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  1. Think Devine will be lined up again. Last seasons experience will make him a better player. Cheap option. Good CB and local for Hamilton training. Will benefit from having a bit of experience next to him.
  2. I understand what you are saying and I won’t argue against it.
  3. Thankfully you don’t need to worry. Still doesn’t change my opinion on this preseason. Players will accept deals quicker than before and not chance being without a club.
  4. I agree. The clubs with money will sign their targets now and pay them from the day they sign.
  5. You seem to be understating the point that IMO the clubs are more in control now than ever before. Clubs are giving out less money in wages and in general running with smaller squads. Gary Holt said exactly this. Which means that players are far more likely to take the security of an early offer of a deal than ever before.
  6. That is absolutely correct but this is not a normal year. So you have to act accordingly. you would also agree contracts to start when preseason begins.
  7. That’s kind of my question. Just how much these clubs are actually spending
  8. I agree with you but your last paragraph and all the questions and unknowns you rightly mention, means that this Summer is going to be different to what has been before. I just can’t help think that Queens could have offered a player like Paton as good a part time contract as East Kilbride, with Championship football to boot.
  9. This Summer is totally different to any pre season previously. Players will accept deals earlier due to he number of players out of contract. The club signed Brownlie and Holt last May so it has got it in them to act earlier.
  10. But I don't think our quality will improve dramatically regardless. Hypothetically, a player who was in a mid to lower league Premiership team last season (or even a Championship player in the top 5 last season) is sitting out of contract and QoS approach him 2 months before the season starts with a deal. Do you genuinely believe he is going to sign because we got there first? There are a number of players in the Championship Or L1 who would take a deal rather than wait. There is also a number of players from the Premiership that Queens would never sign due to finance. Its the players in the first bracket I think we could get at earlier with an offer. On a different note I would be interested what players like Kidd and Paton will be earning part time.
  11. I don't think the timing makes much difference. If QoS were given a month's head start to sign players, we wouldn't end up with better quality players. We will do most of our signings later on because players will hang off to see if a better offer comes in. Our timing isn't the issue, our club size and budget determines the calibre of player we sign. I think I am going to disagree with you on this one. With more players on the market and less contracts to be given out players are more likely to take a deal earlier to at least secure themselves for the season rather than risk no deal at all.
  12. Read my next post.... you were a bit too quick for me.
  13. And I am not saying you are by the way. What do you think East Kilbride are offer as a part time wage to someone like Kidd or Paton? Is it more than Queens could offer ?
  14. Are you one of those people that moans every season about the quality of player Queens end up with due to not being proactive enough early enough?
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