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  1. It is certainly a pleasant change to the last 2 years that instead of the defence being shite it is now a debate about the midfield being shite.
  2. imagine if we had scored at Arbroath and Ayr.
  3. I agree. Dundee and Ayr were both there for the taking, but we are very much in and about it. That is a really decent result.
  4. I'm doing my best to give the players time before I judge them but I've seen nothing from Hamilton that gives me anywhere near that kind of optimism. He seems to get his timings for headers so wrong that it's infuriated me at times. Given he was on the bench a lot for a poor Alloa side last season, I'm not expecting him to become anything more than mediocre. Though tbf to him, like Dobbie, there isn't a competent midfield behind him so he's probably fighting a losing battle. It’s very difficult to make a decent argument for A few but Hamilton is young with a lot to learn. I would like to see him in a front two with Dobbie playing off him. He certainly should not be out on the wing.
  5. Play Hamilton next to Dobbie in a front 2 and he would be very good. Lyon needs to get fit. Once he is he has played at a higher standard and will be good enough.
  6. Was on the bench against Alloa on the Saturday, got injured on the Monday against Hearts for the reserves. Has then missed Clyde and yesterday. ‘Trollied’ says he has lost the weight so I Would imagine he appears on the bench from now on and will wait for his opportunity to start.
  7. Would much prefer the lad Semple from Motherwell. Looks very good indeed.
  8. Daniel Armstrong just released from Ross County would be an excellent wide left midfield signing. Although we would need to be quick to get him.
  9. There is also the option that no more will come in and that’s it until January.
  10. Looks like Queens pissed off the Hearts Loan Coordinator a little bit more than first thought !!!
  11. There are only 3 CBs in the squad. Would be very silly to risk injury and leave the first team short.
  12. Of course I haven’t seen him live. Why would I living in Chesterfield? That’s why I will reserve judgement. I will also base my opinion on supporters who have seen him week in week out unlike you.
  13. It is obvious to poster before you virginton. Who, I would imagine has seen the lad play more than you week in week out. I am happy to reserve judgement.
  14. I am happy to reserve judgement on El Bak. Obviously there is a decent player in there. There will be the usual posts of his ex teams support saying how shite he was. That’s par for the course ( pun not intended) Would very much hope the midfielder needed will be in place before the league game away at Ayr.
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