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  1. Go on lad. This is what it’s all about, rivalry banter back and forth. You’re doing great. Is it true Clyde are in the market for Adam Johnson?
  2. I see that caught a few big fish. He’s a top player for our level. Teams draw a breath when he gets the ball. He’s also a cheat and a sex offender so jealousy is not the right word as we wouldn’t take him. Good footballer, no doubt about that. That dive nearly, so nearly, sent me into a Sunday meltdown. It’s true though, we dominate the ball every game but can’t score. Until the final third, we are dominant. One striker doesn’t help, and that man is Bob McHugh.
  3. Nah I’m ragin after watching the highlights Couldn’t see from the QP end if it was a pen but that wee diving rat has cheated the ref. The ref had a shocker anyway but that’s so poor. So frustrating to be drawing with Clyde cause they’re absolutely garbage. We’re as good as anyone in the league until the final third where it matters. Build up is fine but we’re so bad at converting chances. Clyde are hopeless though and it makes it all the more frustrating. You lot would be bottom half L2 without Goodwillie. He’ll move on but Clyde will still be the muck of Scottish football chanting that rapists name. Embarrassed to be near Clyde in the table. QP must do better, desperately need a goal scorer. Well done Doyle for his header to get the goal. Spoke well in the post match too. He’s right, the amount of balls flashing across the goal but there’s no one clever or brave enough to convert. I’m happy he wears the arm band.
  4. It'll be three weeks since the Montrose game and I've fair missed it. Not sure how I coped thinking back to the first lockdown. Interesting to see how the players react after the gaffers departure. It may be the usual but hopefully a bit more fire in the performance. Taken points from each other this season so no easy feat. Tight game but 2-0 is the Maryhill forecast. COYQuuueeens.
  5. Cove will win the league. QP no where near it. Totally acceptable by QP fans if we had a group of honest lads fighting for it…. but… Wage budget does not match the pitch value. Players earning as much as their SPL contracts. That is a FACT and not up for debate (don’t question it if you don’t have a clue). Struggling to defend this group and Manager. Good luck in 2021. I hope they have a burst of quality and unity but it’s so far away. I can’t see it coming. Back to the darts…
  6. Ellis picking his pals. Still in disbelief he dropped Willie Muir but not Kilday. As if Willie has been the blindingly obvious issue in defence over the past 2 months.
  7. Just got a decent result but your first thought is the QP thread. Wee freak.
  8. Kilday nearly bagged himself an OG last week. Glad to see he got an assist this week though winning a penalty. Pish.
  9. Cani be arsed analysing that one. I’ll leave this pointless negative post as that was a pointless negative 90 minutes of fitbaw. 2 wins in the last 11 games…
  10. That's went over my head haha. One of his quotes I presume?
  11. My liver is the only one who would agree.
  12. Same Alfredo, but it just never goes that way for us.
  13. I think suspensions carry on to the play-offs. Something to consider if we beat Moldova and the Denmark result becomes about seeding. Tricky decision. Let's just beat Moldova first haha.
  14. I felt for the lad. Felt like he had to justify being there. Good honest player in a minor goal drought.
  15. Buzzin! Massive game tonight. Jealous of the lads away but I've got one eye on the March away trip (hopefully). I'd start Patterson over SOD. KT, Cooper and Hendry as my back 3 (maybe a shout for Souttar but he's only back in the fold). No clue who the new lad is up front but he can become a fans favourite very quickly with a few goals. I don't think Clarke has much confidence in Nisbet. I think he's a good honest player but some way to go before making an impact for Scotland. We'll be coming...
  16. Keen observation. A closer look and we’ll see the discussion was about the last 3 games and not just Saturday. He’s actually been poor for almost 2 months since his return. Foxy should be starting with Morrison.
  17. We know the threat. It's one guy. Manage him and get the job done Queen's. Until the last two months, it's all been relatively rosy for this squad in the league. Comfortable title win in L2 then a good start in L1. Let's see the characters and leaders stand up now we're on a poor run. Agree with most QP fans that we want one sitting midfielder (Gillespie btw!) and as a result more fire power and aggression moving forward. Perhaps hard to justify after conceding 8 goals in three games. Lee Kilday is to blame for that but only in part.
  18. I don’t understand the same post about being near the top so don’t be bothered. It’s November, it means nothing to be near the top. If the poor form continues then we won’t be there when it actually matters. We need to find our best system and starting 11 now. Really enjoyed our football at the start of the season and thought Ellis had a better football brain than McKinnon. His selection is concerning though and rightfully should be scrutinised. Thomson>Connell and Kilday>Fox in recent weeks especially… It is bizarre for all of us QP fans. Years of following the team not expecting anything really and just appreciating the effort and wins when they came along. Now with the finance etc we have built up an expectation. New space for us all. Need to stick together.
  19. *copied from P&B Twitter* SPFL League 1 Form Guide Points Last Six Cove Rangers 13 Airdrie 12 Alloa Athletic 10 Montrose 9 Queens Park 9 Peterhead 8 Falkirk 8 East Fife 6 Clyde 4 Dumbarton 4 Get nothing for being top in October/November. If we don't improve quickly we'll be mid table at Christmas.
  20. Definitely. You have the best strike force in the league without a doubt.
  21. I think it was a red. He lost control and endangered a player. Abandoned his teammates against our title challengers. Not sure what egos are like in the dressing room but I hope someone pins him up against a wall. He’s not the star man for me.
  22. Right buzzing for this one. Had a similar feeling for the Falkirk game. Still confident it'll be us three come the end of the season. I think we were lucky against Falkirk. They were better and missed their pen. A moment of brilliance won us the points. Some decent defending that day too but Falkirk generally better. Cove were also better than us in the opening exchanges at Firhill. Fyvie was dictating everything before his red card. Expecting a very tough game. Yet to see us take any points at Cove Bay so fingers crossed. I don't think we've even scored Connell to start please Ellis. Not keen on the Gillespie/Thomson double pivot anymore. There's other areas to prioritise come the windows but I'd like to see someone else beside Gillespie. Lyon hasn't played much football so no real confidence there either. Visions of McAllister and Megginson floating around Lee Kilday. Major fear. He first got one, then got two, we want three from Bob McHugh.
  23. I wasn’t keen on Morrison for his forward play. I felt that we were a ball playing team and Ellis wanted us building from the back so it was an issue. The truth is Morrison has pace and can defend. First and foremost you want a defender to defend and then the ability to play out from the back is a bonus. I’m actually now looking forward to getting Morrison back in the side.
  24. Kilday has been woeful. Our defensive record since his return has been abysmal and he’s directly to blame for many conceded. Foxy didn’t cover himself in glory today either. Extremely poor defending for the 90 but a defeat has been coming I reckon. Serious scrutiny and accountability required for the defending. Really happy for Bob getting his 2 good goals. Amazing scenes to get the 3rd but heartbreaking how it ended. Great game for the neutral. I think Jack Thompson has had 1 good game in a QP jersey? I was delighted to get Luca back but I’ll not be wanting Jack back. A lot of kids invited to the game today. Learn the heartache of football early guys
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