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  1. Your plans failed just a back to normal goafer
  2. [emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216][emoji216]
  3. Beardyman AKA the shanks from meadow park will know all the answers even stitch you up he can get under a snake with a bowlers hat on that rat
  4. You could knot win the Saturday draw never mind the big games your BIG PLANS have went out with the fishing boats well out to sea well drowned time to look elsewhere now
  5. Am sure youl know the next set up beardy your inside info always sticks out a country mile
  6. And a I have watched the best striker in the sosfl already commit himself more than a month ago sory to disappoint your speech and ruin your weekend
  7. Are you on drugs your comments are unbelievably embarrassing signing Berwick players to beat saints
  8. Very good appointment for saint cuthberts with jek kiltie on board as coach
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