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  1. I would love someone just to come in to increase the budget by a sensible amount without going mad and just make the running of the club that bit easier. Just to make the year on year budget battles that little bit easier ⚽️⚽️
  2. Really can’t see a reserve team next season. Any budget set aside for that must surely go into the first team pot.
  3. So you think there are enough local young lads good enough to play in the Championship?
  4. I don’t think a young squad is in any way a bad thing. Young players could come out of this in a reasonable position with their salary expectations being smaller than that of more experienced players.
  5. Thought Doyle had signed a two year contract at Falkirk. expect to see Doyle and Longridge at Queens next season if they have been released.
  6. why doesn’t the guy wanting to put £2m into the Scottish game buy 10 of these testing machines, allocate 4 clubs to each machine and cover the cost of testing for 12 months. That would be his money well spent in my opinion.
  7. I don’t think players are going to be in a position to be too choosy about offers they may or may not get. Would save the club a fortune to train at Palmerston unless someone tells me different mind. Certainly easier for Dobbie and Holt. But I do agree that in normal circumstances Hamilton is by far a better option.
  8. Didn’t realise I had quoted your post by mistake. was replying to 19QOS19
  9. Aye I'd be happy for Mercer to stay. I'm still not convinced we won't see some of them back. I doubt they will be getting snapped up by other clubs any time soon. It'll depend how they feel towards the club in these circumstances I suppose. I think any of the decent ones amongst them will understand....... I don’t think any out of contract player is in any position not to consider an offer from any club.
  10. Totally agree. If he performs he stays if for whatever reason it does not work out then the club is not lumbered
  11. We are talking about Oliver’s contract where he needs to play so many games to be given a new contract. It’s nothing to do with a contract which is not based on appearances. These contracts are all in the clubs favour. Do I really need to explain again
  12. The player doesn’t hold all the aces at all. If the player plays well enough he gets a new contract. If the player is poor, gets injured, falls out with the manager then no deal as he won’t play enough games. All in the clubs favour I would think.
  13. I am sure one or two players will be offered a return. I would think the players would be disappointed rather than furious. Quite rightly they must be wondering why they can’t be furloughed for at least another month when other clubs are happy to do so.
  14. I am surprised said c***s have not had a go at you yet. Give it time 🤪
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