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  1. I would have respected him leaving for more game time but equally respect him staying to fight for his position. Not an easy decision for footballers, good luck to the guy.
  2. No need to mention the OF when someone has a wee pop at the royals. Perhaps a selection on here have a deep-seated bitterness with regard to the Old Firm and feel the need to discuss it regularly. Google search ‘psychological projection’ and see if that helps
  3. His Daddy is an agent. He’ll keep getting 1 year deals or loan spells but he’s honestly garbage.
  4. Yes surely not, Friday night game would be unfair. Scotland game is second choice to this one defo.
  5. I seen that. Any chance it could be a Friday night for BBC coverage?
  6. Same team again for Queens and keep the consistency. Hopefully Murray is fit since he went down before being subbed off. It felt like more of a precaution than an injury. There is no doubt Dundee were stronger than us in the League Cup but we weren't blown away (okay maybe a little in the first half) and we had our chances. We'll create enough on Saturday there is no doubt about that. You guys haven't had the start you, or the rest of the league, probably expected ae? We're an improved side, even from that League Cup fixture. We were finding our feet early in the season that's for sure. I'll take a score draw 2-2 on Saturday. Both teams have scored in every single competitive QP match this season!
  7. Headers, strikes or tap-ins. He’s got the lot. You see how we miss him when he leaves the pitch. Links play well and offers so much off the ball with his runs. Fingers crossed he’s fit all year
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