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  1. Who has stood out for you that's within the realms of possibility?
  2. I was raging, and Morelos was excellent. Enjoy the groups.
  3. Agreed, a kick in the stones that result most definitely. You'll be alright.
  4. Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over
  5. Why would I be annoyed ? You thought he played well then . ok
  6. You've probably played 5 decent teams tbf 😉 On a slightly more serious note, a good result for you peepol but what about big Alf's performance ? "Do you think it's the chances like that sitter you missed at the back post or your abysmal hold up play tonight that will ultimately get you the move to one of the 17 elite clubs the Daily Record tell us are chasing your signature Mr Morelos?"
  7. 😬 Gary Glitter - Leader of the Gang (I Am)
  8. Naismith: " I literally..." Dodds : "Sturm graz" Naismith: " literally..." Dodds : "Rangers" Naismith: "I literally..." Dodds : "for me Sturm Graz..." Naismith: " Doddsy will tell you ..." Dodds : "Naisy will tell you.." Naismith: " Doddsy ..." Dodds : "Naisy ..." "
  9. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Cold Shot
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