I prefer Galty on the left. Robson at LB is stronger imo. Regardless of who starts, I think it'll be another QP win. Cove lost 4 in a 28 match season and now challenging for the L1 championship. I think we are stronger than Cove from last year. Food for thought people.
  10. I've also been impressed with Lyon in recent weeks. He's got a knack for arriving in the box at the right time. He's crafty on the ball too. The defensive is just far too solid. I think we've had 11 shutouts in 14 games. Ridiculous! I'm not sure I'm on board with the Paterson hype. Nothing wrong with the lad but he isn't linking up and bombing down the line like Robson before his injury. I think it's more harsh than fair keeping Paterson in for the remainder of the season. Very chuffed for Bayhnam getting minutes and his goal. He looked dangerous all game. Another day and it could have been 2 or 3. Quitongo is a little frightening when he drops the shoulders and shifts up the gears. Sometimes the final ball, earlier in the season, wasn't right but he's on top form. He would be in my starting 11 for sure. It wasn't that long ago I feared Cowdenbeath. I think through the 17/18 & 18/19 season QP had a really poor run of games against them. It felt like we couldn't get a win, stark contrast to now of course. The league will be mathematically won before the split.
  11. It has to be QP win (-1) on the coupon. C'mon The Spiders.
  12. I think McHugh and McKinnon go back a few years. He can’t take penalties from the bench...
  13. I see the QP media team opted to omit the Sal blunder from the highlights. I’m sure he doesn’t want to watch that one back either 😂
  14. I didn’t think we were that great but this team just does not concede! The amount of missed chances doesn’t haunt us because there are so many shutouts. Couple more wins I’d say and the league is wrapped up. Super QP.
  15. I enjoyed the two lads on commentary for Rovers. They were a few seconds ahead of the action on my stream sadly so they were muted in the second half 🤣
  16. I'd like to see three at the back with Sal, McHugh, Quitongo, MacLean, Murray, Longridge and Galt on the shoulder of the Rovers back line. No midfield. Just see what happens. Make it interesting. [email protected] it.
  17. My eyes register the win but my heart isn’t buying it. I can’t bloomin wait to get in stadiums. When there is noise off the pitch, all the players can do is put points on the table. Cheers lads. Comfortable win.
  18. Right buzzing to be back in action. Watching Burnley on a Saturday has been more draining than the pandemic itself. I’d expect the full-timers to have better fitness, they’ve not had to train in the evening after a day job. I also think QP will have a strong finish to the season. The busy schedule is made easier with depth. Interesting to see how we get on. Stranraer have something to offer but I’ll stick with a QP win.
  19. QP have approached Motherwell over a potential loan move for Ross MacIver apparently.
  20. Serious scrutiny required after that. Full of praises after not losing a league game in 2020 but it looks like our pro’s can only beat part timers. McKinnon not got answers for any game against decent opposition. The quality and fitness in the squad will win L2. More money spent in the Summer or a change in leadership to compete at a higher level is abundantly clear. We’ve conceded 10 and scored 1 against opposition outside L2. A -9 GD is frightening considering the recruitment and wages. QOTS gaffer mentioned we’re paying more. We’re yet to see the return relative to the level of player recruited.
  21. Yeah ‘loyal’ is commonly used by the orange mob isn’t it 🤢 keep the faith
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