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  1. Wouldn't be fair to tarnish the club with one supports actions but Section B have a history of unsavory views. That's beyond distasteful though if true. Shouldn't be hard to identify someone. Is this connected with the ejected fan perhaps? The Daily Record reported that fan "stormed the Directors box". All a bit much for a L1 game of fitbaw.
  2. We all enjoy keeping the back door shut and as satisfying as clean sheets are, it's goals we come to see. We have to start scoring more. Does anyone look like scoring apart from Murray? Even Murray manages to miss sitters (not digging him, he's the only scoring threat). We can beat this mob but attackers need to start taking responsibility. Longstaff to start ahead of Lewis Moore. He is probably the slowest wide player/winger I've seen. Moore is incapable of keeping a shot under control. Regardless of how far out, it's going well over the bar.
  3. Well deserved. Hurrah for the good guys.
  4. Awful football. Anyway, the double is on.
  5. Your following deserves to be in the Championship. 4K attendance is too good for League 1. As you both say though, it’s got to be earned.
  6. Really enjoyed yesterday. Everyone at Falkirk was nice and the game had a good atmosphere. No doubt we were under the cosh for large spells yesterday. We defended very well at times. Good to see Fox and Kilday for the first time together. I thought they were excellent. Charlie Fox was my MOTM. Murray is making a habit of scoring free kicks and thats the way uh-huh uh-huh we like it. Sorry Falkirk fans, you all seemed perfectly sane before the match but some of the 12th man shouts are hilarious. Keena parked his arse into our defender and hit the deck before Fox even jumped for the ball. He’s looking for a pen and cheated the ref. Then your No6, Miller I think, done the most spectacular dive in the box. Tom Daley would have been impressed. Really desperate stuff towards the end.
  7. Imagine posting an ex-Falkirk player pointing us to the top of the league after beating Falkirk, at Falkirk. Utter filth
  8. That's strange as my link was restricted. QP stated on their post that we're designated to North Stand E&F. Rather that than with Falkirk fans in the main stand.
  9. Yes. QP stated that on their ticketing post. Other sections are blocked.
  10. I'll be surprised with a win at Falkirk. They're a better side at the moment and in good form. We are very good on our day but still a little inept in front of goal. Honestly, we couldn't finish a 10 man Alloa and Cove were better than us before the Fyvie red card. I think we'll need to step up for this game. I'd like to echo the point made by qpfc, Ellis is a better coach and probably held back under McKinnon. Ellis can analyse the game and discuss different factors each week other than the pitch condition. We don't have the goal scoring Bob McHugh that Falkirk fans claimed to have. His stats don't suggest he was a goal scorer in Falkirk either tbh. I don't think he'll get another contract at QP. A good contest but Falkirk edge it. We may get a hard fought point away from home. A win would be magic.
  11. Could not be more chuffed with that performance yesterday. I'd say 3-0 was a fair result. Started slow imo but went up through the gears as the game continued. So dominant in the second half and all three goals were clever and crafty from open play. Murray leads the line ever so well. His energy and passion is faultless. The goals are coming too so it's all groovy with the Ginger God. The link up play with Liam Brown at times is excellent. The ginger connection is strong with this one *Darth Vader voice only*. Our defence (including Wullie) is so strong. It's rare anyone gets the better of Tommy or Doyley. Fox and Morrison look really strong now they've had a run of games together. Morrison still scares me when he makes a pass but his defending is class. He's got pace too which is comforting. As for Muir, it's phenomenal watching a player develop. He's so comfortable and confident. The distribution is a lot better too. Rarely hoofs it anymore, always finds a man. We're lucky to have him. Jack Thomson hasn't done much to impress imo. Laurie must fancy him over Lyon. Luca Connell for example had a good impact last year, I'm not seeing that from Thomson. Grant Gillespie MOTM. Sue Perb performance. Don't you know pump it up.
  12. 1. Cove 2. Falkirk 3. QP 4. Alloa 5. Airdrie 6. Montrose 7. Peterhead 8.Dumbarton 9. East Fife 10. Clyde
  13. QP signed Jack Thomson on loan. I see the guy had a loan spell for Clyde. Was he decent?
  14. Agree with that selection (considering those available or close to it). Expect Biggar to start though. Lyon is definitely preferred to Davidson in the middle. Kilday is better than Morison. I'm fearful that McHugh will get more minutes this year than Baynham which is a shame, need to see how it plays out. QP win 1-0 with a bunch of sitters missed.
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