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  1. The Gretna situation collapsed because the investor died suddenly and his kin weren’t prepared to continue spending. The same could happen to QP. The players budget is paid by Willie Haughey. If he loses interest, it may very well be a scary time. I’m not the guy to advise if he’s tied into a long term deal etc. The decision to go pro, for me anyway, was to move up the leagues rather than slip into lowland league. I don’t think any QP fans voted for glory. That’s not why you support a club like QP. I don’t think you’ll see us in any Scottish cup finals soon for example 😂 Our home attendance is only around 500. Hamilton, St Johnstone and Ross County for example all have low crowd numbers but compete at a higher level. Ticket sales isn’t the staple for how competitive you can be (although a big ticket gate does help). I voted for the change but I am cynical at times and wary. I don’t like to get carried away. I get concerned at what happens when the investment stops and we have high wages to pay. That said, we are in the central belt, we have a crackin history and about to enter our new ground. QP have a lot to offer and I believe we can establish ourselves as a championship/league1 outfit. I hope that helps
  2. Jealousy and poor Scottish fitbaw patter mate. Anyone with an investment gets the Gretna label. Our history and tradition is incomparable.
  3. I thought QP were excellent on Saturday. Loads of flare, pace and aggression to drive into the box. It's not easy to get it over the line when the box is packed. Quitongo the stand out MOTM for me. Carroll looks like good business too. McLean done ever so well when he came on to set McHugh up a few times. Delighted Bob is off the mark but he had so many opportunities on Saturday. I fancy Murray to come in and start scoring consistently. Not conceding a goal in 5 games is staggering. I'd like us to play that attacking outfit every game at Hampden, regardless of the opposition. We go again against Stenny!
  4. Surprised Gillespie has fell out the starting 11 of late. He was solid in all his games imo. Any news if he’s picked up a knock or anything? It’s a very attacking team today so that may be why. I don’t think Brechin will apply much pressure so the role sitting in front of the back 4 might not be required today.
  5. After having a peak at the fixture list for Saturday, I fancy a draw for Edi City at home to Stranraer. Perhaps a similar story for Stirling v Elgin too. We may start to stretch from the pack if we get results this month.
  6. Quite happy we're back to league action on Saturday. I'm sure the cup games are fun when you can have a proper run at it. It was more a chance to get players minutes than anything else. I'd love 6 points from the next 2 fixtures considering December looks trickier on paper. Cowden and Annan away are usually tough but even more so in the winter months. We're all aware what Edi City offer so 6 points from the next 2 would shape us up nicely for the December battles. I expect a comfortable 3-0 display for the Spiders. Good luck Queen's.
  7. Yeah. I’m not sure what Muir worked as before but it must be fantastic to only focus on football and not worry about another job. He’ll find a new level of fitness and match sharpness too you’d think. I seen on the highlights him and Grant having a shout at each other towards the end of the game. I love when players can act like that to win a game. Playing with a new bunch of professionals hasn’t fazed Willie at all.
  8. Forgot to say, Willie Muir has had a massive part to play in the shut out. He’s had a decent amount of shots on target over the 4 games. Good keepers make saves look easy with their positioning and Willie done that a few times again yesterday. For me, he’s heading to a new level this year. Looks very assured. I thought Bell would walk in but I can’t see Willie being dropped.
  9. Ross MacLean is having a big impact so far this season. Lyon done well with his finish too. Not conceding in 4 games is some achievement. We do slow down in an attacking sense when we go ahead which is very boring but at least we aren't conceding any. It was boring in the second half but we did get 3 points. I'd rather be boring and win than exciting and draw/lose. The results are looking sweet but I'm struggling to get excited when I'm watching from home. Heart breaking if we win this league and can't attend any party. Really happy for the players though. I'm starting to build an attachment to the group. The Elgin stream was fairly poor. The camera would often be looking at the opposite end of the pitch 😕 C'mon Elgin, Sh!te! "Top of the league and yer no"
  10. Interesting no one fancies a QP win. Away to Elgin is a tough fixture tbh but I fancy us. I think Stranraer are in a false position and will get a few wins at home soon. Stirling might be more comfortable but I’ll go with a draw. Annan 2 - 0 Rovers Brechin 2 - 2 Stirling Elgin 0 - 1 QP Stenny 1 - 3 Edi City Stranraer 2- 1 Cowdenbeath
  11. C’mon, it was black and white Sambas I had on. Glasgow’s famous coloured hoops.
  12. McLean done so well to go past 2 men and have the composure to finish. Couldn’t ask for more from the bench.
  13. Wow, some memory. What colour trainers did I wear that day. Let’s see how good you really are.
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