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  1. Just noticed we conceded 5 goals from set plays. I slightly disagreed with the tactics yesterday but what chance have we got when we let in 5 set pieces. Defo missed Nicky. Not sure how Foy keeps getting a game. Doesn’t even cut it at L2 imo. Craig wasn’t winning anything yesterday either. No transfer activity is interesting... I think we all expected a few additions but the reality is January is a hard market. Not over yet though. Hopefully the boys learned a lot and it makes them sharper. Can always go the other way and knock the confidence...
  2. The post is for the loyal fans. Win, lose or draw mate [emoji106] The post is staying.
  3. Respect to everyone that went today. Good singing section too! [emoji835]️[emoji836]️
  4. Not sure I have the energy to write a meaningful post. That was tough. Onto next week...
  5. Boooo! What’s the score with the TNS result eh? eh? Can we no have that one too?
  6. Killie's form looks poor. QP currently flourishing (yes 2 wins = flourishing) in the Rayvolution. I suspect we'll beat a premier league side for the second time this year (i still think the Hamilton win is criminally underrated). Black and white army!! No, you won't fool the children of the Rayvolution, no no no.
  7. Well, if there was ever a time to play Killie.... I'd say right about now.
  8. Not to steal Willies thunder, but I think it was a block from an EC player. So well done to him; made my weekend a bit sweeter. Like you said, Summers does really well. Sometimes it’s best to flood the goal line and stand strong. I’ve always been a fan of men on the posts. Sometimes it’s the difference between winning or losing.
  9. That pass for the second goal was outrageous.
  10. Is Ryan McGeever getting a game? Would be an excellent addition for that central defender role.
  11. Mark done well to bring in Ryan Finnie. I thought he was excellent yesterday. Galt was MOTM. That second assist was beyond naughty. Great scenes when we scored. The Rayvolution is on. Sal started the season slow but he’s looking confident and dangerous. He was unlucky not to score a header in the first half. Where has this Billy been hiding? 2 goals and an assist in 2 games, magic. Does anyone else think Clarke should be in ahead of Foy? Perhaps a new experienced centre half may be the best option. Suddenly we’re looking up the table and pushing for play-offs. Definitely need to bury Rovers at Hampden in 2 weeks. Well done Queens [emoji835]️[emoji836]️
  12. Very tricky fixture. Far more testing than last week. Galt and big Nicky back will be a boost. Arguably the 2 main figures I’d like to see on contracts first. We’ve had nae luck against them in Edinburgh. Only 2-1 if I remember right from our last trip though. A draw would be a nifty result considering the recent run of performances (including last week). Ray might learn much more about his squad than he did against Stenny. Luck won’t ride this one out. Hard work and a pinch of quality if we’re to get a result.
  13. I thought your wee singing section was excellent. How often do fans sing for 10 minutes then fade when the booze wears off. Fair play youngsters [emoji106]Sorry about the stewards, us fans think it’s ridiculous but it’s just the way. Hopefully it’s not too off-putting. There’s an unnecessary issue at all small Scottish football grounds with standing. We’ve had issues at different grounds in the past. Stenny in particular. I love standing at football; therefore the terrace at Stenny is good. We’ve tried to stand in the seated section but get barked at by stewards. If there was a glass smuggled in and it smashed. I kinda get why the boy is told to leave.
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