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  1. Was the Malky Mackay incident ever fully proven? Genuinely just uncertain. I've gave it tight to Edi City and Clyde for their poorly reputable player signings. We wouldn't have a leg to stand on if we appoint a figure with a dodgy history.
  2. Hmm good point BYOS. I can have sympathy if it was a spur of the moment thing. Perhaps the management invited them down and they enjoyed their 5 minutes. It doesn't look that way though. It is a sore one for fans who have had to sit at home paying for dodgy live streams. I think the photos confirm that the Committee had no idea Ray was getting sacked. I doubt they would have celebrated with them in that manner if they had the faintest idea of Dempster's decision making. Real smack in the face for many in that photo as they're now out a job.
  3. It’s a disgrace. An abomination I say. A Committee man representing Queen’s Park, in those trainers!? Shocker.
  4. I seen one comment on this thread stating “this is what we voted for” which couldn’t be further from the truth. That language will give the Committee a free ride. I’m not ruling out this was the plan, for some, from the start. I think a few individuals have benefitted in more ways than one with the introduction of Haughey. One thing is for sure, we’ve been tricked by the benefactor, the Committee or both. I recall being advised at the meeting, “Haughey doesn’t want a seat at the table”. That was either a blatant lie or naivety. No need to become a member anyway. It’ll be scrapped very shortly. I doubt they’ll figure out Zoom in time for the AGM.
  5. What on earth is that post from QP. Dribble about the community and being an innovative club. What does that have to do with sacking the manager? Pointless words to fill a page.
  6. Stunned at that decision. Dempster has a preference lined up for sure. Stubbs the bookies (albeit McBookie) favourite. I feel for McKinnon. Regardless of the club status, it’s been a record breaking season. Where does this leave all the players he signed? Many out of contract this summer of course. The football wasn’t beautiful but it was effective. McKinnon did have his favourites though.
  7. I'll speak on behalf of many QP fans and state he is still wanted. His assists are impressive considering the tinkering done this season and his minutes played. I believe there is 100% a place for David Galt at Queen's Park in L1.
  8. Couldn’t tell what team was fighting for promotion. Comfortable win. Great scenes to finish. See you next year, Spiders.
  9. They are also in the fortunate position of sitting behind keyboards. Open discussions at games or asking for a heads up in a tight social club will put them under pressure to actually give a dignified response. That will come in due course I suppose.
  10. Expecting a very tough game. QP have scored 4 and conceded 3 in the previous 4 games (poor form by our standard). Stirling have it all to play for so I fancy them to get a result. We miss Quitongo's energy. I expect another reasonably flat performance from Queens. Hopefully I'm wrong as a strong finish would be tidy heading into next season. I quite like Stirling as a club so good luck guys. You've had a terrific year so a final push would be impressive.
  11. What a blunder from Morrison against Stranraer. Preached it last year but I’ll repeat, he is half the player of Jamieson. Not fit for the squad as they progress to better leagues in my humble opinion. Even as a back up. Not sure why people defend him, standard defender but he’s got a talent of passing the ball to no one.
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